Super Pumped: The Battle For Uber

Super Pumped: The Battle For Uber

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the successful and destructive creator of Uber in this season of the true-story business anthology series. Co-stars Uma Thurman and Kyle Chandler. More

Based on the book by Mike Isaac. A second season has been greenlit, based on Isaac's follow-up on Facebook shenanigans.


2022Rating: MUSA
DramaTrue Story & Biography



Grow or Die

UberCab CEO Travis Kalanick sets his sights on landing an... More important partner for his fledgling company: VC powerhouse Bill Gurley. But Gurley’s money might not be enough as UberCab employees take to the San Francisco streets to recruit & conquer and the support of his loved ones can’t stop the stressed leader from cracking.


X to the X

Uber engineers develop new technology to help skirt their legal... More problems while working towards slaying the biggest giant yet: New York and the taxi commissions. Travis rewards the Uber team for their hard work with a blowout in Las Vegas, courting the unwanted attention of the press. Friction develops between Travis and Angie.



Gurley sends a reluctant Travis and Emil on a roadshow... More to raise money, but Travis has other ideas for this raise round. With Lyft gaining momentum in the ride-sharing space, Travis wages war and won’t back down. Gurley gives an enlightening interview.



The boardroom becomes a battle zone for how best to... More run the fast-growing company. Meanwhile, the Uber team attends one of the biggest events in the Valley — Code Conference — where they interact with tech legends like Sergey Brin and Arianna Huffington. While there, Travis gains an ally. He is ecstatic when it seems he’s been given his due, but his mood quickly changes when an announcement derails his plans. Austin deals with a personal matter and comes to Travis for support.


The Charm Offensive

Travis finds himself on trial at Apple HQ, fighting for... More Uber’s very existence. In defense, he explains the Uber team’s strategy to conquer fraudsters in China and deal with their bad press problem. Arianna and Bill disagree on how best to steer Travis in the right direction. Emil has an illuminating conversation.


Delete Uber

A new development throws a wrench in Travis’s confidence, leaving... More him and the rest of the team scrambling for solutions. When his other allies turn their backs, Travis leans on Emil to restore his faith. The Uber team hires someone big to rein in their toxic culture problem.


Same Last Name

Gurley and his backers present Travis with an ultimatum that... More will change the course of the company forever. Travis searches the city for supporters to rally in his defense. The two men go head-to-head in a final, last-ditch battle for Uber. Season finale.

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Rather than untangling a knotty tale, it presents a crisply black-and-white world... and then strips away whatever subtext might somehow have existed.

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The Guardian

The Guardian

It's a tiring and discordant watch.

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A rapid-fire recap of recent history without enough interiority or insight.

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A.V. Club

A.V. Club

The Travis Kalanicks of the world only thrive in a toxic ecosystem, and Super Pumped doesn’t let anyone off the hook.

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San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle

(Super Pumped is) the TV equivalent of a tech bro. Watching it is like attending a business meeting that refuses to end, attended by self-styled junior masters of the universe who won’t shut up.

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Super Pumped: The Battle For Uber is available to stream in New Zealand now on Neon.