Hobbs & Shaw keep putting each other down (and butts on seats in NZ)

There’s no arguing with these box office results.

Adding another million bucks to its box office tally here in New Zealand, Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw ruled the roost in its second week of release. The Lion King continues to demonstrate durability, though, in second place ahead of a couple of counter-programming successes. Full info below:

1. Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw $1,033,204 (Universal)
2. The Lion King $794,190 (Disney)
3. Late Night $237,138 (Roadshow)
4. Palm Beach $143,242 (Universal)
5. Spider-Man: Far From Home $100,393 (Sony)
6. Yesterday $99,076 (Universal)
7. Toy Story 4 $98,119 (Disney)
8. Hello, Love, Goodbye $72,867 (ABS-CBN)
9. Bring the Soul: The Movie $72,155 (Trafalgar)
10. The Keeper $63,650 (Icon)

Source: Numero. Estimated figures as at 12:47pm, 15/08/19