Earth Moods: Season 1

Earth Moods: Season 1

Earth Moods: Season 1

National Geographic's five-part experience through nature. No story. No narrator. Just the sights of vast landscapes from across the natural world, accompanied by a score from Massive Attack's Neil Davidge.

2021USANational Geographic

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16 April 2021

Frozen Calm

Find calm as we traverse through the world’s pristine frozen landscapes and take the time to slow down and reflect.

16 April 2021

Night Lights

Take a trip to sprawling metropolises and get lost in the glow of the world's most beautiful skylines. This is a space to relax, unwind and feel invigorated by dazzling city lights and sparkling nightscapes.

16 April 2021

Tropical Serenity

Ease your mind with a one-way ticket to paradise. Through a portal to the world’s most gorgeous tropical landscapes, viewers find tranquility as they glide above turquoise waters and beneath gentle waves.

16 April 2021

Desert Solitude

Audiences journey to vast desert landscapes and find peace in the stark simplicity of earth and sky, as sand dunes ripple against an endless horizon.

16 April 2021

Peaceful Patterns

From a bird’s eye view, the earth is a magnificent mosaic of patterns. Viewers gaze down at swirling sand dunes and whirling seas and marvel at the shapes and colors of a rainforest canopy.