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Shark Night 3D, Movie

Shark Night 3D 2011

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The director of Snakes on a Plane shifts his attention to sharks in the water in this three dimensional fright fest. More

A group of attractive teens plan to "rock out" at a lake house in the Louisiana Gulf for the weekend. Fun with drinking, toplessness, and jet boats quickly turns into a nightmare as they are subjected to the full blown killer instincts of fresh-water sharks. Hide

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    • Jay

      Its like Piranha 3D...with sharks.

    • Rag

      The black guy always dies first

    • Rod

      You mean I have to pay to see it??

    • :D)

      Omg a shark! whateva shud i do......?oh i know get off the dam water!!

    • boner

      ill watch it for the hot blond chick

    • Proops

      The whole purpose of these movies is to get shots of asses underwater in white bikinis.

    • deadherring

      the black guy gets eaten first..... womp womp

    • Nick

      nom nom nom

    • Thomas-Dyton

      "Damn, I knew I should of shut the cage door!"

    • ralphy

      did the black just die first?!

    • slychick

      Bring back Jaws, that movie rules

    • iAMAWESOME123


    • your mum

      whata drry movie :L

    • Lol

      Did the black guy just die first?

    • slychick

      Bring back Jaws.

    • EarlyRiser

      Once you know there's a shark in the water, why would you go back in? Are they playing with it?

    • Dan

      If it's anything like Piranha 3D it will be amazing

    • Reetz

      "oh wow", another shark movie (Horror).... :(

    • James

      You've got to see it...there's a reason why they need to go back into the water =(

    • nuggies

      faaar; thaads stinks pple under 16 cant see it , no one will get scared they should make it M nt friken r16 .FRIKEN HELL

    • jacob

      yeah i know nuggles it thought the same thing

    • luke

      you kidding its awesome

    • Juju lips

      This looks amazing. I am wanting to go and "rock out" at a lakehouse now. Who wants to come? Woooo. Hoooo. I am a topless teen.

    • franky

      I love to jet sli.

    • franky again

      aw shillt, jet ski i meen.

    • Sexy gaal

      well naa einstein (rod!)

    • sexy gaal

      down the bottom!


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Karl Puschmann Flicks Writer

There’s only one truly terrifying thing about Shark Night 3D, and that’s trying to work out how it managed to bite itself off an R16 rating. After all, Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, the undisputed great white of shark attack movies, kept generations of swimmers out of the water with a PG rating, proving that a shark film doesn’t need an insatiable bloodlust if it’s scary and tense. More

Sadly Shark Night 3D is neither, despite a fairly decent body count of good looking young teens. Its totally preposterous story has no problem trading suspense for a cheap laugh, which confuses the tone and continuously kills off any danger that director David R. Ellis (Snakes on a Plane) attempts to build. Meanwhile, the menace of the many varieties of killer sharks onscreen is hampered by the obviousness of their CGI. There’s one shark in particular that practically twirls a moustache, such is its cartoon villainy…

Despite all that, there’s enjoyment to be found in the shark-infested depths of this film. The action may be gummy rather than serrated but there’s fun to be had in watching the sharks hunt down their attractive prey and there’s at least two outrageously ridiculous kills that will have you groaning in delight at the audacity of their awfulness.

It’s the film lack of bite and muddled tone that let it down. Not particularly thrilling, scary, gory or funny, Shark Night 3D won’t be keeping anyone out of the water this summer. Hide

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Very Average!!

Whitney B-Grader (?)

This movie was all abit cliche but the effects in 3D were awesome and if you're as scared of sharks as I am then you will love the cheesy frights throughout the movie! A good movie when you want a bit of humor and a bit of a scare all at the same time!


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Sophiehnz Wannabe (?)

We watched this today and got to enjoy the 3D movie with the motion seats, this really added to the excitement of the movie, the fact the chair would be moving along with the shark etc.... I found the storyline a bit corny and boring at times, but I did jump a few times, it had a few surprise scares! A bit gruesome but you would expect that, I found part quite amusing... Almost like the Piranha movie... I would recommend to people who enjoyed Piranha and like their horror movies a bit amusing.

Shark Night 3D

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Press Reviews

16% of critics recommend

Consensus: "A joyless excursion into the water that doesn't even produce good gore or nudity thanks to the neutered PG-13 rating."

ROTTEN TOMATOES SCORE. Read more reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.
A.V. Club (USA)

It also lacks the tension of a good horror film, or the self-aware humor of a fun bad one. Full review.

Entertainment Weekly

Shark Night 3D is a ho-hum series of kills and lulls so predictable that it doesn't even look like much fun for the sharks. Full review.

Hollywood Reporter

Dumb Louisiana-set horror flick feels generic despite the odd pairing of shark menace and redneck killers. Full review.

Los Angeles Times

Apart from an appropriately shark-like keep-moving-or-die filmmaking ethos, the shocks are weak... Full review.

New York Times

The result is a movie that isn’t crummy, exactly, just blah. Full review.

Time Out (USA)

His toothless attack sequences unfold under cover of dark water; the film is the equivalent of a skin flick in which all the sex scenes are tastefully obscured by blankets and sheets. Full review.

Variety (USA)

Shark Night 3D makes bait of the usual batch of buff and buxom collegiates, but without a hint of humor... Full review.

Village Voice (USA)

Shark Night aspires to nothing more or less than carrying along an audience through a string of unremarkable kills, often involving high-jumping fish. Full review.