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Submarine 2010

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A coming-of-age comedy. The directorial debut from the bespectacled co-star of The IT Crowd, Richard Ayoade, executive-produced by Ben Stiller, and featuring a score by Arctic Monkey's frontman, Alex Turner. More

Set in Swansea, Wales, 15-year-old Oliver (Craig Roberts) sees himself as a cool, literary genius. In reality he's socially inept and massively unpopular. Convinced that his father (Noah Taylor) is depressed and his mother (Sally Hawkins) is having an affair with her life coach (Paddy Considine), "a hippy-looking twonk", he embarks on a misguided campaign to bring the family back together. Meanwhile, he is also trying to lose his virginity – before he turns 16 – to his pyromaniac girlfriend Jordana (Yasmin Paige). Hide

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    • Ed-Flicks

      This looks great yes?? No NZ release date yet... or maybe it'll show up for the Film Fest. Will keep you posted.

    • uninspired

      this one is on its way for a flop me thinks

    • cameron

      really looking forward to this one

    • selfick

      Duffell coats are cool!

    • Tom

      I NEED to see this film!

    • Mel

      If Richard Ayoade is as brilliant as a director as he is in the IT Crowd then it must be an awesome movie...

    • Sarah

      I've read the book, its really good.

    • ksmb29

      i can't believe this isn't out yet

    • Bee

      I cant believe this isn't playing anywhere in Auckland, but it's being screened in Tauranga. doesn't matter. already watched it online.

    • diehard

      Looks god though probaly wont end up seing it

    • Fraser

      Saw it last night, lovely coming of age story. Well worth seeing.

    • Mary Hinge

      Saw it last night. Really an arthouse date movie. Nicely put together and constructed. Well cast

    • Disappointed

      OMG!! This was the worst movie I have seen ever.... don't waste your money seeing this film.

    • OMG!

      Words cannot describe how bad this movie was....

    • Greg0

      Hmmm..... some funny parts, which were quite funny, deep in some parts, very art housie, not for most poeple. Glad I watched but not again

    • Mel-Cope

      Meh... some amusing bits, but lil too art housie for my liking.

    • DnA

      A great movie. Well worth a watch.

    • Kash

      Great movie! Quite arty and deep. Highly recommended if you want to see something different. Will watch it again for sure

    • Olivia-Prasad

      While there was amazing direction by Richard Ayoade in making a very stylistic film, it was just so boring! Would never watch it again.

    • Kir

      I'm 47, so this is my era! The period details are spot on, especially how pre internet, mobile phones etc, life was slower. Arty, but cute.

    • Katherine Wood

      This book was an amazing read and the movie is also amazing.



    • Oliver D

      Fantastic film.


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Matt Glasby Flicks Writer

"I often imagine how people would react to my death," admits Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts), the hero of this bittersweet coming-of-age tale. Cue bawling schoolgirls holding signs proclaiming, "We envy the angels!" It’s an indulgence everyone understands because we’ve all been pretentious teenagers. At least Oliver knows he’s ridiculous, even if he can’t help it. "Sometimes I wish there was a film crew following my every move," he sighs. In Richard Ayoade’s charming debut, to all intents and purposes, there is. More

Part swot, part stalker, Oliver is a "moderately unpopular" schoolboy in small-town 1980s Wales struggling with puberty, virginity and his social standing. He’s tried everything: pushing girls in puddles, listening to French crooners, even a brief hat phrase. But just as a fling with local bad girl Jordana (Yasmin Paige) looks set to solve all three, his parents (Noah Taylor and Sally Hawkins)’ marriage is rocked by the reappearance of his mum’s ex (Paddy Considine).

Though the subject matter is nothing new – teens have been egregiously self-obsessed at least since 1951’s Catcher In The Rye – every aspect of the film thrums with quality. Ayoade’s direction is crisp and quirky, Alex Turner (of Arctic Monkeys) sings melancholy songs about quicksand and cold winds, and the performances are brilliant throughout, particularly one-to-watch Roberts and Considine in a mullet that would embarrass a Highlander. From falling in love to fleeing real emotions, the trials of teenage life have rarely been so exhilaratingly – or so excruciatingly – dramatised. Whether you’re 25 or 75 you’ll feel Oliver’s age again in a Polaroid flash. Hide

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8 ratings and 8 reviews


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An enjoyable watch

Brian1 Flicks Superstar (?)

Certainly found a high level of audience enjoyment at the session I saw.


  • Elly

    But Gerd, you ALWAYS dislike any movie you watch...

comment / reply

Boring arty farty film fetishism.

Gerd Flicks Superstar (?)

I hoped for this movie to reach the end fast a boring tedious affair.
Coming-of-age self satisfying arty farty, bigheaded script with a general lack of originality.


  • chris

    there are an UNBELIEVABLE amount of submarine references!! just look at the cover if your too blind...

  • Steve

    It's humorous that you managed to get two characters' names wrong in your review. (Psst... 'Submarine' is a metaphor)

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Rob-Crozier A-Lister (?)

"Submarine". First the name. Apart from a mural on the lead's bedroom wall, there is no apparent reason why the movie is called "Submarine". This is the story of the real difficulties facing most maturing teenagers; self-doubt and social inadequacy, bullying at school, relationship difficulties and to achieve one's first 'consummation,' insecurity arising from parental discord and the clear gap between male and female maturity.

This movie is described as a comedy/drama and, yet again, for us the combination didn't work. The comedy was so dry that laughter was conspicuous by its silence. Lloyd Taylor as Noah Tait, a fifteen year-old boy has two challenges; plotting the resurrection of his parents' marriage, while at the same time being a sensitive and attentive boyfriend.

This is a well-produced film with good performances by an experienced cast, particularly by Noah Taylor as Lloyd Taylor, that might well set film society types alight, but didn't do that for us mere mortals. 2.5 stars.


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Mands Nobody (?)

Charming, quirky, endearing. Totally loved it :-)


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A film that is so fresh that you will think it was made yesterday

Thomas-Chapman1 Wannabe (?)

So I got to see Submarine at the film festival and on my birthday (August 4th). And Submarine is a highly anticaped indie film that almost no one can get the chance to see to because it is pretty hard to find. But Submarine is about a 15 year old boy called Oliver Tate who is trying to stalk two people. Jordanna Berven who is a girl at his school who he secretly loves and then becomes his girlfriend quite early on in the movie. And is also stalking someone called Graham, who Oliver is afraid his mother his having an affair with. So Oliver has two goals, to lose his virginity to Jordanna. And stop his mother Lilly from having an affair on Loyd. Loyd being Oliver's dad.

Now where to start with Submarine, because so much happens in this film. But I will say that Submarine is a fresh film, it is and it's so original and realistic that it sticks with you and this is a film I will remember for quite some time. And I am surprised to say this but it lived up to my expectations. Now just to start off with. The Direction in this film is amazing. This is Richard Ayodye's first film and his direction in this is perfect, never would you expect so much from Moss from the IT Crowd. The way he makes this all play out, and he focuses on different things but have them still tie together was great. And the film is split into different parts just like inglorious basterds was and how it had the chapters. Well this has the same thing and has different parts. Part 1 focusing on Jordanna. Part 2 focusing on Graham. Part 3 the showdown and then the epilogue. And also this film is so realistic and feels so real. I am not lying when I say that this never feels like a film and a lot of the time I forgot that I was in a cinema watching a movie. And I know that I have said that before with movie like Super 8 and Inception. But that was BS. What I meant when I was talking about those two movies was that the characters feel so real that you think the stuff in the movie could happen. But I was still in the theater knowing that I was watching a movie. But with this movie I hardly ever thought that I was watching a movie. Because everything was so realistic and is so much like how teenagers act. And I was immersed in the story that you completely forget you are in the cinema. There was a total of two times that I realized I was sitting in a seat watching a movie. That is extremely rear for a film to do these days or just at all even. I will try not to give anything away her but one thing that showed extreme talent is. At the end the film is built on cliche's and it tries and succeeds at steering as far away from that as possible. What I am trying to say is that at the end it is built on cliche's and yet does everything to not feel cliched and it does that. And when you're watching it, it feels completely original. And this is leading back to the film not feeling like a film but this is a film that our generation can relate to, and will probably still be able to relate to for years to come. And of course how could I forget the story? It was smart and I loved the way everything would play out and how smart Oliver was in all these situations.

Now I won't go on about how good the movie is any more. But now let me focus on something that I don't like about the film. And it's also something people should take into account if they are going to or want to see the film. Unfortunately this is one of those "all the big laughs are in the trailer movies". And that really let me down. Don't get me wrong, I still laughed at the jokes. But I could tell that I didn't find them as funny as the rest of the audience was. And it made me wish that I hadn't gotten as excited for the film as I did. Or more or less just not watch as many trailers and clips as I did even though I tried not to watch many. So if you want to see the film and are quite excited. By all means get excited because this one is really good and lives up to the hype. But please do not watch trailers and clips in your excitement. Watch only one trailer and that is the one the Flicks (this website has).

So Submarine is a movie that feels so fresh and up to date that while I was watching it I felt like it was made just the day before. Even though this movie was first shown to an audience last year. It is a movie that feels s quite weird and may not be for everyone. But I loved everything about Submarine, and I think is a shoe in at next year's Oscars. I give Submarine five out of five stars.


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Wow! Just Wow!

DnA Flicks Superstar (?)

I suspect this is a film we'll see again for those things we missed. The story is quirky, clever, funny, real and irreverent at times. It has the hallmarks of being a classic. The story of young love through the eyes of an introverted character (Oliver) as he journey's through his first relationships. There are some lines from this movie that will be quoted.

The story is set in the 80's. The shooting and look has a very older film feel to it. No clear HD modern look. I thought this was brilliantly done. Then there is a sequence that they managed to get looking like 8mm. Oliver's own film in a film. I was stunned to find in the credits they'd actually shot in 8mm. Wow! Sheer brilliance. And a great way to create an atmosphere.

We loved the film. It's well thought out and a great piece of work.

comment / reply

Charming and kooky

adamatdramatrain Flicks Superstar (?)

Be warned - quotes taken out of context and slapped on posters often lie (who knew?!) So whilst words like "hilarious" and "laugh out loud funny" are misleading, Submarine is, true to its trailer, a kooky coming of age romance that is charming and off-kilter. Think "Napoleon Dynamite" only Welsh and keep an eye on the lead actor - a great performance. The soundtrack features new songs from the director's mate - lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys - and these are surprisingly sweet ballads worth the admission price alone. Despite a fleeting cameo from producer Ben Stiller, this is not a must-see-on-the-big-screen movie and would probably benefit from being seen on TV - as the blow-up from 16mm print is pretty gnarly. All the same, this 70's-set movie makes use of super 8 and an ancient film stock look - and in the end is more a Brit BOY than than a would be AMERICAN PIE IN WALES. Charming, kooky... but it never let's you forget it's a movie and that prevented me for one identifying with the characters as people rather than "types."


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Funny, sad, clever

Melody-Oliver Nobody (?)

Really enjoyed this movie - went into it expecting a full-blown Brit comedy, but it was actually a beautiful movie that made me laugh out loud and well up a few times as well. The portrayal of teenage angst and first loves is perfect - subtle yet dramatic. Strong characters that are so well acted that you feel that you've stepped back in time and are living along with them.


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87% of critics recommend

Consensus: "Funny, stylish, and ringing with adolescent truth, Submarine marks Richard Ayoade as a talent to watch."

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