Shazam! sizzles at weekend box office, a bit of a Big deal

Injecting a dose of levi-ty to cinemas, DC’s Shazam! opened strongly over the weekend, demonstrating the earning power of this more family-friendly (and fun) superhero. You’ve got to go down to 6th place in the box office top ten to find the next new release, an under-performing Pet Sematary. See the full top ten below.

1. Shazam! $857,250 (Warner Bros.)
2. Dumbo $298,948 (Walt Disney)
3. Captain Marvel $229,673 (Walt Disney)
4. Us $193,913 (Universal)
5. Five Feet Apart $178,682 (Roadshow)
6. Pet Sematary $153,114 (Paramount)
7. Daffodils $140,488 (Transmission)
8. Fighting with My Family $50,421 (Universal)
9. Woman at War $45,122 (Limelight Distribution)
10. Green Book $40,176 (eOne)

Source: Numero. Estimated figures as at 1:41pm, 8/04/19