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Ip Man: The Final Fight, Movie

Ip Man: The Final Fight 2013

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Continuation of the Ip Man martial arts series. Following director Yau's The Legend is Born (2010) which chonicled Ip Man's youth, The Final Fight picks up the grandmaster of Wing Chun's later years in 1950s Hong Kong. What begins as a simple challenge soon reluctantly draws the legend into the dark and dangerous underworld of the Triads. More

"Begins with an elderly Ip Man (Anthony Wong) returning from a visit by his most famous student, Bruce Lee, recently back from Hollywood, where he has become an international star. In flashback, we are transported back to the early 1950s, where the Foshan native is teaching wing chun to a close knit group of students... While his students tend to his daily needs, Ip becomes smitten by a sultry young club singer (Zhu Chouchou), for whom the feeling is mutual. However, violence inevitably intervenes and forces Ip Man out of retirement. First, he must square off against the master of a rival school (Eric Tsang), but the film builds to the clash of the title, against infamous Walled City gangster, Dragon (Hung Yan Yan)." (TwitchFilm) Hide

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Aaron Yap Flicks Writer

After Wilson Yip’s exhilarating biopic of Wing Chun practitioner Ip Man came out in 2008, it unleashed a craze to milk the mythic persona of the martial arts master - best known as Bruce Lee’s mentor - for all its worth. More

A lesser sequel was released in 2010, with another on the way (in 3D!) to complete the Donnie Yen-starring trilogy. Meanwhile, there’s Wong Kar-wai’s long-delayed The Grandmaster, Herman Yau’s prequel Ip Man: The Legend is Born and this, Yau’s sequel-to-all-sequels, which focuses on the last decade or so of Man’s life in post-war Hong Kong.

Played with weathered, stoic composure by Anthony Wong, who’s reuniting with Yau for the first time since their notorious 1993 sickie The Untold Story, this elderly Ip Man doesn’t possess Yen’s ice-cold limb-snappin’ agility, but Wong sure can fight, and perhaps more significantly, is a better actor overall.

A number of memorable set-pieces are sprinkled throughout the somewhat choppy narrative, including a wicked lion dance battle, Wong’s highly touted encounter with Eric Tsang as the poetry-reading teacher from the White Crane school, and a thrilling rain-swept showdown in the crime-ridden Walled City. But the film shouldn’t be taken as an out-and-out kung fu flick - it’s decidedly a heartwarming, nostalgia-drenched time capsule of ‘50s-’60s Hong Kong.

Ip Man: The Final Fight isn’t a total knockout, but it’s a satisfying enough closing chapter to grandmaster Man’s influential life, especially recommended if you enjoyed the underrated Gallants (i.e. watching ageing masters kicking ass). Hide

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Ip Man: The Final Fight

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Enjoyable enough, this colorfully local, nostalgia-tinged tale focuses on the Hong Kong years of an older, gentlemanly kung fu master. Full review.

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