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Dear John, Movie

Dear John 2010

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A romance from the author of The Notebook and the director of Chocolat, starring Channing Tatum (Step Up) as John and Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia!) as Savannah. They are a couple in love, torn apart by John's duty to the US Army. More

John is a young soldier home on leave and Savannah is an idealistic college student who he falls for during her spring vacation (he dives into the sea to retrieve her purse). Over the next seven tumultuous years, the couple is separated by John's increasingly dangerous deployments – culminating in America’s call-to-arms after 9/11. Whilst meeting only sporadically, they stay in touch by sending a continuous stream of love letters – correspondence that eventually triggers fateful consequences. Hide

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James Croot Flicks Writer

While there's no questioning writer Nicholas Sparks' ability to boost Kleenex sales, cinematic adaptations of his work have been somewhat of a mixed bag. Whilst Message in a Bottle showcased Kevin Costner at his best, A Walk to Remember was a film to forget (save Mandy Moore) and Nights in Rodanthe seemed like an eternity in purgatory. Now just weeks after a tuneless Miley Cyrus gave us her last song, we have this love letter to the US Army and paean to the lost art of letter writing. More

Of course, there are some things you can always count on in a Sparks adaptation – sandy locations, star-crossed lovers and searing melodrama, all tied in a neat emotionally manipulative bow.

The script does a nice job of switching genders – despite what the trailer suggests, this is very much big-lug-of-the-week Tatum's (Step Up) film. He's the one with the anger issues, autistic father (an excellent Jenkins) and who boasts a mistress in the form of the military (amusing given his name, John Tyree, sounds almost exactly like a certain philandering English footballer).

Unfortunately that also means that the Winslet-lite Seyfried (Mamma Mia!) is left with an underwritten, too-perfect character that, like her Greek Abba-infused holiday, gives her little to do. Hide

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8 ratings and 9 reviews


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sad and happy

kelsey Nobody (?)

the movie is very superstious


comment / reply

Looks awesome

Bailey Gallagher Nobody (?)

Love the trailer. I have been trying to get tickets to this movie ever since I saw the add.


comment / reply

dear john

caitlin Nobody (?)

i think that if you like these type of movies then you will enjoy it. a helpful hint for all movies is expect the less and then the movie might seem to be good!


comment / reply

Channing was hot thats about it

BB Nobody (?)

Really Ruined me Expectation of the movie, was looking forward to a great movie yet almost fell asleep.

Notebook was way better i say


comment / reply

emotional and insightful

aaron Nobody (?)

after reading the books, this movie didnt disappoint, although there is a different ending. its very raw and emotional. Im a guy and im also in the army so i could easily relate. good alround film and good acting


comment / reply

Pretty bad

striped_tiger Wannabe (?)

This movie is not worth paying to see. I mean we were laughing in places were were probably supposed to be crying in...the father garnered more emotion from us than the relationship between the two leads.
So overall it was quite ridiculous and nowhere near the level of the notebook.


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omgs channin roxxxx!!!!1!

ChanningFannum66574 Nobody (?)

I loooove channing hes like my favourite actor slash model ahh this movie is actually really deep as wel tho like has a real strong emotional side JUST like channing in real life!!1 i wet my panties


comment / reply

Looks amazing.

Savannah Nobody (?)

Have just finished reading the book, and like every other Nicholas Sparks book I have read, it did not disappoint. Cannot wait for this movie. Must have: waterproof mascara & a box of tissues (:

Dear John

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Press Reviews

28% of critics recommend

Consensus: "Built from many of the same ingredients as other Nicholas Sparks tearjerkers, Dear John suffers from its cliched framework, as well as Lasse Hallstrom's curiously detached directing."

ROTTEN TOMATOES SCORE. Read more reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.
Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)

Dear John exists only to coddle the sentiments of undemanding dreamers, and plunge us into a world where the only evil is the interruption of the good. Full review.

Empire (UK)

A touching melodrama illuminated by a solid turn from Tatum. Full review.

Hollywood Reporter

The film, while heartfelt and directed by multiple-Oscar nominee Lasse Hallstrom, is dramatically stillborn. Full review.

New York Times

Dear John carefully distills selected elements of human experience and reduces them to a sweet and digestible syrup. It may not be strong medicine, but it delivers an effective, pleasing dose of pure sentiment and vicarious heartache. Full review.

NZherald.co.nz (Francesca Rudkin)

Fans of The Notebook will forgive this film its flaws Full review.

TV3 (Kate Rodger)

Dear John, oh how I hate to write. But write I must, and here I go. Full review.

tvnz.co.nz (Darren Bevan)

After the Notebook, Nights in Rodanthe and the Last Song, another Nicholas Sparks book makes its way to the big screen. Full review.

Variety (USA)

Ultimately, the story feels as if it's killing time before throwing the next hurdle at the couple. Full review.

ViewAuckland.co.nz (Matt Turner)

Disappointing, badly written and ultimately empty drama that fails to engage on an emotional level and only escapes one star ignominy because of the chemistry and likeability of its two leads. Full review.