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Review: Housebound

by Tony Stamp, from Reviews August 01 2014,

What a pleasant surprise. Here’s a local effort that garnered raves overseas and lives up to the hype, a haunted house mystery with the DNA of an Amblin movie in its propulsive storytelling. After helming The Jacquie Brown Diaries, director Gerard Johnstone has broadened his scope to make this definitively big screen fare, with only a ... Read on.

July 30 2014,

NZIFF 2014 Mini-Reviews

by Ed, Flicks.co.nz, from Reviews

With the NZ International Film Festival in full swing once again, Flicks writers are giving their first impressions on what they’re seeing in the form of bite-sized mini-reviews. This blog will keep updating through the... Read on.

July 29 2014,

My Disgusting Film Festival Habits

by Liam Maguren, from A Man Of 100 Words

When the New Zealand International Film Festival dumps itself all over the puny pen of my existence, I happily flounder around it like a pig in mud. But just like a pig in mud, I gather a load of disgusting habits with it. I... Read on.

July 24 2014,

Review: Hercules

by Adam Fresco, from Reviews

Brett Ratner, director of all three Rush Hour movies, buckles up for a sword and sandals beat-’em-up that starts off trying to put a real face on the Greek myth, only to surrender to the Hollywood gods and have a ball... Read on.

Review: Deliver Us from Evil

by Tony Stamp, from Reviews July 24 2014,

Scott Derrickson’s Sinister was an admirably nasty little horror that managed to stay unnerving despite its familiar framework. His follow up Deliver Us From Evil mostly pulls off the same trick, staying entertaining for its first hour with a bombardment of demonic clichés including bats, ancient ciphers, kiddies in peril, ritualistic murder, and increasingly pasty possession victims. Eric Bana ... Read on.

July 24 2014,

Review: Begin Again

by Dominic Corry, from Reviews

The opening scene of John Carney’s Begin Again features a room full of record execs discussing the possibility of putting artist audio commentaries on albums. It’s an idea that effectively encapsulates the film&... Read on.

July 23 2014,

Review: Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie

by Giles Hardie, from Reviews

The tragedy of this cinematic step up for the unexpected smash hit Irish television comedy is that there is a good (not great) movie trying to push its way through, it’s just that the habits of three seasons prove too hard ... Read on.