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Bad Teacher, Movie

Bad Teacher 2011

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Former flames Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake star in this comedy about a foul-mouthed, gold-digging, high school teacher. Diaz plays the teacher, who sets her money grubbing sights on a substitute teacher (Justin Timberlake) who happens to be the heir to a watch company fortune. More

From the director of Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and Orange County. Hide

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  • 65 %

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    What say you?

    • Vick


    • Matt

      Love it!! Hahaha... "Hold my ball sack." Hahahahaha

    • tana

      mean teacher

    • rachel

      It's like Bad Santa right? I hope there are a string of "Bad" movies... Bad Politician. Bad Doctor. This looks great.

    • AZZAroy

      a real laugh feast. diaz seems perfect (funny, sly and offensive) can't wait for it.

    • Faafetai

      Love to see - but maybe I'm too dialogue shy - Diaz just said "cock" meaning "Cock".

    • gladwrap

      Did Cameron Diaz just say somebody should sit on her face?

    • AdamFresco

      Reminds me of my teacher... only he wasn't as hot as Cameron!

    • Ed-Flicks

      @gladwrap - no she said she wanted to sit on JT's face.

    • scott

      luks awsome

    • Leonie

      Looks really good and funny as we all need this.

    • Ken Burns

      Looks like a hoot of a watch after 2 beers. Definitely going

    • mark

      Cameron being dirty works for me

    • Alice

      Am always looking for teacher tips, can't wait!

    • god

      hey, kill me, i dig timberlake, but isn't it dangerous working with your ex? aha ha ha ha ha, fail

    • Leonie

      You got my vote.

    • jess

      So fuuny!!!

    • shopqueen

      bout time they put something meaty out there

    • ben_

      Saw the trailer yesterday.. Looks funny!

    • Mark

      I laughed - like an old jock movie but with a woman. I just can't see the trailer translating into a watchable movie.

    • Jane

      Ha funny or what!

    • missy

      hahaha love jason segel

    • marcus ringpoo

      must see, for us avery torture peps

    • Nope

      Just want to repeatedly watch the trailer!

    • Chris

      Three of the scenes in this trailer are completely different to the movie. Still a good movie and very funny.

    • matthew

      it was the worst movie ever

    • Mia

      awesome interesting ust hilarious

    • Nicky (Chch)

      bad script, bad dialogue, bad movie - bad choice Cameron!

    • Sonia

      Worst movie EVER! Cameron what the hell were u thinking! Dont waste ur $

    • Rachel

      It was rubbish !!!! Don't bother.

    • carlay

      u peps who say that its bad shame on you ! you've got the brain of a pea. because that movie was awesome!

    • ella

      so funny got my vote

    • poowrapface

      boooooo it sucks totally the worst movie ever and whats up with Camerons face its like shes been draged through a f****ing hegde

    • brody


    • ilikecheese:)

      i wana see it ahaha !!

    • Allely

      Bad movie - squirming in seat with disbelief that it was so bad


    Want to see it?


Flicks.co.nz Review



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Andreas Heinemann Flicks Writer

Feeling like a Judd Apatow or Todd Phillips directed effort with a foul-mouthed female in the lead instead of one of the boys, Bad Teacher is the polar opposite of soppy, sweet-as-sugar love stories that invariably fail to deliver the laughs. Cameron Diaz steps it up here, perhaps knowing that she’s getting older and each lead role could be her last. More

As faint praise as it may seem, her performance as an abrasive gold digger is probably a career best. She doesn’t look out of place surrounded by veteran comedy performers and she’s able to get some laugh out loud moments out of the weaker material. Liz Punch as the sickeningly positive Miss Squirrel makes for a great counterpoint and duelling dynamic on the teaching staff. Jason Segel is effortlessly good in his supporting role and Justin Timberlake as a goofy goody-two-shoes rich boy is an entertaining piece of casting.

The script doesn’t always do the best job of tying all these performances into an interesting story, but it keeps a brisk pace and provides plenty of un-PC jokes to keep you entertained. Even the smutty and gross-out humour won’t have you rolling your eyes in embarrassment for a change.

A happy ending feels typically tacked on and unconvincing, but for the majority of the running time it’s pretty much all you could ask for out of a date movie. Hide

The People's Reviews


9 ratings and 9 reviews


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comment / reply

Her Milkshake brings the boys to the movies

munchkin Flicks Superstar (?)

I think Cameron Diaz is a very funny and talented actress who looks like she has nailed this role I want to see it just to see how the chemistry is between her and her ex Timberlake. and I m sure theres a lot of guys that will see this with the girlfriends just to have a perv at her


comment / reply

Nice idea, bad movie

Stuart-Bland Flicks Superstar (?)

In spite of a promising concept and a charmingly brazen performance from Cameron Diaz, Bad Teacher is never as funny as it should be.


comment / reply

comment / reply

A sign of where films are now?

Tony-Bertasius A-Lister (?)

I was shocked at how bad this movie was.
Mr Timberlake seemed to have been recruited just for his name, and any talents he displayed in earlier films went out of the window on every scene he was in. Ms Diaz tried hard with her lines, but they weren't strong or funny enough to make any impact beyond the crude and unappetising. Perhaps the only saving grace was Mr Segal, whose droll and effortless delivery made his character likeable. If only the storyline hadn't been so signposted to the final scenes then it may have been more appealing.
Generally rubbish


comment / reply


Olivia-Prasad Flicks Superstar (?)

It was okay, not great and certainly not a classic. Segal was great like usual, but JT - the man should stick to his 00's day job !


comment / reply

For a great line up it S***ed

JayC4Shaw Flicks Superstar (?)

I love Cameron Diaz movies. I love Justin Timberlakes skits in SNL. I absolutely undoubtedly LOVE anything Jason Seagel is in and tend to laugh before he even says anything.

They way they lamed down his character to be ALMOST funny, and just the whole shallow minded-ness of Camerons character and the unrealistic continuum of how long she kept neglecting responsibilities before people clicked was lame and stupid. unless the American educational system is actually that stupid. I was very disappointed with this movie. Stupid story, with a stubborn main character, JT was obnoxious and poor Jason who I assume was hired as the punchline man, always fell flat. Bordered between comedy and drama. LAME


comment / reply

Surprisingly Funny

el_bad B-Grader (?)

I didn't expect the jokes in this movie to be that fresh, but I was surprised and entertained by what I saw/heard. I also sort of got all fond of Cameron Diaz again. I forgot how great a comedic actress she was after the crud of recent years and was pleasantly reminded in this film.
BTW Justin Timberlake's character is the most revolting weenie.


comment / reply

Good laugh out loud moments

Sarah29 Flicks Superstar (?)

Cameron Diaz at her best with plenty of laugh out loud moments and Jason Segal was hilarious as always. There were a few lagging sections in the middle. A pretty decent comedy

Bad Teacher

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Press Reviews

44% of critics recommend

Consensus: "In spite of a promising concept and a charmingly brazen performance from Cameron Diaz, Bad Teacher is never as funny as it should be."

ROTTEN TOMATOES SCORE. Read more reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.
Empire (UK)

Broader than Bad Santa and less consistently funny, it's still gleefully rude, crude and often a lot of fun. Full review.

Guardian (UK)

A high-school satire that is reasonably funny, though far from sure how badass it really wants to be. Full review.

Hollywood Reporter

For all her desk-stashed booze and inappropriately tight skirts, the movie offers Diaz a pretty bland badness. Full review.

Little White lies (UK)

Diaz's game charms are semi-squandered on a script that's two-thirds filler. Not quite detention, but on thin ice. Full review.

NZ Herald (Francesca Rudkin)

Being a complete bitch doesn't always make you funny Full review.

Total Film (UK)

Freaks And Geeks and Zero Effect seem a long time ago as director Jake Kasdan offers up a film simultaneously loose and strained, full of underlined punchlines. Proof that comedy really is in the. Timing. Full review.

TVNZ (Darren Bevan)

You'd think a raunchy comedy involving Cameron Diaz as an apathetic, pot smoking, drinking and uncaring teacher would be a natural sequel to Billy Bob Thornton's Bad Santa. Full review.

Variety (USA)

What's singularly lacking here is any sense of how to use the underage characters, who, apart from one or two, are a barely distinguishable gaggle. Full review.