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Greenberg, Movie

Greenberg 2010

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From the director of The Squid and the Whale and Margot at the Wedding, Noah Baumbach, comes the tale of Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller), a dysfunctional 40-year-old who moves from New York to L.A. to housesit for his brother and try and sort his life out. More

Once settled, Greenberg meets up with his old friend and former bandmate Ivan (Rhys Ifans). But times have changed, and old friends aren’t necessarily good friends, so Greenberg finds himself spending more and more time instead with his brother’s personal assistant Florence (Greta Gerwig), an aspiring singer. As their relationship develops through a series of embarrassingly awkward romantic encounters, even someone as irascible as Greenberg might have at last found a reason to be happy. Hide

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