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Interview: Dayna Goldfine and Dan Geller, directors of ‘The Galapagos Affair’

by Steve Newall, from The Flicks Interviews July 24 2014,

The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden is a true-crime documentary that explores the curious goings-on when a Berlin doctor and his mistress dropped out of society and resettled in the Galapagos Islands in the 1930s. Followed by others, soon an experimental, free-love society flourished – until some of the new arrivals disappeared and allegations ... Read on.

July 24 2014,

Review: Hercules

by Adam Fresco, from Reviews

Brett Ratner, director of all three Rush Hour movies, buckles up for a sword and sandals beat-’em-up that starts off trying to put a real face on the Greek myth, only to surrender to the Hollywood gods and have a ball... Read on.

July 24 2014,

Review: Deliver Us from Evil

by Tony Stamp, from Reviews

Scott Derrickson’s Sinister was an admirably nasty little horror that managed to stay unnerving despite its familiar framework. His follow up Deliver Us From Evil mostly pulls off the same trick, staying entertainin... Read on.

Review: Begin Again

by Dominic Corry, from Reviews July 24 2014,

The opening scene of John Carney’s Begin Again features a room full of record execs discussing the possibility of putting artist audio commentaries on albums. It’s an idea that effectively encapsulates the film’s repeatedly evoked “It used to be about the music, maaaaaan” sensibility. Indeed, it often comes across like a disillusioned fan’s attempt to save the ... Read on.

July 23 2014,

Review: Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie

by Giles Hardie, from Reviews

The tragedy of this cinematic step up for the unexpected smash hit Irish television comedy is that there is a good (not great) movie trying to push its way through, it’s just that the habits of three seasons prove too hard ... Read on.

NZIFF 2014 Mini-Reviews

by Ed, Flicks.co.nz, from Reviews July 21 2014,

With the NZ International Film Festival in full swing once again, Flicks writers are giving their first impressions on what they’re seeing in the form of bite-sized mini-reviews. This blog will keep updating through the festival, so keep checking back and take the time to share your thoughts with us in the comments – and ... Read on.

Review: The Dark Horse

by Liam Maguren, from Reviews July 18 2014,

Opening the New Zealand International Film Festival to an immersed crowd, this cinematic tale of real-life chess wizard Genesis Potini holds the power to do the same across the whole nation. The story follows Genesis (Cliff Curtis) and his desire to invigorate the tamariki of the Gisborne chess club into feeling the same passion for ... Read on.

July 17 2014,

The one-minute blitz guide to NZIFF 2014

by Liam Maguren, from News

Don’t like long sentences? Can’t be bothered reading thoughtful opinions? Want to know the most about the New Zealand International Film Festival in the least time possible? These are all good questions, ones we&#... Read on.