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Dallas Buyers Club, Movie

Dallas Buyers Club 2013

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Dare to live.

True story drama with Matthew McConaughey (in a Golden Globe and Oscar-winning performance) as a womanising, redneck Texan staring down a 30-day death sentence when he is diagnosed HIV-positive. Not finding help through traditional means, he hustles his way around doctors and police in acquiring non-approved drug treatment. More

Ron Woodroof 's free-wheeling life was overturned in 1985 with his terminal diagnosis. Learning of medicines lacking government approval, Woodroof took matters into his own hands, tracking down alternative treatments from all over the world by means both legal and illegal. Bypassing the establishment, he joined forces with an unlikely band of renegades and outcasts - brought to life by a supporting cast including Jared Leto, also a Golden Globe and Oscar-winner for his role - and established a hugely successful "buyers' club" to sidestep the law.

Leto and McConaughey, who reportedly lost over 17 kilograms for the role, are joined by a cast that includes Jennifer Garner, Steve Zahn and Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox in his film debut. Hide

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    • Cal

      Wow, looks to have been a tough role for Matthew. Should be good

    • Cate

      Can't wait to see this. Jared Leto is great in the trailer

    • Gemma

      Jared & Mathew work so flawlessly together. I can not wait to see the entire film. it's going to be magic!

    • Karan

      Hoping that I'll get to see this in Queenstown 😊

    • MsHGH

      An award winner for Matthew for sure.

    • Rachel

      Watch put for those Oscars. Two actors truly dedicated to their rolls. Can't wait to see it in New Plymouth

    • Cathy

      After all the awards won by Jared and Matthew already cant wait to see the entire film at last!!

    • Rach

      So far looks like it'll only be showing in Auckland and Canterbury. Come on NZ, it's going to be an Oscar winner for sure

    • Beck

      This looks amazing! Going to the Flicks preview tonight, thanks Flicks!

    • Sharon

      Just watched it, an amazing movie. Matthew did an incredible job, so believable. Highly recommended

    • thorinoak

      A rare breed of film that leaves its mark long after the credits have rolled. Movie making at its absolute finest.

    • jubeedoo

      Was intrigued by the buzz. Now that I've seen the film, I can say wholeheartedly: believe the hype.

    • Tony-Bertasius

      Brilliant movie. McConnaughey is excellent, Leto is astonishing, and the story (although tough and gritty) is actually rather endearing. Go!


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Rebecca Barry Hill Flicks Writer

Ron Woodrof loved his cocaine, his women and his rodeo. He was also somewhat of a sado-masochist – perhaps that explains why he failed to notice himself wasting away. Enter Matthew McConaughey, whose 17kg weight loss playing the unlikely medical activist hasn’t weakened his on-screen presence. If anything, it has given him the wily, taut look of a man desperate to survive. More

This is a film 20 years in the making and while it doesn’t feel as grand in scope, it’s a story with something to say, essentially a character-driven tale about a redneck cowboy facing his death. A few questions arise, one being why neither Woodrof nor his friends noticed he was so gaunt. But McConaughey, whose extreme physical and emotional commitment to the role makes him thoroughly deserving of his Golden Globe, is incredible in Woodrof’s skin, allowing even his worst traits a forgivable way to shine through.

When he begins to fight his disease and the injustices of those also suffering, McConaughey’s transformation is wholly satisfying – as is Jared Leto’s Golden-Globe-winning portrayal of transsexual Rayon, in which Leto amazingly transcends his smug personality. Rayon’s charismatic cheek adds a levity to a script somewhat laden with pharmaceutical references. Jennifer Garner as the sympathetic doc ain’t bad either.

Director Jean-Marc Valle doesn’t shy away from the visceral nature of the victims’ lifestyles or the disease, showing via woozy handheld photography their sex and drug lifestyle and declining health. Given the lack of over-sentimentality, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that it’s not the most emotionally engaging film. But Dallas Buyers Club is worth seeing for the impressive performances alone. Hide

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thorinoak Flicks Superstar (?)

For McConaughey's and Leto's performances alone this is worth watching. But this touching true story will stay in your heart and mind for days to come. Highly recommended.


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Zamm Flicks Superstar (?)

I loved everything about it - the harrowing realities of those who were greatly affected by AIDS in the mid-80s, Matthew McConaughey was deserving of his OSCAR in portraying a man's quest man to prolong his life, make money from his discovery and transformation to be genuinely fighting for a cause - which was his life and the lives of others suffering just like him. I love Jared Leto, too, he was also very deserving of his OSCAR.


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Big-budget MOW

Francis-Glenday B-Grader (?)

All credit to Mathew McConauhey and his apparent evolution into a quality actor, but i did not enjoy this film, at all. A glossy harkening back to the turgid sunday-night fare of the 80's.

The wife, on the other hand, thought it was amazeballs. Go figure.


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Must-see performances

Weds_Loafers Flicks Superstar (?)

Seven of us went to "Dallas Buyers Club" today. What a great movie! Easy to see why movie won best actor and best supporting actor Oscars. It's based on the true story of Ron Woodroof, a macho heterosexual Texas cowboy who was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in mid-1985, when fear of the AIDS epidemic was at its height (remember Eve van Grafhorst anyone?) and it was thought that it could only affect gay males.

Woodroof, shunned by all his friends (who presume he is gay) and unable to get on a drug trial, researches alternative drugs and smuggles them into Texas (mostly from Mexico). In real life, he was given 6 months to live and lasted a little over 7 years. Along the way he helped hundreds of AIDS sufferers.

Our average for this movie was 4.5 stars but 3 of us scored it at 5. Do go and see it.


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Olivia-Duncan Nobody (?)

What a remarkable story, about a pretty remarkable man. Grim subject matter but absolutely an gripping movie, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this movie. Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto are brilliant.


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There's good news and bad news......

filmlover Flicks Superstar (?)

The good news is that Matthew McC and Jared Leto are on fire with performances worthy of awards. The bad news is that this is a grim film form go to whoa. Having once been a resident of Dallas I can vouch for the authenticity and boy am I glad I left. While the protagonist seems like a good guy in the end he's really still about making a buck and staying alive.
Take your teenage kids and give them a dose of reality. Sex, drugs and alcohol can kill.
Matthew McC deserves the Oscar for this one.


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Dallas Buyers Club

JackWallace Flicks Superstar (?)

t's official, Matthew McConaughey is the most exciting actor working in movies. Dallas Buyers Club is hugely entertaining. McConaughey plays homophobic cowboy hellraiser Ron Woodroof. His rowdy performance alone makes this movie worth seeing. Jared Leto plays Rayon, a transvestite who becomes partners with Woodroof in his pharmaceutical business selling unapproved drugs to people with AIDs. Leto gives a good performance which won him a Gold Globe Award Best Supporting Actor. I really like Ron Woodroof and the way they introduces his character. Living a life of hookers, cocaine, rodeo and punching police officers. It's also a hilarious movie. Everyone in the audience was laughing at my screening of the film. Featuring an amazing performance from Matthew McConaughey, I highly recommend Dallas Buyers Club.


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A masterpiece!

Gerd Flicks Superstar (?)

Irving Rosenfeld was a criminal scam back and no hero. That does not take away the brilliance of this fictive movie that partly in a very real way deals with the corrupt American health system. Even so it has its funny moments to call this a comedy misses the point by miles. A masterpiece carefully crafted and admirable performed.


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Great Movie

MariaC A-Lister (?)

Thanks Flicks. Thoroughly enjoyed this, What an effort for McConaughey to lose all that weight! Jared Leto was amazing. This movie is bound to have your attention, for the full long length of it! It shows that with perseverance, you can succeed.


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Everyone loves an underdog...a broken down, scumbag of an underdog.

Kate-Taylor Nobody (?)

By Kate "One Take Kate" Taylor.

"Well, shut my mouth...boy can act".
I reckon this is exactly what Ron Woodruff would say on seeing Matthew McConaughey portray his own life events on screen, in the magnificently real, Dallas Buyers Club. The figure of Woodruff is etched with this Texan cockiness that would surely make him beam that one of Hollywood's 'hottest' men; a Texan native and an individual known for being shirtless almost 100% of the time, is breathing life into a plethora of struggles that would have come his way in a closed minded 80's reality. Yes, it's an Oscar contender film for so many reasons. Yes, it's a stunning 'period' film that brings resounding adult realizations to my person; for example when watching the narrative unfold, seeing file footage included that I remember as a child from nightly news broadcasts; showing protesting men with Grim Reaper signs, tears, violence and things I couldn't possibly understand as a four year old New Zealander. Let's make no bones about it; this is a masterpiece of a film and one that will be revered, studied and will no doubt comfort many people for years to come. It's the kinda film that......while it's bleak, stark and extremely confronting; I found myself immediately wanting to own it on Blu Ray so I could relive Ron's crushing life epiphanies and soaring moments of triumph over and over again.
Each actor brings an incredible sensitivity to their role; McConaughey however, as everyone everywhere has been saying - snaffles up this film under his ten gallon hat and hightails it into the sunset with the whole damn thing. McConaughey takes us on a ride; at once repulsing and endearing the audience, as Woodruff is about as low as they come in terms of human decency, when we meet him at the opening of Dallas Buyers Club.

Panting ladies wanting a dose of the McConaughey they know and love from his various man-candy roles, will not be pleased. Not only is Woodruff a scumbag, he's a sickly, gaunt, bigoted, phlegm hocking scumbag. Yet his wit and charms shine through and ultimately, in his darkest hour enable him to become something greater than himself and greater than the disease he inflicted upon himself, by his own ignorance and arrogance. Thankfully, there's some genuine moments of poignant and heart warming comedy intravenously fed into this film; mostly provided by the outstanding friendship between Ron and his extraordinary partner in crime Rayon, played to absolute perfection by Jared Leto; in his return to acting after five years.

Leto completely inhabits Rayon to the point of there being no Jared Leto anymore...for goodness sakes this is the man that played the Blonde Angel-boy in Fight Club and Paul Allen in American Psycho; and here he so beautifully creates such a staggeringly real portrait of a Transgender Woman; than when he appears briefly wearing a suit and seems so awkward and squeamish, he just looks alien and wrong...leaving you wanting Rayon back into her comfy hot pink lipstick and ripped up tights on the double. Leto's return to acting is so successful in fact, that he should just shut up shop and call it a day...you've bloody done it Leto, you've clocked method acting. Head home, no more to see here. As previously mentioned, all of the cast of Dallas Buyers Club do a brilliant turn in their respective roles. Jennifer Garner has unbridled sass and independence as Eve, showing an authentic female character that director Jean-Marc Vallee and writers Craig Borten and Melisa Wallace; could have so easily boobied out and dumbed down to balance all the gritty realism...but I'm so thankful that they didn't. A favourite for me being a fan of horror in a huge way comes in the guise of Griffin Dunne, also known as Jack from An American Werewolf in London; appearing as Dr. Vass - a free living, Mexico based doctor that sets Ron on the good path.

You might of noticed I've tried to steer clear of any major plot points; and that's a conscious decision, as I went into Dallas Buyers Club having shielded myself from the majority of press about it and it's a luxury I hope many have had. Beautifully shot, thoughtfully plotted to memory inducing music and strung out along narrative lines that are so Hitchcockian feeling at times the sense of dread will envelope, enrapture you and deliver you to a new place of empathy and understanding. Well, if you're any kind of human being it will...and if Ron can, you can too.

Many thanks to Flicks.co.nz for the opportunity to see this wonderful piece of cinema on special preview release before it opens in New Zealand cinemas, today - 20th February 2014.

-One Take Kate-
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Absorbing acting makes up for a solid if unadventurous film

Conal-Thompson Nobody (?)

McConaughey may well have swiped an Oscar from DiCaprio, leaving him to be the bridesmaid yet again. Leto is also astounding and makes a character who is difficult to identify with very real, injecting a dose of humanity and likeability.

The film itself sticks to the conventions of the genre and does nothing adventurous with the story, which on its own would be a fault - yet by doing so it allowed these two brilliant characters room to absorb the audience in their stories without getting in the way.

As a film, it is solid yet not outstanding, but as an acting showcase it is truly remarkable. Highly recommended!


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Entertaining with Great Acting

Derek4 B-Grader (?)

I found the film entertaining and moving, The film highlight the sufferings of AID victims during the 1980's and the little support they got from the US govt. Those who managed to get hold of AZT won't so lucky at all as the drug was highly lethal to use in those days. McConaughey and Leto were magnificent in their performances. They truly deserve their Golden Globe awards and hope they go on to win the Oscars.


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A winner

Kwan A-Lister (?)

McConaughey truly gave his all for this role - his performance is hard to top and I say he deserves an Oscar for telling the story of Ron's courage, determination to live and showing us his charismatic personality. And I hope Leto wins big too at the Oscars - his portrayal of Rayon is splendid!


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Eye-opener with great performances

Ruth-Halkett B-Grader (?)

For a cast which I do not like at the best of times, I went to see this because of the hype about the performances. And I did not leave disappointed, McConaughey provides the performance of a lifetime, Leto deserves every accolade he'll get and then some, and even Jennifer Garner was bearably great.

My favourite aspect was that the transition of Ron from homophobic redneck cowboy to caring for his fellow AIDs victims and grieving for Rayon, was not overacted or trite at all, nor was it sentimental and sappy. The gritty realism, and the sad way that many of these people were treated by society, was all very well done.


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Solid film with great performances

Andrew-Cozens A-Lister (?)

Great film, McConaughey can do no wrong at the moment. Jared Leto was fantastic too, thoroughly deserved his Golden Globe award. Even Jennifer Gardner who i normally can't stand was pretty decent in this. I hadn't heard about these 'buyers clubs' during the early days of the AIDS crisis so found it really interesting. Does not fill you with confidence about big pharma.. i don't think much has changed sadly

Dallas Buyers Club

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