Clickbait: Season 1

Clickbait: Season 1

Clickbait: Season 1

Adrian Grenier (Entourage), Zoe Kazan (The Big Sick) and Betty Gabriel (Get Out) star in this thriller mystery series centred on the kidnapping of a seemingly ordinary man whose abduction is put on a livestream.

Nick Brewer (Grenier) is a loving father, husband, and brother, who one day suddenly and mysteriously disappears. A video appears on the internet of the badly beaten Nick holding a card that says "I abuse women. At 5 million views, I die". Is this a threat or confession? Or both? As his sister (Kazan) and wife (Gabriel) rush to find and save him, they uncover a side of Nick they didn't know existed.


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25 August 2021

The Sister

Pia Brewer races to find Nick when he appears in an online video, bloodied and holding a sign that reads: "At 5 million views I die."

25 August 2021

The Detective

After connecting with Pia online, Detective Roshan Amiri finds himself embroiled in her brother's case while facing resistance within his own ranks.

25 August 2021

The Wife

Big revelations raise questions about Sophie and Nick's marriage, and Sophie herself gets more stunning news from a stranger. Amiri questions a suspect.

25 August 2021

The Mistress

Emma Beesly arrives in Oakland to grieve and help set the record straight, but her presence only deepens the mystery around Nick's secret life.

25 August 2021

The Reporter

Reporter Ben Park will do anything for a big headline. But with Nick's case, he soon finds that his cutthroat tactics cut both ways.

25 August 2021

The Brother

With the truth now out about Sarah Oxley, focus shifts to her brother, Simon, as questions arise about how far a grieving, protective brother would go.

25 August 2021

The Son

Ethan Brewer lost his father and so much more. But as he fights to restore his dad's reputation, has he found an online friend — or something else?

25 August 2021

The Answer

As the police and the Brewer family piece more of the case together, questions linger about who created Nick's virtual life and ended his actual one.