Love, Rosie, Movie

Love, Rosie

Romantic comedy about two best friends: Rosie (Lily Collins, The Blind Side) and Alex (Sam Claflin, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire). They are separated when Alex moves to America from Dublin with his parents. The question is whether their friendship will be able to survive time and distance.

The People
The Golden Era, Movie

The Golden Era

Mandarin-language biopic on Xiao Hong, the pioneering and prodigious talent only recently being recognised as one of China's most significant 20th century writers. Selected as Hong Kong’s entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at 2015's Academy Awards.

The People
Lexi, Movie


New Zealand drama centred on Lexi (Request Ahomana), a young woman who spends her days as a cleaner for an unpleasant older woman and her nights in a flat shared with her sister, a gambling addict...