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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, Movie

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol 2011

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No Plan. No Backup. No Choice.

Tom Cruise returns in the fourth entry to the Mission: Impossible franchise, shot across Dubai, Prague, Moscow, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Vancouver. More

After wrongly accusing Ethan Hunt (Cruise) for the terrorist bombing of the Kremlin, the President initiates 'Ghost Protocol' causing the immediate termination of the entire IMF agency. Forced to go rogue, Ethan teams up with a bunch of fellow IMF fugitives in order to clear his name and prevent another attack.

Newbies to the series include Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) and director Brad Bird, the animated movie giant (The Iron Giant, The Incredibles) making his live-action feature debut. Hide

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257 votes / 58 comments The Talk

  • 78 %

    Want to See it

    What say you?

    • Jonesie

      Cruise = Bomb. Lame

    • yes

      seen it... loved it!!!!

    • jessie

      jeremy renners the only reason 2 watch it

    • clabe

      I want to eat this up

    • Mark

      Another brain-dead action movie that I hope to enjoy. :)

    • Jnr

      as long as we they don't do slow-mo's of Cruz walking with his poofy hair then it shouldn't suck!lol

    • Darryn

      I want to see it but because of the support cast only

    • Fiona-Sole

      Looks like the head stunt man put tom in all his favorite stunts and the rest is pretty pictures in between. stil wana see it though!

    • Craig

      Go Tom - ignore the haters

    • billy

      very nice

    • chris

      love it

    • Dan


    • Matt

      Go Simon Pegg!

    • berta

      go MI cant wait to see this movie

    • clararar

      Will be interesting to see if Simon Pegg can pull off a serious role. Also, am surprised the token girl-spy isn't Zoe Saldana!

    • luke

      bad ass..!

    • MY NAME

      just go see it for Paula Patton, smokin hot

    • trudie

      awesome - tom back to his best!

    • manav

      lets just agree we are watchin it for simon pegg

    • Jessie Mao

      wow....its nothing new

    • Jessie Mao

      wow..nothing new...nothin old

    • Devinkatsumoto

      this looks like ur mum on a sunday morning after a long nite at work at k rd.... which means i like

    • Lil

      This looks mean as!

    • lol


    • Tartlette

      these seem to be improving as they go, hoping this one tops the 3rd

    • Lala

      I think they got it right this time!

    • Bub

      love it love it, can't wait

    • megan

      Why do they keep trying to make Tom Cruise a sex symbol? He's a gross little man with hair plugs.

    • sam1

      Patton is smoking hot, more shots of her please

    • Bub

      CAN'T WAIT

    • Sam V

      Turn it up LOUD and enjoy the pop corn. IMAX will be the way to watch this one.

    • Sarah29

      Looks like every cliche action sequence ever done, rolled into one move. No thank you!

    • metoo

      who doesn't love cliche's and Mr Pegg? Bring it on!

    • alibalibee

      yep, going to see it

    • simon

      Tom Cruise is NOT Jack Reacher- which has nothing to do with this trailer but still seeing his smug face angers me,

    • Maverick

      Not sure, mmm maybe

    • reetz

      actually looks good...

    • Dave

      Hell yea

    • MDR

      His Shortness strikes again!! Haven't seen the others - won't see this one.

    • Matangaro

      the guy from dagron tattoo very good in taylor luatners movie ,simon pegg haha but this,like j c reily & ryan rendnals doing serious

    • rob

      imax all the way.... looks great....

    • Jess

      Looks awesome! Can't wait to see this =)

    • Tim Rider

      LOL the loser cant even spell fourth what a joke

    • spelldrite

      is it the "forth" movie in the franchise as in "go forth mission impossible?"

    • JABAHA

      Oh year baby - but wish that Tom Cruise wasn't the hero - can't stand him any more

    • kian

      OMG, me and my friend jack can't wait to see this 2mrrw. 1st day its's out! :)

    • RealityCheck

      Seen it,worth a watching an of cos it follows the same as the previous MI flicks. Great opening (lookd like end) titles. Not bad :-)

    • GoonerD

      Great stunts, great story, great visuals. Great watch. Now how do I get the Apple eye application?

    • Jade

      This movie is awesome saw it on friday full of action i would totally recomend this to young people

    • sandy

      wanna c it

    • nick

      looks awesome

    • steve

      going tonight

    • Kevin

      We're goin

    • MaryanneSaufoi

      Worth a look, TV Show does it better. One of the better movies in the Series

    • Kathy-Tamatea

      Worthy addition to the series, scenes on the Burj Khalifa take the breath away.

    • The X Files 3

      or at least play the first an the second movie to attract new fans to the epic oddysey , THE TRUTH IS STILL OUT THERE...................


    Want to see it?


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Andrew Hedley Flicks Writer

The fourth impossible mission, a stand-alone entry with minimal ties to previous instalments, is a lean, effective action flick. Far more entertaining than the latest Bond, the focus here emphasises the team aspect of the original television series. More

Not that Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (real name, no kidding) is a minor player. This is very much his show (especially during the lose-your-stomach IMAX sequences scaling the world’s tallest building, in which he apparently did his own stunts). Surrounding him in the field, however, is a solid ensemble of espionage: the amusing Simon Pegg, the sexy Paula Patton and the mysterious Jeremy Renner.

Director Brad Bird, making his live-action debut after the fantastic Pixar hits The Incredibles and Ratatouille, stages simple yet effective chase scenes, fist-fights, break outs and break ins. An Incredibles-eque score from Michael Giacchino keeps the mood buoyant, while a tight edit keeps proceedings tense and engaging.

Sure, the villain is a bit weak and there isn’t much re-watch value, but I found Ghost Protocol to be a fun night at the cinema. It gets the basics right, isn’t over-ambitious and the plot (albeit thin) keeps ticking forward with setbacks for the team around every corner. I wouldn’t be averse to seeing another outing with the same team in a few years’ time. Hide

The People's Reviews


8 ratings and 8 reviews


comment / reply

Good action flick

Tester Nobody (?)

Would recommend to anyone. Saw this in IMAX, the scenes with him on the skyscraper were tough to watch!


comment / reply

Seriously underwhelming

clararar Flicks Superstar (?)

Having seen the other 3 MI films, this one was seriously pretty average, lacking the novelty value of the first while not being quite as much of a train-wreck as the third. So I was completely gobsmacked to see this received 97% on RottenTomatoes... Sure, this was high budget, plenty of 'exotic' locations, and there were brief moments of levity from Simon Pegg. But the plot was so paint-by-numbers a five year old could have followed it. Perhaps the grittiness of the Bourne trilogy and the Daniel Craig Bond films have set too high a standard for spy films, but this just felt so... bland and contrived. Not recommended!


comment / reply

The Incredibles Mr Bird

adamatdramatrain Flicks Superstar (?)

Fantastic big screen action entertainment - take note Mr Bay! Brad Bird leaps effortlessly from animation (IRON GIANT and INCREDIBLES) to live action and it really works. MI3 was the best so far in the series - JJ Abrams did a great job and the villain was sheer class (Philip Seymour Hoffmann). MI4 lacks a great villain - but delivers by the B52 payload in terms of action set pieces and sheer bang for buck. Great big screen popcorn munching action cinema. Now, can someone PLEASE sit Michael Bay down and explain how it's done!


  • lala

    oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cool lolol

comment / reply

A Well Made Movie

GrahamP Flicks Superstar (?)

This would have to be the best Mission impossable so far.There are plenty of twists in the story to make it interesting.
It has a good cast,all with their own different personalities,which does make it fun at times.There are still plenty of high-tech gadgets,some which always seem to work in the nick of time.
A little on the long side but still ok.


comment / reply

Mission Accomplished!

BrionyJae Flicks Superstar (?)

Okay, I have to confess something: this was my first Mission Impossible film experience! For some unfathomable reason, I had just never seen any of the first three films before. So, I was a little skeptical about Ghost Protocol, as I thought it might be one of those cliched thriller/spy films. To some extent, it was - BUT it subverted the cliches wonderfully to come up with a pretty epic plotline! Simon Pegg was amazing, as he always is, but I also particularly enjoyed Jeremy Renner's role - shall be tracking down some of his other films now. Even Tom Cruise wasn't bad ;) I came away from this film feeling pleasantly surprised, and keen to watch the other three Mission Impossibles. Definitely worth a watch!


comment / reply

BEST action spy series ever

MOVIEMAN2 Nobody (?)

the best in the series so far i hope they make a mission impossible v. good acting by tom cruise and the rest of imf agents. it was amazing stunts by walking on the worlds tallest tower


comment / reply

Film of the year

Mark-Roulston Flicks Superstar (?)

Is there anything Brad Bird can't do? Interest was certainly high when it was announced that the animation director would be making his live-action directing debut, choosing to tackle the third sequel in the Mission: Impossible film series. Brian De Palma's first, while it hasn't aged well, is a tense 70s style thriller, John Woo's M:I 2 increased the action but lowered the intelligence, and in 2006 JJ Abrams reinvigorated the franchise with the exciting and highly enjoyable M:I 3. But all of the previous films have been completely left in the dust by Bird's Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, a strong contender for film of the year and perhaps one of the finest action films ever made. To have pulled off such a feat is somewhat remarkable for Bird. While certainly an immensely talented director (best known for The Iron Giant and The Incredibles, two films which would rank highly on any respectable list of greatest animated movies of all time), the ability to transfer his skills to live-action on the scale of M:I - GP with such flair sets him apart as a filmmaker with immeasurable gifts, and one of the most interesting directors working today.

So what is it about M:I - GP that works so well? Tom Cruise, returning as IMF agent Ethan Hunt, once again puts everything he's got into his role. This franchise is clearly Cruise's baby, and the famously passionate star characteristically doesn't shy away from the more perilous stunt work. The level of commitment shown by Cruise is staggering, whether he's clinging to the side of the worlds tallest skyscraper (130 floors up!), or throwing himself down several levels of a parking garage. Say what you will about his eccentricities, but the man takes a pounding at every turn of this film only to rise and face down the next challenge, the very definition of a fearless performance. Also of note is Simon Pegg making a welcome return in a much larger role than the last film, and his wisecracks and facial silliness provide much needed relief from the relentless suspense of the narrative. The story is somewhat familiar as Ethan and his team fight to stop a psychopathic genius (Michael Nyqvist) hell bent on starting world war three, but what could be a fairly standard affair in less capable hands is turned into something wonderful by Bird.

As you can probably gather, the real star of M:I - GP is Brad Bird. From a dialogue perspective, the film is surprisingly minimalist, as the director boldly lets his spectacular visuals speak for themselves, rather than relying on too much exposition from his characters. Likely because of his background in animation, where the visual style comes literally from the hands of the artist, Bird's compositions and framing are so meticulously crafted, particularly in some of the more pulse-pounding set pieces. The aforementioned skyscraper climb is one of the most exciting sequences I have ever seen in a film, but it's merely one of several fantastic scenes constructed by Bird and his team. Even in the quieter moments, seemingly unimportant small gags (Hunt shedding a disguise for example) add so much to the film, like the delicate icing on a huge, many-layered cake. As welcome as a new animated film from Bird would be, the astounding quality of M:I - GP suggests that anything he chooses to do from this point will be hotly anticipated. Whether his Pixar compatriot Andrew Stanton can pull off the same transition with next year's John Carter remains to be seen, but for now, Brad Bird seems to be a director who can do no wrong.



  • zack


  • Agree

    it is such a good series to watch zachary your an idiot

  • ...

    Your = possessive "Is that YOUR coffee?" You're = contraction of "you are". You're an Idiot.

comment / reply

Awesome Action Series

Aidan1 Flicks Superstar (?)

The Mission Impossible series is so fun to watch so exciting and i love watching Tom Cruise. It was so amazing to watch him climb that bulding in Dubai. Just a fun movie series to watch.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

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