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Came A Hot Friday, Movie

Came A Hot Friday 1985

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NZ comedy classic with genius Billy T. James, directed by Ian Mune. More

1949 New Zealand. Wes (Bland) and his sidekick Cyril (Gordon) are conmen scamming small-town bookies. They arrive in Tainui and get to work with the help of gullible local, Don (Lawrence). They make some money, more by luck than good judgement, but when Wes wins a large amount gambling at the villainous Sel Bishop's (Napier) illicit casino, Sel avoids paying up. Wes and company join forces with the bizarre 'Mexican' bandit, the Tainui Kid (James), and set out to get the deserved winnings. Hide

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    • Marianne.

      This is the funniest movie and book. Filmed at Waverley Race Course I believe...races there this Thursday!

    • Catherine-White

      I remember watching this as a kid, very funny! A must see. Think I might get it out this weekend


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Not the best but it has Billy T so cant be all bad

bigspendakev Flicks Superstar (?)

Awesome film some of it filmed about 10 minutes up the road from us in Eltham Taranaki you can go and visit the places where they filmed .Good movie not great but another Nz classic to have in the dvd collection along with Good bye pork pie,Quiet Earth with Bruno Laurence,Smash palace Nz can make damm good films on really low budgets I love althings Billy T he was the man so will eventually buy this on dvd We miss u Billy r.i.p


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DVD Release - 20 July 2011

Charles-Eggen Nobody (?)

Starting 20 July 2011, a PAL R0 will become available from New Zealand sources. Screenline of Auckland is taking pre-orders now.



  • HoriHeathen

    Yahoo, I loved this film, I haven't seen it in soooo long!! Bring it out guys!

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Ed, Flicks.co.nz Nobody (?)

Hi Guys

We've been campaining for the release of 'Came a Hot Friday', and we hear it is imminent...

We will let you all know when we hear firm details!



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where to buy

paul nelson Nobody (?)

can someone please tell me where i can buy this on dvd i have looked every where can call 0508 204 214


  • oriana

    i so dicagree i loved that move and think it is relly cool

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Came A Hot Friday

Willie Takitimu Nobody (?)

I saw this movie, when it was first released and it was great enjoyed it heaps. However trying to get the DVD has been disappointing, and then I found that the rights had been sold overseas, but that's about to change,good to hear.


  • Gabe

    No, but I remember the filming in Eltham, late afternoon sun turning the town gold Tui Teka playing sax on pub balcony

  • Charles Eggen

    The first song, during the fast dance, was 'Work for the Money'. The second song, during the slow dance, was 'Out in the Cold'.

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Prince Tui Teka

Peter Nobody (?)

Prince Tui Teka sung a song in the woolshed, does anyone know the name of the song?


  • shane

    its hard get older kiwi movies i brought most of mine from the states like shaker run

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But It On The Big Screen

Preston Richmond Nobody (?)

to announce its release on DVD. im 27 and if do the math i was pretty young to be watching this movie when i was a kid, but i did and i loved it every step of the way. Releasing this movie on DVD would be sooooo awesome but i reckon with the right advertising and a big screen showing would be, EPIC

Give it to the people already!


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Came a Hot Friday DVD

Duncan Nobody (?)

I was told a couple of days ago by an obscure video shop owner that the rights were sold to an overseas distributor and has since gone bankrupt ∴ no DVD.


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Came a Hot Friday DVD

Kjw Nobody (?)

According to NZVideos.org website:
March 3, 2008 - NOTE: Regarding dvd copies - The distributor has stated that a new re-pressing is in the works, but no exact date as yet.
Email the site owner if you want to be notified when the disks become available.


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Came a Hot Friday

Tracey Nobody (?)

This is one of the best New Zealand movies ever released and I have been trying so hard to find it on DVD, and it is impossible, are they ever going to release this on DVD, it would only be fair in memory of Billy T.


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Nigel McNamara Nobody (?)


Can anyone please tell me why this has not been put into DVD Format. As I can only find it on video and that is if the tape is still playable.



Came A Hot Friday

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