Dracula Untold, Movie

Dracula Untold

Drama-fantasy that combines the mythology of Dracula with the true story of a 15th century Romanian Prince - Vlad the Impaler. Stars Luke Evans (Immortals) and Dominic Cooper (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter).

Rock the Casbah, Movie

Rock the Casbah

Bittersweet, Moroccan drama chronicling a middle class family who reunite to mourn the death of their father (screen legend Omar Sharif), set over the three day period called for by Muslim tradition. As the family gather, sparks fly and dramatic secrets are unearthed.

Breakup Buddies, Movie

Breakup Buddies

Still feeling the sting of a recent and tragic divorce, a former singer makes a bar voyage with his excessively-helping best friend in this road trip comedy from China.