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New Year's Eve, Movie

New Year's Eve 2011

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From the makers of Valentine's Day comes this multi-tale rom-com with a kaleidoscopic A-list cast including Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ashton Kutcher, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, Zac Efron, Katherine Heigl, Meg Ryan and many more. More

The film depicts a series of vignettes from various New Yorkers, taken or single, as the minutes draw closer to the start of a new year. Through the numerous intertwining storylines, every tender encounter dawns on a potential romance. Hide

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    • Darryn

      Mmmmm - way to many stars and unremarkable story - almost always spells try hard Naffville

    • yummy

      ulululu josh gamuel yummyness! ...... if thats even how you spell his name.. hehe

    • breanna

      it's disturbing watching ashton kutcher try to tap actresses the same age as his step children.

    • clararar

      Looks like every other derivative ensemble holiday romcom, they even have half the same actors. Am surprised there's no Ryan Reynolds!

    • Amsterdam

      This reminds me of Valentines Day - That movie sucked too, why bother doing it again.

    • Ed-Flicks

      @Amsterdam, Originally it was going to be a Valentine's Day sequel but they changed their mind at the last minute

    • Trevor

      HAPPY NEW YEAR , oops I'm a bit early :)

    • rey

      How many celebrities are in that movie!!!??

    • harry

      awesome!! so many awesome celebs :O

    • epic


    • Michael V.

      Till Schweiger!? Das muss ein guter Film sein :-)

    • mitch

      dat is awesome!!!!!!!!!! B)

    • Jordan

      American LOVE ACTUALLY...worth a shot!

    • Just Me

      Why must they pretend that 'Valentine's Day' didn't happen?!? If that was bad then this can't be good!

    • kells

      here goes america again, its gonna suck just like 'valentines day' did

    • Sjvee

      Probably be another fail just like 'Valentines Day'. Still cant compete with 'Love Actually'

    • rebeka

      I'll probably watch it... shame on me lol

    • Emma

      Looks so cool, can't wait till it comes out

    • danny_ill

      I hope this is better than Valentines Day

    • Libby

      A huge yourn!!!

    • Vanessa

      Looks hideous - never have i seen a trailer worse than Burlesque but this tops it

    • doesnt look too bad, but maybe i'm just a bit romantic, free tickets are good

    • bored

      Valentines days 2 might be better title.

    • Saadi's Queen ;*

      uhm... to watch or not to watch?

    • lala

      watching tonight ! :P x

    • Rikkie

      twas amazing :) <3

    • wanker

      it was a very stupid movie but i loved it

    • Jasmine

      Feel good movie

    • Kathy-Tamatea

      Sickly sweet. Not a masterpiece by any stretch but perfect cheesy fare for the holidays.


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  • freshdude

    Well said, but sadly it will be a box office hit, just as planned.

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James Croot Flicks Writer

Following in the same vein as the earlier Hallmark holiday rom-com Valentine’s Day, this is a joyless, overstuffed confection that seems designed more to maximise product placement (right down to Warner Bros’ next blockbuster) and showcase New York’s sights and sounds than to entertain. More

Bizarrely sober given its ‘big night’ setting, the film’s lengthy running time means most audience members will require a stiff drink to recover afterwards. They’re more likely to go into a coma, however, from the excess saccharine on display as director Marshall coats everything in a sickly sweet sheen.

Whilst Heigl and Parker look right at home in this fluff, the sight of former Oscar winners Berry and Swank bravely trying to add gravitas and glamour to proceedings just looks unnatural, while De Niro’s career let alone his character feels like it’s on its last legs.

No doubt New Year's Eve will be a box office hit that will pave the way for ‘Memorial Day – The Musical’, but for me it’s the cinematic equivalent of the worst of the ‘women’s’ magazines: all style and no substance. Hide

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  • Calling u on it!

    Wow, so scathing of the "herds" yet I imagine you saw it yourself if you're in a position to comment on how bad it is......

  • freshdude

    after much convincing from my friends, I went and saw the first 30 minutes, and was so bad had to leave.

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what's next? Mother's day? Easter?

freshdude Flicks Superstar (?)

The perfect example of commercial cinema ... and the herds go to it ... bunch of sheep, make sure you leave your brain at the door, or you might realise how bad this is.

New Year's Eve

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Press Reviews

7% of critics recommend

Consensus: "Shallow, sappy, and dull, New Year's Eve assembles a star-studded cast for no discernible purpose."

ROTTEN TOMATOES SCORE. Read more reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.
A.V. Club (USA)

It's safe to say to no idea was nixed on the set of New Year's Eve for being too cheesy or sentimental; if anything, ideas were nixed for not being sentimental or cheesy enough. Full review.

Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)

New Year's Eve is a dreary plod through the sands of time until finally the last grain has trickled through the hourglass of cinematic sludge. How is it possible to assemble more than two dozen stars in a movie and find nothing interesting for any of them to do? Full review.

Hollywood Reporter

The result proves to be as appealing and effervescent as a flute of flat champagne. Full review.

New York Times

A depressing two-hour infomercial pitching Times Square as the only place in the universe you want to be when the ball drops at midnight on Dec. 31. (Believe me, it's not.) Full review.

Total Film (UK)

Another lavish helping of clichés, cameos and implausibly interweaving love stories. Fine if you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day, but Marshall’s multi-star champagne cocktail is all bubbles and no booze. Full review.

Variety (USA)

Few of the plot strands connect to one another, much less resolve themselves with any degree of wit or daring. Full review.