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Super 8, Movie

Super 8 2011

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JJ Abrams (Star Trek, TV's Lost) directs a typically mysterious sci-fi flick, produced by Steven Spielberg, recalling the vibe of The Goonies or Close Encounters of the Third Kind. More

In the summer of 1979, a group of kids in a small Ohio town witness a catastrophic train crash while making a super 8 movie and soon suspect that it was not an accident. Shortly after, unusual disappearances and inexplicable events begin to take place in town, and the local Deputy tries to uncover the truth – something more terrifying than any of them could have imagined. Hide

Directed by J.J. Abrams

Written by J.J. Abrams

Produced by Steven Spielberg ('ET', 'Jaws', 'Jurassic Park', 'Saving Private Ryan', 'Schindler's List', 'Catch Me If You Can', 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind')

Science Fiction | 1hr 51mins | M | contains violence and fantasy horror | Country of Origin: USA | Official Site

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173 votes / 49 comments The Talk

  • 84 %

    Want to See it

    What say you?

    • Skipperlee

      Could be good. Something more grown up for the kids to see.

    • Timos

      I just wish they showed what it was haha, guess thats the sales ploy to get you to go see it.

    • TheLovableGinger

      Alien in the 60's? 12 year old filmmakers? JJ Abrens AND Stephan speilberg? ME LIKY! :)

    • Assassin

      Ahem... sci-fi Goonies much?

    • Jman

      Go sci-fi Goonies!

    • Ed-Flicks

      It's frustrating isn't it: show that damn monster/alien or whatever you got in that train! Looks old-school, suburban Spielberg...

    • Ants

      Looks frikin cool. Love JJ Abrams building previews. Makes you WANT to see the movie.

    • alibali bee

      yep, would definintely go see this

    • kiwigirl

      Nothing like a good sci-fi thriller and what better than a Speilberg movie - Yes, count me in!

    • Boooo

      is that casper in there or good ol king kong. Stephen Spielberg aint lost the touch huh

    • Jonathan Strock

      it looks like a mean as movie

    • cool dude

      this is mean

    • Goddess

      this rocks!

    • Dman

      Yeah this looks cool, the vibe reminds me of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", cool.

    • AJB

      Have to see

    • clararar

      @Ed-Flicks - I just hope when the unseen alien/monster is revealed it's not as lame as 'Signs'

    • Ed-Flicks

      @clararar, the alien in Signs was pretty lame. I hope this alien is a puppet like ET was! That would be rad.

    • mikaylajane

      What film classification is this - can kids go?

    • Ed-Flicks

      @mikaylajane, the film is yet to be rated. We'll let you know as soon as we find out.

    • Nina-Lawler

      looks like a really cool kids movie will differnetly be taking my neice to it

    • Sammie

      It looks great can't wait to see it :)

    • Mike

      This was surprisingly great! There was an ET/Goonies feel with the younger characters. Maybe a hint of Stand by me, just with some language.

    • Jude Porter

      This film wasn't released - it escaped! The only redeeming feature was the music. Very disappointing for a Spielberg movie.

    • Mon

      Enjoyed the movie. Great cast. Lovely music.

    • Sonya

      The secret love child of The Goonies and Cloverfield. Some effects were cool but the characters and story seemed too familiar/predictable.

    • GoonerD

      If you loved Goonies you'll like this. Good effects, a bit predictable in parts. Bloody loud though!!

    • Vicki O'Sullivan

      Was OK, held on to my hubbys arm for abit...bit to loud, to much screaming. Effects were cool, I want the soundtrack

    • GoonerD

      Thanks flicks for the invite last night as well....cheers guys :)

    • Bex

      Elle Fanning was impressive. In fact all of the kids were a delight in their roles. Thanks for the tix: def a giant screen experience!

    • stealthkiwi

      really enjoyed this cross between ET & The Goonies with a smidge of zombie added to the mix

    • mroarsome

      Edge of your seat suspense, frights are plenty, don't go with a weak bladder, great movie :-)

    • Abby

      Awesome movie, loved the characters and how it was based in the 70s

    • A Nony Mous

      This is the second over rated movie I've seen this year. First hangover 2 and now this one.

    • Jono

      The meanest movie Iv'e seen for a while, I like Elle Fanning !

    • Tyle Chen

      Watched the trailer last year and thought "wow awesome". Then finally after I watched it. It turns out to be utter crap!

    • jon

      looks boring

    • Munga

      I hate Jon

    • mary

      this movie looks cool but booooooooring

    • Craig

      @mary - You can tell all that from a 2 minute trailer? I've never had such a mind-boggingly stupid response to a trailer before, so...

    • Craig

      @mary - Oh and if you have ever used a brain cell and read critics and moviegoers reviews, its well received...and it is a great film!!!

    • Stella

      I have heard great things about this movie!

    • Stella

      has any1 noticed that all aleins and stuff ALWAYS land in America, or any other place that make alot of films?

    • Emere

      Brilliant! Just good fun!

    • Bree

      I personally would love to see it, also because I haven't seen much of Elle Fanning. It looks great n_n

    • paintedbrain

      Great story telling. The combo of JJ Abrams and Sielberg worked surprisingly well. Displays real love of the medium. Satisflying.


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Flicks.co.nz Review



  • Gingus


comment / reply
Andrew Hedley Flicks Writer

Drawing inspiration from suburban kid movies of the early ‘80s, this Spielbergian production has the sentiment of E.T. and the rascally camaraderie of The Goonies. But don’t expect it to appeal too much to adult nostalgia. Despite dabbling with the scares, it’s really for kids or young teens (who will love it) and everyone else might have the feeling they’ve seen it all before. More

None of which negates the classy production value and clanging sound design, however. Super 8 is a highly polished outing with plenty of good bits, especially the action set pieces (a massive train pile-up early on is grandly over-the-top), the seamless effects and the music that strikes a balance between ominous and magical.

In true JJ Abrams form (his productions of Lost and Cloverfield kept people guessing for a long time), the reveal of the ‘thing’ that the plot revolves around is kept in shadow or obscured for most of the running time. No prizes for guessing what it turns out to be, although we could run a competition to guess why the film has such a title, given that the characters' home-made film is pretty superfluous to the plot.

A subplot of fractured family dynamics means that too much of the movie plays in heavy-handed sentimental moments, which, when carried by the child actors, are too trite for adults and potentially too morose for the younger ones. Super 8 is likeable, if a little standard, so it will remain open to you to classify it – throwback or retread? Hide

The People's Reviews


39 ratings and 42 reviews


comment / reply

Steven Spielberg at it again (E.T the way it should have been).

morgana1972 Flicks Superstar (?)

Early 80's, Kids making Zombie movies (ok I'll Bite). Not bad I liked it I have to be honest I like all of Steven Spielberg's movies, so I can't be Bias towards him or the way he makes movies. Definetely not one for the whole family Pre teens or older I'd recommend to only.


comment / reply

Great child performances

Tony-Bertasius A-Lister (?)

Those children were fantastic and the ensemble acting generally was better than most of the films produced these days in Hollywood, led by star names rather than talent.
The film as a whole was satisfying if a little dirivative of many of the films of the 80s (perhaps the point?). But they were treated with respect and sometimes awe, which I guess is how many of us remember them.
Well worth the ticket price!


comment / reply

Just a bit silly.

Hoss A-Lister (?)

Those of my generation remember seeing Close Encounters and E.T. as a kid and hold those memories dearly. Perhaps too dearly. Good movies, but were they truly great? J.J. Abrams also loved these movies and I hoped that he might just be able to give my children a similar cinema experience. Not the same, but something memorable. I wanted them to be taken along on an adventure where the kids were front and centre. It was a hard ask. Perhaps the exciting experiences of my childhood seeing these movies and others like Star Wars just can't be replicated today. My seven year old was too scared, my sixteen year old was not scared enough. There were so many parallels to Spielberg's early movies it made me question whether they really were as great as I thought they were. It was predictable, it was corny, the whole movie just seemed a bit silly. That sounds like E.T. but maybe that's the problem. It was new then, but this has so many similarities (it's even set in the 80's) that there are no surprises. And who was the target audience? Kids today are not going to relate to a world without cellphones and computers. I suspect the target audience was me and others of my generation wanting a trip down memory lane, and wanting their kids to go with them for the ride. Well it worked. They got me, but ultimately the film was a disappointment. On the plus side, the child actors in this movie were brilliant.


comment / reply

Blockbuster of the year

mattg Nobody (?)

I consider myself pretty difficult to please - and am no great Spielberg fan - but I genuinely loved this: laughed, cried (there was something in my eye) and joined a small ripple of applause at the end. The most fun I've had in a cinema for ages


comment / reply

  • Shopqueen

    i so get that about spielberg , it really relates to his past exploits

comment / reply

Delightful nostalgia

Mark-Roulston Flicks Superstar (?)

In 2010, amidst the flood of adaptations that filled the blockbuster season, Christopher Nolan's Inception stood out for being not only an effective thriller, but more importantly for being one of the few original concept tent-pole releases of the year. This year you may hear similar things about JJ Abrams' Super 8, but please do not be fooled. Super 8 is in fact arguably the most derivative film of the year, but for people of a certain generation who grew up on 80s family adventure films, it really is a rare treat. Working from the template perfected by executive producer Steven Spielberg in films such as Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and E.T., Abrams delivers a sweet, nostalgic, and often frightening film unlike anything seen in cinemas for many years.

Full review at tinribs27.tumblr.com


comment / reply

Stellar performance by the entire cast

clararar Flicks Superstar (?)

After X-Men First Class, Super 8 seems to be continuing a trend of slightly retro movies which prove to be of a higher quality than their modern counterparts. This film is in a way classic Spielberg - a classic adventure with well-rounded characters you root for all the way through. Nonetheless, JJ Abrams has definitely made his mark here too, with plenty of 'boo!' moments that had at least one neighbouring cinema-goer screaming in their seat!

There's plenty of humour to lighten the mood as well, with some fantastic background jokes scattered throughout. Kudos has to go to the young leads Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning (yes, Dakota's sister - hence the resemblance) for their spot-on performances. Also have to say that Kyle Chandler was really awesome in his role as the sheriff's deputy and struggling father, hope he gets more good roles out of this. Overall, an entertaining story worth making the trip to the cinema for - recommended!


  • shanemoore

    Ok, the movie was just like the reminders of a 80's classic of time. But you've got to admit that at the begining it was slow.

comment / reply

Gotta see it!

Janine-Jones1 A-Lister (?)

The movie was goooooooooood, it certainly made us jump a few times, the effects were awesome and the kids acting was great. We thoroughly enjoyed it, highly recommended.


  • shanemoore

    Sorry but I have to disagree with the some of the action sequencies, to fake and the tanks performed like toys.

  • Wienerflop

    Well, I do agree that they do look a little over-the-top, but they are pretty fun!

comment / reply

Exciting, funny, sweet, frightening - Best film of 2011 (so far)

Wienerflop Nobody (?)

Even the not-completely-satisfying conclusion to Super 8 stops it from being incredible. Breathtaking action sequences such as the train crash along with stunning visual effects, a very convincing cast. A non-stop thrill ride from its brilliant first act to its beautiful though cliched ending. Prepare to feel young all over again!


  • shanemoore

    I have to disagree with seeing this movie at the theartres, unless the cinema has a D-Box componet to go full action.

comment / reply


Sarah29 Flicks Superstar (?)

I really enjoyed Super 8, especially the kids, they were awesome and really funny! I'd see this again! Make sure you stay to the end of the credits!


  • shanemoore

    You've hit the right remark, movie is suitable for the young kids, semi ok for adults, but adults of the 80's genes.

comment / reply

OK for adults, great for kids

Reggie Nobody (?)

I went in thinking this would be awesome (for me), and while I enjoyed it... I think it's more for kids. Like when I watched Goonies etc, this would blow the mind of a 12-year-old. Well made in this respect.


  • shanemoore

    I Agree with you estimate of this flick, real 80's genes base, good for the kids as well.

comment / reply

  • shanemoore

    Ok r u 4 real m8t,. really only one jump scene of the film, but at least the film was not that expecting I would like to share.

comment / reply

Super scary

Ken-Burns Flicks Superstar (?)

What you can't see will genuinely freak you a bit watchinging super 8. It's a cross between close encounters and jurassic park. Great new cast and has to be a cinema/loud viewing experience


comment / reply


matty78 Nobody (?)

I went to see this with the family last night. My advice to anyone who's going to see it is to save the money and see it at your regular theater and not IMAX. I really like the film and recommend it to anyone who wants to see a fun summer movie that is not a sequel or based on a comic. While it does have the Spielberg feel to it, Abrams does a great job and it feels fresh and modern. But like I said before save the money and see it on 35mm...


comment / reply

Lost meets ET with a touch of Star Trek

Batgirl140 Nobody (?)

Really enjoyed the movie. The kids were fantastic. It has laughs and frights with really big explosions. Nice touches for the fans of the alien/zombie genre. Was an interesting combination of JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg's styles.


comment / reply


Ahmad-Refae Nobody (?)

The fact that it's another typical alien movie makes it really predictable. However, I enjoyed the roles played by the young stars and it was amazing to see how talented they are.


comment / reply

A Return To The Adventures Of The 80's

Jordan Flicks Superstar (?)

I walked into the film wondering why J.J. Abrams had set the film in the 80's [and also wondering if it would in some way tie in to the film 'Cloverfield'].
After seeing the film and upon reflection some 12 hours after viewing it, I came to the realisation of what each decade has for me personally represented in it's time period.
With 90's/00's films, I think of 'Spy Kids', 'Diary Of A Wimpy Kid' or 'Hoot', films where the kid's are fighting for something or being the underdog coming out on top.
Yet when I think of films from yesteryear such as the classic 'Goonies', 'E.T' or 'Stand By Me' it was about the group, about the adventure the children would experience and that which we would too [Yes, I understand 'Goonies' could be excluded due to them fighting for their houses, but the film is primarily about the group.]
This is where Super 8 shines. The young cast is exceptional in carrying us through this story that feels as though it would easily fit into what defined these earlier films if it weren't for the more modern special effects that take place.
The portrayal of adventure, young love, suspense and discovery is well handled and fun to watch, with humour sprinkled lovingly through out.
If you are looking for a movie to watch, then see Super 8. It is one of those great, fun films that you can't help smile through.

P.S: Do stay through the credits. You'll see.


comment / reply

Famous Five Meets Close Encounters

Daphne-Carvalho A-Lister (?)

Enjoyed the preview last night. The kids are rather cute with strong characters. The home movie making is especially cute and a running theme thru the movie. Interesting that JJA decided to use kids rather than adults as the main characters. Perhaps kidults spend more at the box office. The train crash is over the top, but hey the effects were good.


comment / reply

Great film for the family

Zane-Holmes Nobody (?)

All the comparisons to ET stand by me and the goonies are accurate... THis feels like the first film in a long time that has solid kid performances and characters that don't patronise kids by making their world seem frivolous... As mentioned above there is swearing... but damn it! out of adult earshot kids swear like sailors and not to show it is not to be true... Maybe a little scary for kids under 10, I'd judge it on a kid by kid basis though as to whether they should go.


  • Melody

    totally agree, solid 4*

comment / reply


S-I Nobody (?)

As many others say, a true homage to 80's films... Stand By Me, The Goonies, E.T... enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. The kids cast was excellent and truly believable, clever dialogue. And loved that you got to see their movie in the credits. Easy to watch and something the whole family would enjoy!


comment / reply

Warm modern classic

DaveKeyes Wannabe (?)

With a nostalgic setting and style that took me immediately back to my youth with Elliot from ET, David from Flight of the Navigator, Mikey from Goonies, and even the young Clark in Superman I ... Super 8 brings together a load of classic elements into one successful modern take. It's a beautifully shot human story with endearingly characterful kids caught up in emotions and adventure while something alien goes on almost in the background. While not perfect, I rate it as a warm modern classic.


comment / reply

Super Rate it

genkibeth Nobody (?)

I knew very little going in about this film and I am glad that was the case - I was captivated the entire movie. The action sequences are a bit of clusterf**k - a lot hidden, quick camera, metal on metal screeching into your eardrum. But that just makes you feel like you are right there with them.
The whole film is carried by the amazing performances from the young cast. The friendship between them likened to Stand by Me. The adventure had hints of the Goonies. It was a touching homage piece to so many films of our childhood.


  • tey

    real beasty

comment / reply


JayJay Wannabe (?)

With incredible special effects, action that had me gripping the edge of my seat one moment and covering my eyes the next, a solid plot that many simliar style movies lack, and wonderful acting from the youngsters, this film is a must-see.


comment / reply

Goonies + ET + Stand By Me = Super 8

Le_Dude Wannabe (?)

Great 80's-esque flick. Felt like I was 12 years old again watching this film. The kids were great just like the crew from Goonies. Good laughs, plenty of suspense and a couple of scares. Choice as bro.


comment / reply

Totally enjoyable

Fiona-Sole Wannabe (?)

Very reminiscent of 80's adventure movies. The kids were great, it was the little moments between them that made this movie for me. i loved the build up before you saw what was causing the destruction, the things being thrown, crushed, happenings that only something big could have done. a few yelping moments. a very satisfying movie.


comment / reply

JJ Abrams did it again!

Rainer Nobody (?)

Being a huge fan of ALIAS, LOST, FRINGE, and his treatment of STAR TREK, I went to see this movie with high hopes and was not disappointed! It pays wonderful homage to 80s movies, and although Spielberg was only the producer, it certainly had a Spielberg feel to it. I was not bored for a moment. The action was great, the acting skills of the young cast superb. It almost had a Stephen King "It" feel to it as well - the book, not the movie - you know: with kids goofing around and then shit starts hitting the fan! I found the ending was a bit rushed, but over-all, an easily recommended movie!


comment / reply

mouse-fish-cheese. IN YO FACE

Ed Nobody (?)

entertaining! it was a modern day Goonies/ Stand By Me with aliens, action and a little horror.
Maybe targetted at a teen audience, but im older but still liked it.
Defintiely not a 'thinker'


comment / reply

Worth Seeing!

Krystle Nobody (?)

Really enjoyed this, think the storyline of the kids really made the movie - reminded me a bit of Stand By Me. Not your usual no plot action/Sci Fi movie, make sure you stay for the credits as it shows the kids movie that they were making.


comment / reply

Modern day take "Stand by Me" or "Goonies"

redwingNZ A-Lister (?)

A group of kids have fun, get dirty, scared and bond. A girl interest. So theres an alien instead of a dead body, and a space ship instead of a pirate ship. But the atmosphere was the same. Plenty of action and times you'll jump. Great Movie


comment / reply

Fun and Full on

ZMan Nobody (?)

Movie is good paced, simple plot but this suits the type of film, only thing was to much swearing it didn't need it so much which makes it hard for little ones to miss out until i'd say 10 yrs old.


comment / reply


amc32 Flicks Superstar (?)

seemed to be too much of a kids movie for my taste and a few too many nods to movies from the late 70's early 80's.
cool soundtrack, but far too many unnecessary light flares.


comment / reply

Think Cloverfield meets The Goonies

Kat-Jenkins Nobody (?)

I had a great time at this movie. Rather than being especially-concerned with it's special effects, the real highlight of this movie is it's characters and it's story. The special effects and the roaring sound are great too, but they just serve to enhance what is really a character piece.

The sense of mystery is kept right until the end. It's a beautifully crafted piece of cinema, and yet another reason why I love JJ Abrams.


comment / reply

Pretty entertaining!

Ys-Tan A-Lister (?)

many references to old Spielberg movies and reminiscent of movies from the 80s. Still an entertaining watch and funny! The child actors really pulled off the movie. :)


comment / reply

Predictable but leaves you smiling

Miranda Wannabe (?)

Predictable storyline with some hilarious teenage actors but awful script-writing. Whoever came up with "I've got you" and the speech to the alien needs to be shot! But one of the best moments was the moral that drugs are bad and will make you miss the alien storyline :)

comment / reply

Back to the Eighties

Dan-Thompson1 Wannabe (?)

Super 8 is Abrams' love letter to the classic adventure movies of the 80s. Fast paced and smart with strong characters and great effects. It's definitely a popcorn movie, but a popcorn movie with heart. It shows how good a big budget, blockbuster movie can be when you've got a half decent story to base it on.


comment / reply

Good Kids Movie

Lee-Yeoh Wannabe (?)

Very enjoyable movie. Predictable ending but excellent pace just enough to keep the suspense on the edge.


comment / reply

Loved it!!!

Rachel-M B-Grader (?)

This is a really easy funny movie and I loved it. The kids in it were great and they really made the movie. There were a few jump out of your skin moments but not really that scary. A movie you can take the kids too!!


comment / reply

Super Eighties

Jenna-Burlace Wannabe (?)

If you liked (occasionally cheesy) eighties movies but wish that VFX technology was good enough back then to create huge explosions and general mass destruction - then this is the perfect movie for you.

I really enjoyed it - it was funnier then I expected, and I agree with the commenter who likened it to a cross between E.T. and The Goonies - I said the exact same thing as I came out of the cinema. Brilliant acting performances too.


comment / reply


JBCollins A-Lister (?)

I walked into this film with absolutely no expectations. I usually see the trailer and read the info for every film but this time I had made sure that I did not view any trailers or read any material going into this as I wanted to try something new. The hugh rating might be over the top but I can't help it. This film blew me away. It was a wonderful homage to earlier Spielberg films. I could not help but notice how beautifully each shot was, for a blockbuster of course. It is definitely one of the top blockbusters of the year so far.


comment / reply


miketee Nobody (?)

This was surprisingly great! There was an ET/Goonies feel with the younger characters. Maybe a hint of Stand by me, just with some language.

I think the kids that get to see this will cling on to this movie as part of their childhood, as it seems like a classic.


comment / reply


100WordReviews Flicks Superstar (?)

Abram's love letter to the Amblin classics of old is more than just a wink, a kiss and a hug. It makes sweet, sweet love to the era and even calls it the next day. Super 8 is a wildly entertaining cul-de-sac sci-fi adventure that rekindles the glory of the Spielbergian films JJ draws inspiration from, whilst retaining its own identity. It's a little anticlimactic near the end and some may feel the creature's a bit too "familiar," but the wonderful solidarity between the youthful leads and the brilliant mix of horror and wonder makes Super 8 an easy recommendation.


  • miketee

    Best spaceship ending ever!

comment / reply

not too bad!

smiles91 Nobody (?)

I went into this movie blind. Had read a very basic plot summary about a week ago, but all of that had gone from my memory. I'm not a fan of Lost or Fringe, but thought JJ Abrams did really well with this movie. I liked the story and thought the kids were excellent actors. The movie was quite cute too. Not such a fan of the ending however.....

Super 8

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A.V. Club (USA)

Its pleasures are borrowed, but durable. Full review.

Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)

A wonderful film, nostalgia not for a time but for a style of filmmaking, when shell-shocked young audiences were told a story and not pounded over the head with aggressive action. Full review.

Hollywood Reporter

Like an old airplane (or spacecraft) jerry-rigged from scrap pieces and made air-worthy again, Super 8 has been patched together with 30-year-old spare parts to provide an enjoyable ride of its own. Full review.

New York Times

Like his (Abrams) previous features, "Mission: Impossible III" and "Star Trek," Super 8 is an enticing package without much inside. Full review.

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Super 8 may be yet another mainstream monster movie from a couple of big Hollywood brands, but it's a wonderful one. Full review.

Otago Daily Times (Christine Powley)

Super stuff... Full review.

Total Film (UK)

A monster mash-up of '50s sci-fi, late-'70s / early '80s event movie and autobiography, Super 8 doesn’t possess the top-to-bottom greatness of the films it’s modelled on but, in shooting for the stars, leaves 90% of modern blockbusters in the gutter. Mint. Full review.

TVNZ (Darren Bevan)

Super 8 is a great piece of winter entertainment with some beautifully played intimate human moments Full review.

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A relatively standard monster movie. Full review.

Variety (USA)

A relatively standard monster movie. Full review.