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Love Birds, Movie

Love Birds 2011

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New Zealand romantic comedy, from the director of Second Hand Wedding, that tells the story of a regular bloke on a quest to find true love – all with the help of a native New Zealand shelduck. Stars Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords) and Sally Hawkins (Made in Dagenham). More

The happy and predictable life of Doug (Darby) - a road working 'every-man' and massive fan of the legendary band Queen - falls to pieces when his long-term girlfriend suddenly dumps him. He's gutted. But when an injured Paradise Shelduck (Pierre) crash-lands on his roof, Doug is compelled to nurse the duck back to health. He meets Holly (Hawkins) - a sassy animal specialist - and so begins his journey on the rocky road to love... Hide

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    • RgBl

      Yesss it's got David Fane. Love that guy.

    • amanda

      the trailer is so cute! rhys is a cool leading man.

    • GJS

      This film is atrocious! Acting, script and direction are so heavy handed. Ashamed to be a New Zealander. Shame shame shame

    • shifty

      great film. Really enjoyed it.

    • Melissa

      I'm going to see it tomorrow and I can't wait. Love the Darbinator!!! Wee nickname I gave him :)

    • Sarah

      I love Rhys. :) Rangaz all the way! Am going to see it with my friends - So excited!!!

    • bruce

      saw it last night. not one laff from crowd. avoid this turkey like the (bird) plague

    • Wookie

      If you don't have a girlfriend don't go. If you do, don't expect to get 'any' afterwards. It's too wholesome.

    • Kobe

      Rather eat my own feet

    • Rory

      Saw Rhys live. Hilarious guy. Looks like a great movie.

    • rich

      excellent funny movie

    • patsy

      boring, the scenery is so false, just painted back drops, acting poor

    • mez

      nightmare film in every way. avoid it!!!!!!!!

    • Honest Review

      Have you noticed that any time someone writes and honest review on here they get trolled?

    • Bell-Bellz

      Sounds awesome. Both those actors are excellent and the idea of using a native NZ duck is hilarious. And as a Queen fan... well... :)

    • Lame Duck

      Lame duck sinks without a trace at the box office.

    • giggling dribble

      coming soon to a communal tv lounge in a dementia unit near you...

    • razza

      loved it!

    • Samantha

      Rhys Darby and Sally Hawkins are the Cutest On-screen Couple Ever!!

    • rachael k

      looks like an interesting movie .. ooh look theres a big LOGO!~ haha

    • Jess

      Cracked up the whole time, loved it.

    • Mel

      Some really smart and funny lines. Rhys Darby makes this film.

    • Mike

      Loved it. Great fun and great to see an NZ film that is just plain enjoyable. Watch it, you will end up smiling and feeling good about life.


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  • chris

    What a sad guy.

  • james

    He's just being honest. I wish others would too.

  • amanda

    The film is not bad - its hammy and cheesy, but its charming. Why no mention of the amazing Sally Hawkins? Easily the stand out.

  • pauline

    if anything, the reveiwer is too charitable to this turkey...like most local film critics

  • Kat

    I think Andreas was being too kind. This movie was a turd. Big fat one.

  • GStuff

    He's not really wrong, it's almost kind. This movie isn't without it's charm but let's be honest - it's just not that good a romcom.

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Andreas Heinemann Flicks Writer

Local boy made good Rhys Darby scores his first feature film lead role in the latest kiwi rom-com, and he’s brought a host of ‘world famous in New Zealand’ actors with him. Those more accustomed to his zanier Flight of the Conchords persona may find his turn as an everyday battler jarring, though the more low key character accurately reflects a film that more successfully warms the heart than splits your sides.

There is the occasional laugh to be had, but unfortunately just as many of the one-liners and gags miss the mark. On the other hand, the love story between the lead characters is solid throughout, building well to the final bold romantic gesture that is the film’s climax. A lot of the credit for this should go to Sally Hawkins as Darby’s love interest. She’s probably the least familiar face to local audiences, but she’s great at convincingly expressing doubt and uncertainty over the relationship that keeps the story from becoming too sickly sweet. The Queen soundtrack is nice too.

Unfortunately, everything else about the film seems too sanitized to be truly memorable. This gives it a wider appeal, but at the same time you wish certain elements could’ve been pushed further and not played so safe. It’ll send you home happy enough; just don’t expect a laugh riot.

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Ponyboy A-Lister (?)

I like Rhys Darby but this film is really bad. Like, really REALLY bad. I was cringing all the way through it and i watched it on the plane and the air hostess asked me if I was feeling sick.


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Diane-D Nobody (?)

Great NZ film. Enjoyed the movie.


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Heena Nobody (?)

Awesome kiwi movie, very funny and great acting from Rhys Darby.


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Great to see Kiwi films

bigspendakev Flicks Superstar (?)

You wont see Rhys being his over the top silly self but another well told Kiwi film with lots of good laughs and the duck is a brilliant actor bravo


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I liked it!

Matt-Kirby B-Grader (?)

Just saw it today, started slowly but finished strongly. Would recommend :)


  • adult human

    'the small details were amazing like all of the Queen songs interspersed at relevant intervals'. yup, subtle as a tsunami

  • I see you

    This couldn't be more obviously fake even if it had opened with... I do PR for this movie but I'm pretending to be a punter.

  • BrionyJae

    Errr, actually, I'm just a Rhys Darby fan xD I wish I were getting paid for writing flattering reviews, but sadly I'm still a poor student!

  • BrionyJae

    Oh, and I actually meant small detailed the way the songs related to the moment in the movie, not that the music was subtle/unnoticable...

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Rhys Darby Rocks!

BrionyJae Flicks Superstar (?)

I didn't know what to expect when I heard this was a Kiwi film - but GOSH it was brilliant! Very funny depiction of the typical Kiwi life, and the quirky role of the duck just made it ten times better. The small details were amazing, like all of the Queen songs interspersed at relevant intervals, and all the little things that makes us Kiwi :) Very funny, much better than your average Chick Flick!


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just not that funny

Freemansbayer Wannabe (?)

Sally Hawkins is good. Sound track is good. And yes, Auckland looks pretty good too. But the script is just not that strong and funny moments were few and far between. We were somewhat bored.


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Worth a watch to make you happy

Ken-Burns Flicks Superstar (?)

Don't take it seriously. Rhys Darby as a normal person(with a good haircut) is beaten to the MVP of the movie by Sophie Hawkins. Auckland looks good in the aerial shots and anything that provokes a laugh is worth catching


  • Well done PR!

    You managed to write a fake post without mentioning Auckland's scenery. Top marks for trying!

  • Imperfecto!

    wtf is 'the good spirit of kiwi stereotype'?The Marketing Dept called- they're querying yr cv

  • ANP

    I like the stereotype of kiwi blokes who act dumb and stupid.. not entirely kiwi but close enough. Also the Maori accent. laid back style

  • ANP

    Yeah I didn't really pay much attention to setting.. since it's in Nz anyway

  • Are you kidding?

    If this review is from a real person I'll eat my hat. COME ON. She cried in THIS moive?! on a FIRST DATE?! hahah what BS

  • PAN

    lets assume ANP is an acronym for 'A Natural Publicist'. what paying punter would describe this as 'amazing'? honestly...

  • ANP

    ... Lol well it made my day anyway. Maybe not amazing but yea. I AM REAL D:

  • BrionyJae

    Clearly there are some cynics among us... what's so terrible about this film?? Besides, everyone has different tastes...!

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Perfecto! For first dates

ANP Nobody (?)

I saw this not only hours ago on my first date with a wonderful girl and it was amazing. We went to the Rialto and it turns out they weren't screening the movie we wanted to see so we went to Hoytz but we didn't want to see any of the films that were on, so we comprimised to watching this film back at the Rialto.. I must say it was great for a first date film because it really gets into what relationships are and what it may end up like.

There were really happy moments, some funny moments and some very sad ones (to which she cried to) and it was just the bee's knees (whatever that means). They even used at least 4 different Queen's songs who we both loved. I thought this film would be like those American Rom-coms but it was truly different as their was a duck and the good spirit of kiwi stereotype.

It was awkward as he meets a girl and they go on first dates and end up kissing, which made me feel uneasy just cause it was our first date and I like her and she likes me.. It could almost seem like a good thing, the awkwardness, maybe an ice-breaker. Brilliant acting and screen play.

Unfortunately I was too shy to put my arm around her in those really emotional scenes.. :(


  • Mez

    I forgot to add, if you want to see a better film, go see my latest short film, my mum gave it a 5.

  • ANP

    Depends if you're a sensitive person or not really.

  • ANC

    nah, it more depends if your taste is more devleoped than either a child or a granny.

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  • spoiler

    fake review from publicist

  • Rhy's mum

    (not really Rhy's mum) I loved this film.

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love birds, loved it

Jade-Francis Flicks Superstar (?)

Rhys Darby is awesome, this film does make him very hot as well. It was an awesome funny film for NZ, i think everyone played there parts well in the movie. An Awesome film :-D


  • Helen

    Don't bother to pay to see this film - unless you are 10 years old...very slow, 'cheesy' and only character worth watching was the duck.

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Queen? Then turn the Volume UP - and full throttle the pace!

Faafetai A-Lister (?)

Our mate Doug was a tad too Doug actually. A kiwi Queen fan just can't be that useless...wheres the air guitar scene...instead of dancing at the pub to Queen - why isn't it Queen Kareoke Night...forego the lipsynch at the end...and put all in as a Kareoke Comp instead of a Quiz Comp / dancing bit. A Quiz Comp? And wheres the sex scene? Hes a Queen fan dammit! Admittedly, hes face down on the bottom - with Sally Hawkins asleep draped beautifully atop - but hes a Queen fan - and thats funny - one shot: cool, sexy, funny, Queen. A film that had lots of potential, a co-production with Icon / Eyeworks / NZFC - it didn't lack for anything - 3 Stars because of its potential - next time, put the foot down - and bust the speakers - and sex - for two more stars...I mean to say if hes got a fuzzy duck and a beer - then he should lay an egg eh? Sorry Sally - premature film projection. Bye.


  • Fake Review


  • Sarah

    why do you say this movie review is fake?

  • Why is it fake?

    Storyline? Appreciation foe NZ film? Good cast? What kind of 15yr old talks like this?

  • NCEA

    15 year olds have had at least 2 years of writing essays about movies. Terms like story line/plot etc are normal for them.

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A good see.

BoonzRu Nobody (?)

I am 15 and i really loved this film. I didnt laugh at some of the jokes but the story line was very cute and harmless. I think you need to go into the film with a positive attitude and appreciation for New Zealand movies. They also had a good cast. :)


  • nanu

    ya why not:(

comment / reply

Slow start - but was enjoying thoroughly by the end

blacknaf A-Lister (?)

First up - great views of Auckland - good advertisement for NZ overseas! Not as funny as I had expected, but then it was good to see Rhys Darby playing a reasonably serious role - great acting all round really. I would recommend to others to see - good entertainment.


  • G. Preston

    for those expecting a laugh out loud comedy ...you will be disapoiinted" um-so y 4 stars?

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Good New Zealand film

Jamesamillion Nobody (?)

I really enjoyed this film. If your a fan of fast paced or action then give it a miss. Good story, romantic comedy. has enough humour for the genre. for those expecting a laugh out loud comedy because of rhys, you will be disapointed, but he does a good job being an everyday man. A New Zealand film to be proud of. I look forward to seeing it again.


  • Rex

    finally, a kiwi film not dark and depressing (like BOY or SIONE'S WEDDING or 2ND HAND WEDDING).

  • Stas

    chick flick? what were you smoking Bex?

  • Ella

    Wasnt really a chick flick...

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Classic Kiwi Chick Flick!!!!!

Bex Nobody (?)

Finally a kiwi film that is not dark or depressing. Totally enjoyed it.

Go Rhys as well!!!! You make nerds sexy lol.....

The best Kiwi chick flick ever made!!


  • dude

    i guess the day didnt go well..

  • Genius

    Hear hear!

  • ffdsa


  • graeme

    yeah, about NZ made a formulaic, cliched, by the numbers, unfunny weak rom com. Yup.

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About time NZ made this film

Rob M Nobody (?)

I watched this film on Valentines Day with my gf and we both loved it. Rhys is great and while he is not 'Murray' in this film, he nonetheless had both of us hooked into the story enjoying his take on life and love in NZ.

The duck was classic, i have no idea how they trained it, but it was as flawless as one of those Disney animal films.

Looking at some of the negative reviews i wonder whether these people went to the same movie? (or if they are just the seriously jaded types) I want to a session in Newmarket and everyone loved it.

Overall, it is a gentle and subtle film about life and love in NZ. Well worth watching.


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Katrina S Nobody (?)

My boyfriend and I went and saw this film on Valentines day, I found it very entertaining and throughly enjoyed the film!! Made me very proud to be a Kiwi and a Aucklander! :)


  • ross

    totally agree about the amount of fake reviews clogging this 'peoples review' section. shameless p.r. to be taken with an avalanche of salt

  • Kendo

    Forgot to add that I am a student film maker and would make a much better film where I would play all the parts.


    I did write that last comment. Thanks troll.

  • elaghf


comment / reply

Love Turds

Kendo Nobody (?)

Years ago my boyfriend and I went to an advance screening of Stickmen. It was great lots of laugher and action and a standing ovation at the end so when we saw this was writen by the same guy we went to the Valentines screening. I don't know what one you others saw but their wasn't any laughs or satnding ovation at ours. It was lame. The jokes were almost funny in parts but there was so much talking to the bird. what happened to the writer? time to retire. and BTW if I want to look at heaps of pretty pictures of Auckland I
'll by a postcard. some of these reviews are totally fake they sound like they're written by the studio. this is real. watch an episode of Go Girls it's pretty much the same. but funnier.


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Lovebirds - great Kiwi flick!

Odette Nobody (?)

I went to the Valentines Day preview of Lovebirds at the Rialto with my 16 year daughter and her friend. The movie was great! A feel-good, all Kiwi movie, great music, simple but enjoyable story line, one where you came away smiling. Lots of laughter, it was great to be in a theatre full of people laughing. Auckland was showcased as the beautiful city that it is. Enjoyable Q & A with Rhys Darby after. I'll be recommending this movie to friends!

Good one Rhys, and Pierre, you rock!



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just not very entertaining, funny

Sara Nobody (?)

I went to the same St Valentine's event, and I thought the crowd was pretty luke warm. So was I. Parts of it were really bad, the odd part was good, but the vast bulk was just 'blah'. Just really mundane. I was vaguely interested I guess, no where near entertained. Some parts were bad enough I just wanted to hide my face in my hands though. I guess the disagreements about it are a matter of taste, and I hope the film does well. It might do okay in NZ, but I really can't see it succeeding overseas. If you lower your expectations to rock bottom, you might find it to be alright. Rhys is good at points, but the script and the direction really let him down. I really can't understand how people could be giving it 5 star reviews, to be honest. Patriotism?


comment / reply


Jake Nobody (?)

Went to a charity fundraiser featuring this film. If it wasnt for the couple of wines i had pre-movie i don't think i would have lasted. Weak story line, poor acting, dry humour... this is one for the oldies!


  • Teddy B Warm

    So, am I to understand that you took extacy before hand. Aka- a happy pill. This helped? Interesting. It helped make it not such tourture

comment / reply

An independent and honest opinion...We LOVED IT!

Jo Nobody (?)

Honestly, the people who gave "Love Birds" negative reviews urgently need a prescription of happy pills!! My boyfriend & I attended the St Valentines Day preview at the Rialto in Newmarket, and we LOVED the movie (FYI - I paid for the tickets so my opinion is completely independent). The event was well run and the nearly-capacity crowd all stayed on and enjoyed the Q/A with Rhys Darby afterwards. Yes, there was also much laughter in the theatre and an ovation at the end of the movie! "Love Birds" is a delightfully refreshing, humourous and lovingly crafted kiwi movie. Rhys also makes a gorgeously geeky leading man supported by an awesome cast! A must see and on my list of "best" NZ movies ever. Well done to all!


  • Mike

    so Queen gets it 4 stars. you couldn't just listen to the CD without the silly pictures?

comment / reply

I enjoyed it

Sarah Nobody (?)

Not much of a Rhys Darby fan - but really enjoyed this movie. I am a big Queen fan so I really loved the music!


  • Jordan

    People have different tastes - get over it. I, for one, loved Love Birds

  • jess

    You 'for one, loved it'? I 'for one' hated it. get over yrself, Jordan, how old are you? 5?

comment / reply

hmmm...something smells fishy

jess Nobody (?)

so we get four peoples reviews panning LOVE BIRDS, then all of a sudden-boom! a four star and a FIVE STAR (i.e. an unassailable classic cinema masterpiece)review. Its pretty obvious that either the filmakers or the distributor are trolling the board, panicking at the honest reviews.

Saw LOVE BIRDS last night, the valentines day aud desperately wanted to enjoy it, they were behind it, but the encouraging initial giggles vanished once the triteness of the film kicked in. Its weak, flat, try-hard, doesnt work as a rom-com. its got zero flavor- like its aimed at a bland international market of tv sales. there was a silent, tired collective sigh of 'at last-lets go' from the aud once the end credits started.

(hey, 'k'..i'd love to know the location of the cinema where the entire aud was ERUPTING into laughter throughout. Seriously, which town? cinema?)


  • Matthew

    if LOVE BIRDS makes you proud to be a kiwi, god help the nation

comment / reply

Proud to be a kiwi...

chris Nobody (?)

As a kiwi and avid movie goer who has spent last few years in the States I wasn't expecting much from the Lovebirds. But unlike some of the reviewers I laughed my way through it. Not to mention being moved by the simple love story. Thought the Lovebirds had all the goods. Great characters even the duck, good story, loved the music and show cased Auckland city scenery as being world class. Enjoy this one kiwis. Well done...


  • Ella

    It was a funny and moving flick. I recommend. Plus the duck is cute.

comment / reply


Jamie Nobody (?)

The most entertaining NZ film I have seen to date.
Rhys Darby filled the lead role well, as a believable average kiwi bloke, with the script providing plenty of laughs.
A must see!


  • Ella

    IKR It was quack-up

comment / reply

Loving Love Birds!

K Nobody (?)

Weird Reviews!!! Watched this last night... I Loved this movie and the WHOLE cinema was erupting into Laughter at times with plenty of laughs the whole way through, not sure where the people were sitting who weren't laughing?
Was unsure how Ryse would come across playing a leading man in a more serious role but we think he did a great job, funny and believable.
Well worth a watch, great Kiwi film!


  • Dave the birdman

    Did we see the same film?! Love Birds was awesome!!!

comment / reply


James Nobody (?)

Saw this yesterday, and I was terribly let down. I can imagine how someone thought the idea of using a duck, as comic device would make for a fresh and funny movie, but in the end it was weak crutch that made an even weaker script a hard watch - and even worse it never made me laugh.

Darby is a good character actor, but he doesn't have the screen presence to have a career as a leading man. It hasn't happened for him in Hollywood, and after seeing this is sure as hell won't be happening now.

It's been a bad year for NZ films with one flop after another and unfortunately "Love Birds" will just be added to the list.

Where has all the talent gone? We need another Taika!


comment / reply


Andy Nobody (?)

Nice home grown feel. Enjoyable gentle humour and feel good. The low key style worked for us. Enjoyed on Valentines day.


comment / reply

Could have been better

Charlie Nobody (?)

This was just such a bad movie. Whole thing. Awful. If the actors had not been sitting right behind me I would have left after 10 minutes. Best part of the movie is the lip sinking during the credits.


  • Trace

    I was at the premiere too! Lots of laughing, the audience loved it. There's a troll on here!

  • Trace's brain

    so anyone who doesnt laugh at LOVE BIRDS is a troll? Um..saw it last nite, only 1 lonely sod out of the 30 in the aud laughed. true.

comment / reply

Save your money!

Jimbo Nobody (?)

I agree with JJ. All accept for 2 stars. Went to the premiere and no one around us was laughing. Dull script which just has loads and loads of talk. Terrible acting - especially the kid. I can't understand how we can make a movie like Boy and then turn out a souless piece of junk like this. Save your money.


comment / reply


JJ Nobody (?)

Hmm... rereading that review I seemed a little harsh. Sorry :/ Did give it 2 stars instead of 1 at least...


comment / reply

I hate to say it but...

JJ Nobody (?)

This was really bad. Just simply amateur a lot of the time. Bad acting, obvious script, cliche story, very few laughs. Boring. Sally Hawkins is great though. Rhys is okay, but he has the most dull character to play. But it really just shows up how amateur virtually everything else about this film is. You just simply can't get involved with the story.

It was kinda cute to have bad acting and mistakes in Second Hand Wedding, because it was forgiveable and almost endearing. Here, it's just cringeworthy. I just don't understand how it happened.

The duck hardly even does anything. May as well not have even been in there.

Oh yeah, and 32 shots of the Auckland Harbour Bridge and Sky Tower has to be the WORST, MOST OBVIOUS way to bring out the character of Auckland City. Hell, Shortland Street does it better.

Really, really disappointing.


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Trailer is awesome!

Anna Nobody (?)

AND it has a Sikh dude in it! Can't wait to watch it although it seems fairly predictable.


  • DUHHHHHH.....

    i've looked at tge LOVE BIRDS poster and give it 5 stars! looking fwd to rating the trailer....

comment / reply

comment / reply

just great

CHERYL Nobody (?)

We know about Ducks, and every thing that goes with them.

Love Birds

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