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Another Earth, Movie

Another Earth 2011

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Science fantasy/drama about the repercussions the appearance of a duplicate earth in the sky has on the lives of a troubled astrophysicist and a brilliant composer. Winner of the Alfred PO. Sloan prize at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. More

"Rhoda Williams (Brit Marling, Sound of My Voice), a bright young woman accepted into MIT's astrophysics program, aspires to explore the cosmos. A brilliant composer, John Burroughs (William Mapother, In the Bedroom), has just reached the pinnacle of his profession and is about to have a second child. On the eve of the discovery of a duplicate earth, tragedy strikes and the lives of these strangers become irrevocably intertwined." (Official Synopsis). Hide

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    • Bugger

      They seem to be running out of ideas

    • chi chi

      utter craaaap

    • Lymond

      Scientisits everywhere are now pullling thier collective hair out.

    • Gary-Cottle

      You mean that this movie has a twin alternate movie out there on Earth 2.........Shoot me!

    • shelby


    • nope


    • slychick


    • ????

      I'm guessing the writers in this movie didn't look much onto Astrophysics.

    • Ben

      Saw this in Melbourne. Loved it. Science fiction on an emotive level without the so-called rules of physics. Simple and charming.


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  • J D

    Does that mean you rated it without watching it?

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Sounds like Fringe

munchkin Flicks Superstar (?)

Maybe this will be like the storyline that fringe is doing sounds interesting not my cuppa chocolate but my partner will be keen on this

Another Earth

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