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Black and White and Sex, Movie

Black and White and Sex 2012

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An intimate film about sex.

Experimental Australian drama about "intimacy, sex and sexuality". Shot in black and white, a faceless interviewer attempts to unravel the life of Angie - a prostitute - played by eight different actresses. However, Angie plans to set the record straight, exposing the man who is interviewing her.

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    • Gemini

      Terrible acting!

    • tom

      its not bad


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Not your usual ... and I liked it a lot

freshdude Flicks Superstar (?)

For this review I'll just quote Luke Buckmaster from crickey.com: "The film industry, so the common wisdom goes, is chocked to the gills with carbon copy cinema, stuffed like a poisoned pinata with the bile and fluid of a zillion regurgitated ideas. Here is a bold, audacious and throbbingly original Australian film, particularly palatable for viewers partial to edgy, intimate and explorative interpersonal dramas."

Black and White and Sex

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Press Reviews

Urban Cinefile (Australia)

Foreplay, penetration, orgasms and happy endings are the pitstops of this ambitious, fearless film... It's confronting, intriguing, sensual and utterly complicated, as only men, women, life and sex can be. Full review.