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Romance, Christchurch, Piracy, and a Movie Called ‘Sunday’

by Liam Maguren, from The Flicks Interviews November 24 2014,

On December 7th, a humble indie Kiwi film called Sunday will hit cinemas. Simultaneously, it’ll also hit DVD, televisions, On Demand services, air flight entertainment systems, smart phones, carrier pigeons, R2-D2′s holographic display and basically anything else that can play a movie. The story, set one year after the Christchurch earthquakes, follows a couple who ... Read on.

November 21 2014,

5 Easy Pieces (and 5 Easy Trailers)

by Ed, Flicks.co.nz, from News

① Here’s an R2D2 budgie.   ② RIP Mike Nichols, the endlessly talented director of classics such as The Graduate, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Catch-22.   ③ Netflix is coming to Australia an... Read on.

November 20 2014,

Review: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

by Steve Newall, from Reviews

Departing from the battle royale format of the two previous Hunger Games instalments, Mockingjay – Part 1 plunges the franchise into deeper terrain. Figuratively, with the pic continuing Katniss Everdeen’s trauma-fuel... Read on.

Review: Jimmy’s Hall

by Matt Glasby, from Reviews November 20 2014,

British director Ken Loach is known – and loved – for dramas of quiet outrage, such as Poor Cow, Kes and My Name Is Joe. Jimmy’s Hall is rumoured to be his last, which would be a pity for two reasons. Firstly, the industry needs film-makers with a moral compass. Secondly, it’s not strong enough to be his swansong. “Inspired by ... Read on.

November 19 2014,

9 Other Great ‘Part I’ Movies

by Ed, Flicks.co.nz, from Lists

With The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 out in cinemas, we got to thinking about other first parts of great movie stories that made a satisfying whole. Sure, titling sequels has never been a completely clean business (ju... Read on.

November 18 2014,

Review: Life of Crime

by Matt Glasby, from Reviews

You have to hand it to writer/director Daniel Schechter. Although a legitimate Elmore Leonard adaptation in its own right, Life of Crime feels more like a cheeky Quentin Tarantino prequel because its main characters, clueless... Read on.

Review: Amazonia 3D

by Liam Maguren, from Reviews November 17 2014,

I was gobsmacked at how the Coen brothers were able to get an amazing performance from a cat earlier this year with Inside Llewyn Davis. Well, apparently that was nothing, because Amazonia 3Damplifies that awe tenfold by directing an entire rainforest. Working years on the project with biologists and animal experts, director Thierry Ragobert pulls off a ... Read on.

November 13 2014,

Review: ‘Exists’

by Aaron Yap, from Reviews

If the recent Into the Storm wasn’t enough to remind you why the awfully ubiquitous faux-doco/found-footage genre is the laziest, most aesthetically cancerous filmmaking trend, by all means check out the execrable Exists, c... Read on.

Review: ‘My Old Lady’

by Adam Fresco, from Reviews November 13 2014,

In transferring his stage play to the screen for his debut movie, Israel Horovitz shoots on location in Paris. Yet rather than exploiting the City of Light, what we get is a predominantly apartment-bound, melodramatic rom-com, which never escapes its stagey roots. Shame, but then, when your lead actors are Kevin Kline, Maggie Smith and ... Read on.