Zomboat!: Season 1

Zomboat!: Season 1

Zomboat!: Season 1

Yep, there are zombies and at least one boat. In this British horror comedy series, two sisters attempt to escape the slow-moving undead apocalypse by boarding a slightly faster sea vessel.


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28 July 2021

Episode 1

Sisters Kat and Jo realize a Zombie Apocalypse has started in Birmingham and plan to escape it in a boat. Sunny and Amar flee from the Train station when the find themselves a Zombie, will... MORE they make it to safety or succumb to the zombies?

28 July 2021

Episode 2

Kat and Jo want Amar and Sunny off the boat. Jo is upset about ex-boyfriend Rob and decides to get her phone to call him. Amar joins her, determined to find a car. Kat... MORE meets her online gaming idol, BIGDAMEHERO, and doesn’t listen to Sunny’s words of warning.

28 July 2021

Episode 3

Our gang arrive at the hotel where Sunny and Amar spent their stag weekend. Amar insists they check if their mates are alive. Kat makes Jo stay and guard Dorothy.

28 July 2021

Episode 4

Amar and Jo head to the supermarket where she used to work - where they meet Chloe, Jo's former colleague. However, things soon take a troubling turn.

28 July 2021

Episode 5

Kat worries about sharing a kiss with Sunny with Zombie Jude still on their trail. Meanwhile, the gang encounter another boat, which Jo decides to stay on to avoid Kat's bossiness.

28 July 2021

Episode 6

The gang are taken to the evacuation centre, where they meet Rob, who is looking for Jude, who he thinks is patient zero. Soon, Jo is bitten, but she shows no zombie symptoms...