We're Here: Season 2

We're Here: Season 2

We're Here: Season 2

Former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara and Shangela Laquifa Wadley teach small-town residents the art of the drag in the lead-up to a one-night-only drag show.

2021Rating: TV-MAUSA

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13 October 2021

Spartanburg, South Carolina

A year after their first visit was cut short due to the pandemic, Shangela, Bob, and Eureka return to Spartanburg, SC to catch up with Noah, who grapples with gender expression; plus-size lesbian model Faith;... MORE and Olin, who wants to bring his family together by walking in his brother’s shoes – literally.

20 October 2021

Temecula, California

In the Southern California town of Temecula, Bob, Eureka, and Shangela work with James, an often misgendered trans man navigating neurodiversity; Jake, his faith influencer mom Michelle, and his partner Brad; and Andrei, a cheerleader... MORE whose move back home finds him longing for his mother’s acceptance.


Del Rio, Texas

Expected arrival: 27 October 2021 

Pride Month proves the perfect opportunity for Bob, Eureka, and Shangela to visit the border town of Del Rio, Texas. There, the queens celebrate gay identifying mayor Bruno Lozano’s positive impact on the community, Joey’s identity quest, and Esael’s coming out journey.


Selma, Alabama

Expected arrival: 3 November 2021 

Bob, Eureka, and Shangela bring drag to Selma, AL, where the queer community remains hidden despite the city’s historical significance to the civil rights movement. There, they help recently transitioned Akeelah find the confidence to live life beyond closed doors, release Joseph’s deep-seated pain, and encourage Deborah to prioritize herself for a change.


Evansville, Indiana

Expected arrival: 10 November 2021 

Hoping to open hearts and minds in Evansville, IN, Bob, Eureka, and Shangela help Methodist Pastor Craig promote LGBTQ equality to his congregants, inspire Tunisian refugee Kaïs to celebrate all facets of his identity, and facilitate the long-overdue wedding of civil rights activists Barbara and Yvon.


Episode 6

Expected arrival: 17 November 2021 

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Episode 7

Expected arrival: 24 November 2021 

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Episode 8

Expected arrival: 1 December 2021 

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