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Romantics Anonymous, Movie

Romantics Anonymous (Les émotifs anonymes) 2010

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French rom-com set in a chocolate factory that chronicles the awkward and masked romance between two abnormally shy people, both suffering from "hyper-emotionalism" More

"'I have no problem with women,' chocolatier Jean-René assures his therapist. 'They just terrify me, that’s all.' He masks his affliction by giving abrupt orders to his chocolate factory staff and hiding in his office. When Angelique, also acutely timid, drums up the courage to apply for a job at the factory, she’s under the mistaken impression she’ll be doing what she does best: making chocolates. Her role is in fact to market the wares and boost declining sales, an excruciating task for a person who faints when praised and has developed peculiar strategies to mask her praiseworthy talents." (NZ International Film Festival 2011) Hide

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Rebecca Barry Hill Flicks Writer

If nothing else, this cute French confection has a fantastic date scene. It’s a bad date of course, an embarrassing encounter of The Office proportions, one of many scenes of awkwardness on which this charmer pivots. It’s to actors Isabelle Carre and Benoit Poelvoorde’s credit that their flawed characters are mostly endearing. In the real world they’d be instant outcasts, so perhaps it’s inevitable their pathetic social skills eventually start to grate. But this is a broad comedy designed to augment the cringe-factor we all undoubtedly feel when embarking on a new romance. Shyness, when pushed to director Jean-Pierre Ameris’ extremes, equals fainting, stalking and leaping from windows. And a lot of sweating. More

With its reclusive, bashful protagonists Romantics Anonymous is reminiscent of Amelie, a film near-impossible to surpass in terms of visual charm and originality. This is more conventional, adding yet another whimsical romance to the Gallic film tradition. Although a little slight on story, it offers ample opportunity to bask in the beauty of the cobbled streets, chic clothing and chocolate boutiques. The script is witty, the chemistry just right, and the overall effect so sweet it’s a little like eating too much chocolate. Hide

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A pleasant surprise

ChrisK B-Grader (?)

I wasn't sure what to make of this film as I headed into the theatre. I wasn't the one who chose this film out of our film festival program, so I didn't bother to read the overview as I was going to watch it whether I liked it or not...

But once it got rolling, I was pleasantly surprised!

Romantics Anonymous is a light hearted rom-com, which is a lot more palatable than some of the American offerings in the same genre. I managed to get attached to the Angelique as we followed her progression from a scared girl to chocolate factory saviour, and I chuckled as Jean-Rene bumbled his way through life.

If you're looking for a rom-com for a date night, this film makes a pleasant alternative to the mainstream.

Romantics Anonymous

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