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Fright Night 2011

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Remake of the 1985 comedy-horror classic about a teenager who suspects his neighbour is a vampire. Stars Anton Yelchin (Charlie Bartlett) and Colin Farrell (In Bruges). From the director of Lars and the Real Girl. More

Charley (Yelchin), having ditched his nerdy pal Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Fogell from Superbad), has finally cracked the cool group at school and scored a hottie (Imogen Poots, 28 Weeks Later) in the process. But when people in the neighbourhood start dying, Charley listens to Ed's theory: a vampire is responsible, and the vampire is spooky neighbour Jerry (Farrell). Unable to convince others of the truth, Charley takes it on himself to protect his friends and mum (Toni Collette, Little Miss Sunshine), and kill Jerry. Hide

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    What say you?

    • Yaman Kaytaz

      I like the Charlie Bartlet boy but the vampire guy sux..

    • lucas

      looks awesome finally a better vampire movie than twilight

    • steve

      I feel.....like that was the whole movie. Is good to see a movie where the vampires are baddies again though!

    • alex

      Colin Farrell hasn't looked that hot in a while. Love Anton Yelchin, will def see this

    • Community

      This is a comedy right..

    • Ed-Flicks

      @Community, yes, it's classified as a horror-comedy. The original was also a horror-comedy.

    • Chels

      I loved the orginial but this is totally different... not sure I like it.

    • Big Bang

      Irish Twilight.

    • shopqueen

      yes please ! bring it on down!

    • Smirre

      Another friggin' remake. Yawn.

    • roddy

      looks good but u can never b eat the original

    • Charlotte

      David Tennant! F*** YEAH!

    • Keisha

      This movie gonna be great to watch. Can't wait till it comes out at the cinemas.

    • missy

      did he google how to pick a lock??? lol i would watch this just for colin farell

    • TardisBlue

      The Doctor!

    • cameron1750

      I loved the original and this one has a Doctor in it...

    • Lollie

      I don't know why anyone would freak out!... The Doctors there! He'll look after you! XD

    • Angela-Dacombe

      looks good but seems a very soft twilight/true blood movie about vamps

    • Leroy

      Why do they even bother to try and remake old masterpieces!!

    • Tennant

      Finally the Doctor should get the chance to exterminate Edward Cullen1

    • slayer

      looks good to me, finally some decent vamps :-)

    • James

      A vampire movie that doesn't suck. Awesome.

    • asdf

      when he hit the car from the side i seriously fell off my chair :O

    • D F Stuckey

      I tend to loathe remakes . . . I'm willing to give this one a go :)

    • Berta

      WTH - better off watching the original its betta

    • reetz

      oh yeah, sooo wananc this, i know it will b just as gd as the original....

    • ashlee

      what rating is this it looks like a r 13?? am i right

    • TUII

      I LIKE IT !

    • BrionyJae

      Going to see it for Anton Yelchin and David Tennant, not for the lame vampire plot... xD

    • iwatch

      hopefully roddy wont be turning in his grave


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Matt Glasby Flicks Writer

Neither a complete clanger, nor a lost classic, Tom Holland’s 1985 vampire-next-door flick is the latest inexplicable entry on Hollywood’s recycling list. Set in a Las Vegas housing estate of such crushing uniformity it could use a little vamping up, Craig Gillespie’s snazzy 3D update begins with local kids going missing from school. Charlie (Yelchin), his girlfriend, Amy (Poots), and nerdy tag-along Ed (Mintz-Plasse) suspect it’s something to do with Charlie’s neighbour, Jerry (Farrell). “That’s a terrible name for a vampire,” says Charlie sagely, but can he stop Mr Creepy from shagging his mum (Collette) – or worse?

First and foremost among Fright Night 2011’s assets are its talented players, most of them auslanders pretending to be American. Yelchin (Russian) has an engaging outsider charm, Poots (English) has balls to spare and when Mintz-Plasse takes a – literal – early bath the film really misses him. Farrell (Irish), meanwhile, enjoys himself immensely as a preening sex-pest gibbering on about how “ripe” Amy is. It’s not a scary performance (“ripe” is the word), but you definitely wouldn’t want him dating your sister.

Although the murky visuals (“The whole house looks like that show, Dark Shadows,” notes Charlie) stop the 3D scenes zinging off the screen, there’s a whizzy car chase and some well-choreographed kills – enough, in short, to complement the performances and put this among the more entertaining re-workings of recent years. Next up Puppet Master 11?

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10 ratings and 12 reviews


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morgana1972 Flicks Superstar (?)

Ok lets be realistic, top 5 worst Feature films of 2011 & the winner is.. Fright YAWN Night Yep it's that BAD!! why 5 stars you ask & why the SNAZZY Heading? To make you say YEAH RIGHT! This review has been Bought you by TUI


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Not for the over thinkers

Chubblebubble Nobody (?)

Haha really liked this film haha it was good for a laugh but you wouldn't want to over analyse it as i'm sure you could find flaws but really enjoyed but the 3d kind of a waste of time and a waste of money for the extra cost of 3d but still a great film Two thumbs up


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Lizann-Dewsbury Nobody (?)

Loved it, a little slow to start but it is one of the few movies that had me laughing at one point but dead quiet with suspense in others. Would recomend to all


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Was it meant to be scary? I thought it was hilarious!

Daphne-Carvalho A-Lister (?)

Blah start, until we meet Jerry the un-neighbourly vampire. David Tennant is brilliant as the reluctant, Peter Vincent, Vampire Slayer. Charlie is just as cute here as the geeky "kid" as he was in Star Trek. Funny movie on the whole. I enjoyed it. It was a waste of time in 3D tho. Don't think the movie exploited it.


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Frightfully good remake.

Andy-Mowbray Nobody (?)

For those who even know of the original film you will be pleased to hear this is actually quite good fun. Sure, it doesn't have the great Roddy Mcdowall or Stephen Geoffreys' hilarious portrayal of the character Evil but what it does have is a strong cast of modern actors who are clearly enjoying themselves.
Colin Farrell and David Tennant are particularly in fine, hammy form and its refreshing to see Farrell in a less precious role for a change.
In terms of the story thankfully its not a complete rehash of the original rather an adaptation so should please those who feel their childhood may have been highjacked.
All in all an enjoyable film and a refreshing horror flick in the recent trend of slasher/gore style horrors that have been on offer.


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Not bad

Sarah29 Flicks Superstar (?)

David Tennant was brilliant in the role of Peter Vincent, the vampire killing/Las Vegas magician extraordinaire and he really "made the movie". Overall Fright Night was entertaining and fun, but had the unfortunate aspect of being a remake of a brilliant original which I couldn't help comparing it to and wasn't as good as.


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Entertaining enough!

Ys-Tan A-Lister (?)

Entertainng enough movie with just the right amount of comedy and action to it. David Tennant as Peter Vincent was brilliant though the other actors boost the script too!


comment / reply

Blood Thirsty

Cameron-Cook Nobody (?)

A must see movie this halloween.Full of blood and vampires with a bit of comedy here and there. Great cast involved especially David Tennant who plays Peter Vincent. Four Stars!


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Thank God for David Tennant

LizLemon Wannabe (?)

David Tennant was really the only reason I wanted to see this, and he was brilliant. Not a bad film, but nothing amazing either.


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Thanks Flicks, Thicks

steveisatree Flicks Superstar (?)

As a frequent connoisseur of Flicks free movie nights I have to say thanks. They make me pleased as punch.

As for the film. It was pretty good as mindless entertainment. Plus David Tennant is brilliant. However the characters were shallow and bland.


  • Graeme-Hart

    Nooooooo. I forgot to give this a star rating - 4 stars :)

  • LizLemon

    I totally agree with you about the 3D. Those things start hurting your head after a while.

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Press Reviews

A.V. Club (USA)

The film's greatest pleasures come from Noxon's script - which puts the sexual chaos created by Farrell's attractive bloodsucker front and center - and from the performances. Full review.

Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)

As in the earlier film, this one dances always at the edge of comedy. It especially has fun with the Rules of Vampire Behavior. Full review.

Empire (UK)

Funny and scary - and sometimes both at once - it lives up to the original, even if it fails to surpass it. Full review.

Entertainment Weekly (USA)

It ends up getting a surprising number of things right. Full review.

Guardian (UK)

An entertaining remake of the mid-80s vampire movie that, unlike the original, hasn't got one scary moment in it. Full review.

Hollywood Reporter

A steady supply of spiky humor and a game cast keep this cooking most of the way, though the pacing could have been tighter and the film seems as if it's about to end two or three times before it actually does. Full review.

New York Times

The old "Fright Night" was both self-aware and effectively scary, and if this one seems to prefer gruesome digital effects to old-fashioned bump-in-the-night spookiness, it still succeeds in keeping the audience both tickled and anxious. Full review.

Total Film (UK)

Slick popcorn horror, faithful to the fun and flair of the original. The 3D works, the cast appeals, the action’s fast (but not so frightening). A decent remake – it just needs more bite. Full review.