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Review: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

by Dominic Corry, from Reviews February 26 2015,

Filled to the brim as it was with some of the finest older British actors around, 2012′s sleeper smash The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was often referred to as ‘The Avengers for pensioners’. Which I suppose would make this follow-up ‘Age of Ultron for pensioners’. The level of quality sustained in this sequel bodes well for Joss Whedon’s impending ... Read on.

February 26 2015,

Review: Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon

by Tony Stamp, from Reviews

It seemed like a weird choice. Funnyman Mike Myers - Austin Powers himself – makes his directorial debut… and it’s a documentary about talent manager Shep Gordon? Then around two thirds of the way through Myer... Read on.

February 26 2015,

Coming Attractions: March

by Steve Newall, from News

There’s plenty to get excited about in cinemas and on home video next month. Read on to see what we’re looking forward to checking out once cinemas have been steam-cleaned of all Fifty Shades of Grey residue, and ... Read on.

The Unusual Evolution of Oscar Speeches

by Liam Maguren, from A Man Of 100 Words February 25 2015,

The 2015 Academy Awards are over, and like most years, it passed through me like a rose-scented fart in the face. I mean, it smells nice ‘n’ all, but you still have to deal with the fact that your face experienced a directly-aimed fart towards it. A number of the acceptance speeches, however, were a ... Read on.

February 24 2015,

Shelf Life #18

by Aaron Yap, from The B-Roll

Continuing to excavate buried cinematic goodies, Aaron Yap dusts off three very different films here, all boasting familiar faces, but traversing territory ranging from nuke phobia to damaged war vets and a private dick tale.... Read on.

February 23 2015,

35 Pictures from the Oscars Red Carpet

by Ed, Flicks.co.nz, from News

Hollywood’s prettiest and brightest walked the 87th Academy Awards red carpet today. Hence, here’s a big ass gallery of pictures. See the full list of Oscar winners here.             ... Read on.

Academy Awards Winners 2015 (Full List)

by Ed, Flicks.co.nz, from News February 23 2015,

Here’s the full winners list from the 2015 Academy Awards, handed out today in Hollywood. Interestingly, all Best Picture nominees ended up with at least one award, with Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel taking four awards each. Wes Anderson would have really, really, really liked that screenplay award, though… Also see here for 35 ... Read on.

February 20 2015,

Why You’re Wrong, Not the Oscars

by Giles Hardie, from News

Let’s try something different for the Oscars this year. That’s “us”, the audience. Let US try something different. Let US try and enjoy them. Embrace them for what they are. For if you are planning to watch, read abou... Read on.

“Cinema Is About Desire” – François Ozon on ‘The New Girlfriend’

by Dominic Corry, from The Flicks Interviews February 20 2015,

As the creatively dexterous force behind such global hits as Swimming Pool, 8 Women and Potiche, François Ozon is arguably France’s most internationally successful director who doesn’t make action movies. His latest film The New Girlfriend has its New Zealand premiere this weekend at the Alliance Française French Film Festival, which is currently underway in ... Read on.

February 18 2015,

Review: Jupiter Ascending

by Steve Newall, from Reviews

If you think an intergalactic fairy tale sporting tons of prosthetics needs spicing up with a mix of royal family infighting and corporate takeover, then I refer you to Phantom Menace-era trade blockade enthusiast George Luc... Read on.