Welcome to Earth: Season 1

Welcome to Earth: Season 1

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Host Will Smith and filmmaker Darren Aronofsky reunite after 2018's One Strange Rock for this adventure tourism series that sees Smith visit the edges of the Earth (as well as its heights and depths).




The Silent Roar

On a remote island in the Pacific, Will Smith descends... More into the heart of an active volcano to investigate sounds beyond human hearing. Will discovers that everything on our planet creates its own unique sound—even if we can’t always hear it.


Descent into Darkness

In a deep-water submersible, Will Smith descends 3,300 feet to... More the bottom of the ocean, where even fewer people have gone than outer space. Along the way down, Will and explorer Diva Amon investigate how color is used in the natural world.


Mind of the Swarm

Thirty years ago, Will Smith was mesmerized by a photo... More of the incredible wildebeest migration across the Serengeti in a National Geographic magazine. Now he visits those same wildebeests and discovers an amazing survival strategy.


Power of Scent

On the trail of tiger sharks in the Pacific, Will... More explores the power of smell. For humans, the sense of smell triggers deep memories and emotions, but it has an even more vital function in the animal world.


Speed of Life

Will explores the Namibia Desert, where both the landscape and... More time seem to have stood still for over 50 million years. Will discovers that humans can only see a small sliver of what’s moving around us because everything on the planet is happening either too fast or too slow for us to perceive.


Beyond Fear

For Will’s final journey, an ultimate challenge. He and polar... More explorer Dwayne Fields are dropped by helicopter in the middle of an Icelandic glacier.

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The Telegraph

The Telegraph

This could have been supremely irritating - a pampered Hollywood star getting to complete his bucket list on Disney's dime - were it not for Smith's immense likeability.

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The fact that Will Smith gives himself over to these experiences is what makes the show a fascinating watch.

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A cheerful exercise in nature programming for beginners.

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Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter

I kept wondering why somebody felt the need to add an unnatural star-driven narrative to all of this natural wonderment.

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