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The Dark Knight Rises 2012

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The Legend Ends.

The third and final instalment in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy sees the Dark Knight (Christian Bale) facing off against soulless terrorist Bane (Tom Hardy) and the enigmatic Catwoman (Anne Hathaway).

Taking place eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, Gotham City revels in some long-awaited peace. Yet Selina Kyle (Hathaway) whispers that this is merely the calm to a chaotic criminal storm. As terrorism and class warfare descend, Bruce Wayne (Bale) emerges from the seclusion of Wayne Manor. Still pinned for Harvey Dent’s crimes, Batman returns to the city as a wanted fugitive in order to prevent the fall of Gotham, as well as the rise of Bane.

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    • Klayman

      HELL YES! Without a doubt! Can't wait

    • Zeus

      This is going to be without a doubt an epic finale! This will be better than the first in the series, but not the Dark Knight

    • Timos

      Anne Hathaway in spandex, chur!

    • Awesome

      Enough said

    • Adrian

      I have to wait a whole year for it!? GRAR!

    • Little Amsterdam

      please can we have it now, Mr Nolan? pleeeeeease?

    • Simon

      Batman is cooool!

    • alex


    • Chris Simpson

      Christian Bale is a babe. I like his mouth.

    • i.am.MUPPET

      HARDY AZ BANE, looks mean!

    • luke

      looks wicked

    • Django

      Yawn. Why the hype over the trailer?

    • Andrea

      Looking forward to it. But the trailer is just the first movie, cut up into bits. Odd.

    • George

      Wtf! This is the end!? NOO

    • Cassandra

      sooooooooooo excited

    • Esta*

      what a crap trailer!! I've been so excited about this movie!!

    • EarlyRiser

      Yay, part three, the conclusion. At least until the reimagining occurs again. Sad to see Christian Bale go. :(

    • dean

      no worries about the trailer its only a teaser with more trailers to come. the movie will be awesome and the trilogy epic!!!!

    • shameless

      I have to give this movie the benefit of the doubt. With the amount that I have viewed I should be in for a ride as well as a treat?

    • Jean-Wells

      Well what can I say, bt will just have to wait. Looks like it could be Sin City with a touch of The Matrix and co......

    • dave

      it's like chris nolan mated the batman trailer with the inception trailer and got a stunted love child.

    • notxarb

      is RA ALGHUL the one dieing????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • notxarb

      Django and daniel robinson just stop being fussy iff you dont like this go watch something like barbie or carebears just lets fans enjoy it

    • chester

      ive seen a better trailer being towed from a ford

    • lomy108

      boring trailer but the movie seems pretty good

    • L.O.D

      Anything by Nolan is fantastic - the man has yet to do wrong. Very sad that it will be the last installment.

    • GingaNinja

      I'll by the DVD...from the Warehouse reduced shelf ... 2DVD's x $20

    • Magpie

      Chester - bewt review LMFAO

    • chilli bomb

      doesnt look as good as the dark night

    • berta

      can't w8 to see this movie

    • Mr G

      Average trailer, but you know it's going to be fantastic! A lot to live up to after Heath Ledger's Joker though.

    • larri

      anne hathaway as catwoman? hmmmm intersting....

    • Marieeee

      Can't wait to see it!! I LOVE BATMAN!!

    • REETZ


    • Mark

      Bad waste-of-time trailer is enough to put me off the movie.

    • D F Stuckey

      Promising and doesn't give everything away - nice.

    • Zeus

      Brilliant, absoloutely brilliant, Christopher Nolan deserves an oscar if this is the teaser I have been teased I really wanna see it.

    • year

      this movies goin to be great

    • Zeus

      I just had a look at the comment secton someone said this put them off the movie. Well screw u .

    • Keen

      Keen as a bean to see this

    • batmania

      GOD i cant wait 4 this movie

    • The Joker

      why so serious?

    • The Joker

      Please please Batman go over there and kick that new spidermans ARSE!

    • josh

      I want to see this soooo badly

    • david bane

      Just watched the trailer ,David Bane as the villian?! Man he has beefed up recently

    • ironman

      batman >spiderman

    • batman

      i hope they make a new trailer soon this won is boring

    • RexH

      July 2012? I could be DEAD by then!!!

    • Mikeauknz

      I agree with Rexh 16th july is a life time away

    • jake

      A must see!!!

    • Choppy00

      wow this trailer is way cooler than the first one

    • L.O.D

      I love you Christopher Nolan!!! Can't wait till 2012 if only for this.

    • nolancansuckit

      Christopher nolan can't direct to save his life

    • Daniel

      MEOOOOW! Anne as catwoman. nuff said!

    • christian

      far bruce looks like hes got a hard life going on there

    • John

      Looking forward to c what TWIST Nolan had prepared for the finale. Maybe Batman never happened n he died long ago when he fell in that well?

    • chocmoose

      Hells yeah! c'mon Bane break the bat.

    • angela

      i'm hoping the awesomeness of joseph gordon levitt, marion cotillard and tom hardy balances out the crapness of anne hathaway

    • Josh

      God cant please anyone these days either regarding trailers either the trailer gives away too much or not enough!!!! I cant wait for this

    • Josh. P

      Holy crap, this movie looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Cant wait!!!

    • Troll

      troll, troll, troll-ta-troll!

    • aweosme

      cant wait

    • awesome

      this gonna be the best batman movie ever cant wait

    • ...


    • Stephen Wright

      AWESOME :-)

    • Liam


    • Lillian

      looks good, but they've got to stop mumbling whispering...

    • it-is-me-GOD

      true that lillian

    • chubaka

      go anne!!

    • batman


    • RexH

      The only DC franchise with any balls! Of course I'm going to see it

    • Timos

      A nessissary franchise to have in any movie collection, without a doubt ill be seeing it

    • Batman rulzls

      awesome plot of course im gonna see it batman rocks

    • larissa

      :D can't wait!

    • natana

      man i cant wait to see this movie!! love it

    • ...

      ...an epic conclusion...

    • larrybiscuit

      Franchise of the millenia; movie of the year

    • Dan

      took me a while but i figured out what Bane said in the trailer, now i really want to see it

    • Jared

      this gonna be an epic conclusion to one of the best franchises ever

    • Nathan

      I agree that this will be an AWESOME conclusion to this trilogy of Batman films (it's a shame that they didn't use the Riddler though)

    • B@NE RULZ

      Cant wait to see da movie! batman probaly is going to be a broken bat "when gotham is ashes you have my premission to die" LOL

    • B@NE RULZ

      Tom Hardy,Heath Legder,Bale FOREVER!

    • tavale taakatoa

      masii fai mo hulu kae ano fai haa fuu sioi ke au ia kiha tuunga.........

    • josh skux

      best batman movie ever

    • Max

      I wonder if Robin will Show up?

    • Community

      92 comments! wowee. popular then ;) mine is: Anne Hathaway? really?

    • Lillian

      must turn my hearings aids on

    • Matt

      cant wait this looks awesome!!

    • Laura


    • Kev

      looking forward to this

    • James

      Looks EPIC! I kind of wish they chose the Riddler or perhaps Penguin but it still looks great. I still don't like Christian Bale......

    • steveisatree

      This third trailer really sold it for me. Awesome.

    • Mr G

      Yeah not sure Anne was the best choice for this movie, but still, as they say, I can't wait to see this!!

    • Win

      Hell YEAH I wanna see it!

    • Nick

      What does Bale say - "I'm Gotham's ..." what?

    • anne

      @Nick "I'm Gotham's Reckoning"? Perhaps?

    • RexH

      Where DOES he get those toys? This may not be the Avengers but there's no way I'm missing it!

    • Nick

      @Anne- ah, yes. I love that. Thanks.

    • daniel

      holly awesomeness batman!

    • Jessie M

      Ha! telling everything, yet saying nothing.... The Nolans

    • Berta

      This looks mean - can't w8 till it comes out

    • Eugene


    • levi

      if this third chapter works (which im sure it will) it might end up being one the best trilogys ever!

    • hodstar

      Was that a gimp suit?

    • Amy

      great ending to a trilogy. excllent popcorn flick. loved it

    • CrazyFlipper

      Have really enjoyed the first two so hope this one lives up to they hype. Catwoman looks hot I must say...

    • JoannaOC

      Anne Hathaway = bad casting :(

    • le troll

      Anne Hathaway can jump in my bed anytime

    • sonnyjim

      Looks AMAZING, can't wait!!!

    • Red


    • Chur


    • Red


    • Billy

      Could have introduced Robin in this installment to help Batman out! Just a thought.

    • Hector

      just saw this movie in a press screening we had on friday....OMG.....this is flawless....a masterpiece....you will not be dissapointed

    • Hector's Rival

      Hector is talking craaap, but this film looks good

    • Chris Nolan

      Bitches go see my movie, nao!!!

    • harry

      seeing it on double date haha

    • Hitler

      As long as Bane kills people I'm happy bitches!

    • Vale

      Christopher Nolan, hurry up and take my money

    • Jun


    • Jun

      Can't wait to see it.

    • Jack

      watched this, 9.3/10

    • Red

      Watch TRAILER 3 - easily the best. Holy moses I can't wait for this...

    • Batman

      this is the film you deserve to see, but dont need it now, so you have to wait. until i've given it everything...

    • apple.Inc


    • Matt

      Please please please be good....

    • leroy

      blowing up Pittsburgh, flying thing, catwoman, and bane. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT!

    • Everyone is...


    • Dan@Matakana

      I actually preferred this over The Dark Knight.

    • Simone

      the movie was long but mean az! Loved the story line and was pretty aite! Met my expectations that's for sure!

    • Too much psychoanalysing itself. Baddie's dialogue incomprehensible. Great music.

    • Mark

      Immensely enjoyable :D except when too much talk, "Inception", or formula (e.g. easy to pick sequel, betrayal etc). Zimmer's music A++

    • Bats

      For me, this was my favorite of the 3 Nolan Batman movies. 2 hrs 45mins flew by too. Great story, great script, great score. 4.5/5.

    • AvengersFan

      Gotta admit it was better than Avengers - like way way way better. Great stuff. Loved it. Super hero stuff for grown-ups .

    • up yours

      f no, and I'm bein nice

    • saly

      wtf, this is 4 da gay nerds who like supaheros.

    • ally

      hate u saly, why don't u shov it up urs

    • hate django

      django why don't u shov it up urs

    • hate up urs

      wtf, your a doosh so why don't u shov it up ur own ares

    • chester sucks

      wtf chester, u suck so up urs

    • hate mark

      ur such a doosh mark shove it up ur arse

    • hate ginga nina

      u such a doosh so go away and why put such a rude comment? wtf?

    • qertty

      listen to these comments: Mark Bad waste-of-time trailer is enough to put me off the movie. Django Yawn. Why the hype over the trailer?

    • Racist

      This movie makes fun of black people, I was so disgusted I walked out of the cinema.

    • bayxoxo

      I'm looking forward to watching it

    • luke

      do you people now how to spell stupids

    • The_Chihuahua

      Went to see it, Saw it, well that's it! Rave about it? Not really, definitely better than the last. But what would you expect!?

    • danielle

      i think that this movie looks absolutley incredible. im sooo excited to watch this !! omg i cant believe my eyes ! this movie looks meean !!


    Want to see it?


Flicks.co.nz Review



  • mikeauknz

    Steve ..The best ever movie review..Go to New York where you will be a big hit. keep eriting and do a screen play asap.

comment / reply
Steve Newall Flicks Writer

In a similar manner to how Heath Ledger’s death cast a shadow over The Dark Knight, there’s an air of inevitability to this conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s batrilogy. You know you’re going to be in the theatre for quite a while, that Nolan will use massive scale and strong characterisation to awe you on multiple levels, that it will aspire to loftier heights than most blockbusters, but mostly that it is actually all going to end. For all its aspirations, The Dark Knight Rises leans heavily at times on convention – a ticking clock here, a betrayal there – but these prove more welcome  than the earnest speechmaking that could so easily have sent off this great big-screen version of the caped  crusader. More

Nolan tries to replace Ledger’s magnetic performance with Tom Hardy’s imposing physicality, which impresses on the screen but isn’t hugely differentiated from the other macho brawling seen in this film or its predecessors except in terms of its massive scale. Bale excels as always as he goes on a journey that recalls both the previous two films, and so do his co-stars – Anne Hathaway proving not as out of her element as I’d anticipated.

Gotham’s plight comes close to Escape From New York territory in a big departure from what we normally get out of the toothless threats of super-villains and  there are welcome nods to the Occupy movement and Arab Spring to help differentiate this from run-of-the-mill fare. Plus the action’s great and the IMAX stuff looks awesome, but most importantly The Dark Knight Rises wraps in satisfying fashion, even if it may take a little while to fully grab you. There are some bumps along the way - it’s by no means perfect, and doesn’t hit the same heights The Dark Knight did – but Nolan’s done good. Hide

The People's Reviews


15 ratings and 15 reviews


comment / reply

Great. Just Great

JR B-Grader (?)

After being a massive fan of the Dark Knight it was great to anticipate Christopher Nolan's follow up from that great classic superhero film. After wondering wether he could pull of a great follow up to that great film. I was staunch with anticipation to achieve the such things.

I walked in with hand's done with the biggest anticipation of any film in the summer. Was I pleased? Defiantly. Everything about was excellent.

The performance's of the leads was quite spectacular. With Christian Bale's and Anne Hathaway's performance of the two leads where amazing. Christian Bale's batman was excellent with his performance of "Batman on the edge" was defiantly quite compelling. Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle or Catwoman dispelled all issues one would have when hearing about her casting. Also dispelling all misgivings of Halle Berry's Catwoman which was truly truly awful. Also the supporting cast of Michael Cain, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levit and Marion Cotillard where all spectacular to watch.

Tom Hardy's villain of Bane could have been the hole in Christopher Nolan's film. After following Heath Ledgers Joker who was hands down the best superhero villain portrayal of all time. He could have cracked under pressure. Luckily although not as compelling as Ledger's Joker as (he was not meant to be) the plan of his had complete relevance to America today which was nice to see. Although I had some issues hearing him with his mask under him with it reminding me of Darth Vader in some places.

A perfect ending to a great film franchise. Which has just gotten better and better throughout the saga.


comment / reply

More Than A Comic

GrahamP Flicks Superstar (?)

This is a great movie.
It takes movie making making to a higher level with an intelligent story.The special effects were not over the top but blended in well.It has a few twists and turns in the story which does keep you locked in.


comment / reply

Satisfying conclusion

Mark-Roulston Flicks Superstar (?)

The moment has come at last. The speculation and rumour is finally redundant. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES has arrived, and it is indeed the epic final act to Christopher Nolan's Batman saga that many were clamouring for. It's a titanic film, dwarfing even the sizable scope of the series' previous chapter THE DARK KNIGHT, and while it does come dangerously close to capsizing under the weight of its own ambition, Nolan manages to right the ship in the second half and deliver a moving, exciting, and satisfying conclusion to his story.

It's a rare occurrence that a film is this anticipated and discussed, even months before its release. Rewind one year ago, to the time when the first details of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES began to emerge, through Nolan's carefully calculated drip-feed of information. After Bane (Tom Hardy) was announced as the film's villain, many familiar with the comic book origins of the character began to ask a key question about Nolan's plans for Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale). Would the filmmaker, blessed with complete creative control, physically break Batman, as happened in the "Knightfall" comic book arc where Bane was introduced? After seeing trailers with brief shots of Bruce Wayne walking with the assistance of a cane, the evidence seemed to mount.

However, Nolan is a master of playing with audience expectations. Nobody seemed to consider that perhaps he would begin the film with Wayne already a broken man, both physically and spiritually. A near total recluse, crippled by his crime fighting days eight years earlier and emotionally eviscerated by the death of Rachel Dawes at the hands of the Joker. Wayne's life is fuelled by rage, yet the Gotham of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is a relatively peaceful place, with no real need for a vigilante. It's smart storytelling, allowing Nolan to raise Wayne from his fall, a theme of the entire saga, but unfortunately, this is where the story takes a few mis-steps. The first half of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES under-utilises Wayne/Batman in favour of building the massive story and developing each supporting character and plot thread, understandable given the complexity of the narrative, but the closing chapter perhaps needed to be more Wayne's story. There's an overabundance of characters, and as good as Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are as Selina Kyle/Catwoman and John Blake, they do take valuable screen time away from Wayne, and his self-destructive determination is never quite established fully.

Thankfully, the second half brings the goods in terms of epic scale and excitement. Once Bane's plan is fully in motion, the film becomes a tense and brutal thrill-ride which pays off on the majority of the first act's seemingly unconnected plot meandering. There are several moments which could have come across as cheesy and ham-fisted (and indeed, on repeat viewings will probably begin to grate before long), but the dark and serious tone of the film keeps some of the sillier beats in check. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is definitely the most comic book-like of the trilogy, and as such some of Nolan's insistence on realism suffers. It's also not as consistent as the previous two films, particularly THE DARK KNIGHT, and is unlikely to have the same rewatchability factor. But, even if it is the weakest of Nolan's saga, it's still a cut above the vast majority of comic book films that Hollywood produces. Hollywood history is littered with disappointing conclusions to trilogies, yet THE DARK KNIGHT RISES breaks the mould by bringing intelligent blockbuster filmmaking (which is becoming a Nolan speciality), and an unflinching, if not especially unpredictable, final chapter in one of the better film series' ever created.



comment / reply

So. Much. Epic!

BrionyJae Flicks Superstar (?)

I won't deny, I'm a self-professed Marvel fangirl. But GOSH. This. Film!! So much love. It really didn't feel like the staggering length of 2hrs 44mins, I was enjoying it far too much. Tom Hardy was magnificent as Bane - he managed to be imposing, playful and awe-inspiring while (impossibly!!) drawing my sympathies to him. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was another highlight for me - he was such a refreshing character, and that end revelation... HEAD SPINNING! :D The acting brilliance from Gary Oldman, Sir Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman was again top-notch, a real joy to watch. The best of the best, right there. And, even though I feel like I'm talking about all the characters being my favourite, I can't *not* mention Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway! Bale was, as always, fantastic at bringing Batman's emotions and struggles to life, and Hathaway was a really fun Catwoman - great mix of cunning and barely -vulnerable beneath the surface.

The storyline absorbed me right from the start, and I was delighted that I didn't see the plot twist coming - I love being surprised by films ;) I also have to mention Hans Zimmer's epic score, the music was undeniably *there* at the right places. In fact, the only negative thing I can say about this film is that while it is conclusive, it feels like it could be the beginning of so much *more*! Even though I know that he's said a definite no, I would LOVE to see Nolan create more films for his Gotham universe. There is so much territory that could be explored! AAHHHH. But I suppose that's the sign of a great filmmaker - always leaving the audience wanting more ;)


comment / reply

An OK film

simon-crawford Nobody (?)

Definitely the third best Batman movie I have seen.
Main positive was Joseph Gordon Levitt. Been a massive fan of his ever since I saw Brick and it is good that he is getting some good roles. Wasn't a huge fan of the final Anne Hathaway also looked good in the catsuit and seemed to be having fun but she was one of a few fairly underdeveloped characters.

The biggest letdown was definitely Bane. I really like Tom Hardy and he was certainly physically impressive but the voice was so off putting. A weird blend of Sean Connery and Darth Vader with the accent changing constantly through the film. Also the final few minutes that he was in the film were really anticlimatic and made a little bit of mockery of the pre film claims that he was going to be a physical and mental challenge to Batman. Totally lacked the presence of the Joker as a true arch villain.

All that said, Nolan is like Tarantino in the sense that he is incapable of making a film that is not interesting and I did enjoy it as a solid action film. Just wasn't in the class of his other recent efforts


comment / reply

Blown Away!!!!!

Josh_Haigh-Ward Wannabe (?)

I walked into the cinema with a few reservations as i am sure many did.
The Dark Night was amazing, it would take something special from Mr Nolan to top that movie. Thankfully he once again outdid himself. The Dark Night Rises was fantastic, i was completely blown away with the whole movie. I was so amazed with Tom Hardys portrayal of Bane, who gives Heath Ledgers Joker performance a run for his money. Im not an Anne Hathaway fan and thought she was the wrong choice for catwoman. However i was pleseantly suprised with her performance, not completely convinced but she wasnt bad. The whole movie was executed perfectly, back up from strong emotional performances from the entire cast.
Mr Nolan once again you have outdone yourself, and have ended your fantastic trilogy with a powerful and thoughtful ending.


comment / reply

A great way to finish

KatieF Flicks Superstar (?)

I am still coming to terms with how I really felt about this movie. The story was great and the cinematography was excellent, it never ceases to amaze me. I had my reservations beforehand about the casting of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle but I thought she was phenomenal. My personal opinion was that it was not quite as epic as 'The Dark Knight' as without Heath Ledger it just can't be as good. Overall 'The Dark Knight Rises' is a great watch. Christopher Nolan's trilogy will be hard to beat.


  • DanNz

    The end does make sense if you listen close enough. I agree with many of your comments, though.

comment / reply

This won't be popular but...

TheRocketRobot Nobody (?)

...I came out of The Dark Knight Rises with, well, a shrug. An all around feeling of "meh". Which has only been amplified by my recent re-watching of The Dark Knight (which is far from a perfect film itself).

I'll be brief and try to keep things as spoiler-free as possible, but nothing really made a whole lot of sense to me with Rises. Not Batman's leave of absence, not the villains or their ridiculous plan, and certainly not the end.

With his previous Bat-films Nolan has at least seemed like he's been engaging with larger themes but with Rises there's just no clear sense of any larger idea behind it all. The story is also, once again, a bit of a mess and really overly-complicated.

I'm still sorting through my own thoughts on the film but the best I can say at the moment? It wasn't bad.


comment / reply

Great End to a fantastic Triolgy

Aidan1 Flicks Superstar (?)

Christopher Nolan has made a fantastic triolgy and this 3rd movie was no exception, This just amazed me and had a great ending just tied it up nicley and it was nice to see the cast back again and some new cast members from Inception Nolans other movie. 5 stars


comment / reply

A truly majestic, epic, flawed and satisfying conclusion.

Craig-Sutcliffe Wannabe (?)

The legend comes to an end in spectacular fashion and although it has its fair share of faults and issues, it still delivers in spades. Christopher Nolan has stayed true to his promise of standing alongside these characters and delivering a beautiful conclusion to wrap up the trilogies characters and their stories and emotional arcs, even if some of the new characters don't quite get the same treatment. The first half of the film is clockwork and introduces new characters, some unnecessary, some not and decides not to introduce major plot points until Bane turns up in major fashion about 45 minutes in. For some this will grind the experience wanting the film to be air tight like TDK but I found it to be necessary points, but it could have been swifter. Christopher Nolan really assures us that he is a director in control and not only manages to shock and twist us and deliver gorgeous and truly exciting spectacle, but really balance a story of emotion and modern society in a frightening and realistic way. The screenplay is bloated and overflowing with ideas and could have done with a lot of tweaking and taken a bit more time on certain things, but it always remembers what is important and strives to finish exceptionally...and it does. What is notably strong is an array of actors across the board delivering truly astonishing performances. Christian Bale pains us with such vulnerability and heartache behind his eyes, Anne Hathaway really sells both Selina Kyle and Catwoman beyond words and is truly sexy, swift and spellbinding, Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows strong will and delivers a very important character so well and Tom Hardy does so much with his facial restriction and has such a chilling delivery behind those brooding eyes that show such force and his physical delivery is brutal. The voice has many moments of greatness with just a few questionable points. Unfortunately the prologue voice is now much worse, but it improves. But who was most striking in the film was a easy best supporting actor turn from Michael Caine. He bought the emotion and really tore deep. The Dark Knight Rises is really quite an astonishing and majestic spectacle that really delivers a wonderful and wholly satisfying conclusion. Just be sure to not try and focus on the
many issues and not to compare it to its predecessor.



comment / reply

Great way to finish a trilogy

Philip-Moore Flicks Superstar (?)

Batman has been retired and he must come back to battle the evil Bane played by Tom Hardy. He gets some help along the way by Catwoman played by Anne Hathaway. There are some great action sequences in here. Also a lot of great scenes of dialogue between characters this is a worthy end to a great trilogy. Great performances all around and there is a great plot twist ending. I highly recommend this film.


comment / reply

So close to 5 stars...

Luke5 B-Grader (?)

And the only reason I don't want to give it 5 stars is the few times you have to strain to hear what Bane is saying.

As is the style with Christopher Nolan movies, it is intense, there are lots of loud sounds contrasted with deafening silence and you spend a good part of your time genuinely tense as you are caught up in the magnitude of the situation the characters are in.

Looking forward to re-watching asap.


  • DanNz

    Needs more positives: Performances all excellent, stunning cinematography.

comment / reply

Spoiler free mini review

DanNz Wannabe (?)

Nolan's final Batman film is dry, heavy, bleak and rather joyless. It's a good film, but it's lacking in the 'fun' of the first two movies, and which you'd expect of a comic book movie. Batman himself never really gets a chance to shine, there's always too much going wrong. It's also overly-long, with some parts dragging on more than they should have; a tighter edit would have done a lot for it. Still, there were a lot of standout moments, and the final act is amazing. I'm complaining about it more than it deserves: it's a fitting end to the Dark Knight's trilogy, and is definitely worth seeing.


  • Critic

    Do you think its based around the French Revolution?

  • Eyes Bleeding

    Learn to paragraph.

  • Susan15

    Superb review and spot on for me! Love tohear your thoughts on the ending... :)

  • Blown Away

    This film is the bat bomb! Loved your review - but was it better than The Dark Knight?!!!

  • Tom Fan

    Yeah! Tom Hardy kiks ass! Amazing actor! great film. Sad Heath Ledger couldn't be in it - but it was still amazing!!!

  • Avengers Rule

    Cool review & yeah gotta admit it kinda kicked Avenger butt... but hey us grown up kidz gotta have movies to!

  • SteveO

    Amazing movie! Agree agree agree - keep it comin! Wonder what Nolans up to next?

  • Danni

    Christopher Nolan could film a gnat farting for 2hrs 45 mins and I'd queue up to see it. Michael Bay would blow it up though... in 3D :)

  • RexH

    @Critic: I think part of it was based on the French Revolution - I think Nolan has seen "Danton"

  • Serf007

    Bat-tastic! Seriously good end to a seriously great trilogy. Gonna miss Nolan's Batman.

  • Adam@DramaTrain

    The Nolan bros have read Dickens' 'A Tale of 2 Cities' that's for sure - hence The French Revolution vibe :)

  • SamT

    Ace review 4 an ace movie. Dont wanna spoil the ending - but sad to see Batman is dead :)

  • Starman

    True that. It was a fantastic film. Not perfect but easily worth 5 stars *****

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Nolan Bats it out of the park

adamatdramatrain Flicks Superstar (?)

TDKR is huge in every sense - yet still manages to deliver intensely dramatic small-scale scenes (Michael Caine's Alfred is particularly moving in his genuine affection for Bruce Wayne) besides the enormity of Bane blasting Gotham back to the stone age. This may be a comic-book-hero-based movie - but it ain't designed as wholesome family entertainment with a big cheesy Tony Stark-grin on its mask. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed 'The Avengers' as much as the next overgrown kid - but what Christopher Nolan's final entry in his Batman trilogy reminds us is that there are kids movies about super-duper-types in tights - and then there's dark, adult neo-noir drama that's actually about something more than sh*t blowing up, eye-popping visuals, witty dialogue and cool CGI. Whereas 'The Avengers' was fun, well made, well written and well-good - it remained at heart a Disney company financed family movie. TDKR being the final part of the trilogy, there's a palpable threat throughout that this might just be the Dark Knight's darkest night - and that he may finally be up against a foe in Bane who could, as in the comics, break the Bat for good. As Bane, Tom Hardy channels malevolence like a muscled mime on crack. His physicalisation is phenomenal and whilst that mask covers most of his face, it can't hide the hatred and passion for destruction Hardy brings to his character's eyes. But this ain't 'The Dark Knight' and the villainous Joker in the pack ain't the film's central focus. Instead we're back full-circle to 'Batman Begins' and the focus is on Bruce Wayne. Christian Bale is the best he's been in the series; a man who lucked out on being born with a diamond-encrusted spoon shoved up his Bat-side, but still bears the scars of his parents' brutal murder and the self-imposed blame for Harvey 'Two-Face' Dent's crimes from the last movie. Bale's supporting cast are superb - Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Cillian Murphy, Liam Neeson - but special mention must go to Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle / Catwoman, who so many fans feared was a casting misstep, but turns out to be a worthy addition to Nolan's Bat-clan. 'Rises' takes the benchmarks set by the two previous movies and ups the ante in every department. Nolan's entire team are at the top of their game and the design, costumes, effects, stunts - everything - combine to create a seamless 164-minute masterpiece of modern action cinema. A romantic log-fire scene aside, those 2-hours 45-minutes never drag and never let up in drama, mood or intensity. Along with his brother Jonathan, Chris Nolan has again crafted a superb, multi-layered script based on a story by David S. Goyer, that is never patronising, overly-simplistic or by-the-Hollywood-book formulaic. Drama, pathos, satire, comic-quips, social commentary - it's all here. Contemporary post 9.11 terrorism. Financial crisis. Political paranoia. Media manipulation. The ever-increasing divide between the richest and poorest members of society. The fear of anarchy instilled by the sight of crowds of protestors on city streets. Nolan puts it all in the pot, stirs well, adds liberal spoonfuls of thought-provoking scenes, nail-on-the-head dialogue and provocative visuals and concocts a heady brew. Yet throughout it remains a cracking big screen popcorn movie with a thrilling narrative. Despite the probability of more Batman movies in the future, 'TDKR' is a fitting and fabulous end to a trilogy that, for me, deserves the mantle of "Greatest Comic Book Movie Series Of All Time..." - until the next one, that is. Anyway, superlatives aside? See it. Enjoy it. Snuggle up into it like a big warm fuzzy cinematic coat - because movies this good don't come around too often. And these days, when they do, they usually involve Christopher Nolan. Nuff said?


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Epic Conclusion

DarcyClay A-Lister (?)

I'm just so happy that Nolan's Batman phenomenon exists. It's one of the most perfect trilogies ever written, and that rides off the strength of the characters involved. Not one of the personalities on screen is forgotten, everyone is allowed to show their motivations, weaknesses and aspirations with the tantamount example being Ledger's Joker. Bane could never live up to that psychotic performance but he more than makes up for it here in physical presence and the intimidating belief in his cause. This emotion is what drives the Batman trilogy and makes this epic conclusion so satisfying.

I would give this film a 4.5 mostly due to it just not being quite as good as The Dark Night, but Flicks doesn't let you award half stars so based on the strength of the trilogy overall I'll happily round up to a 5.

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Superhero filmmaking on an unprecedented scale. Rises may lack the surprise of Begins or the anarchy of Knight, but it makes up for that in pure emotion. A fitting epitaph for the hero Gotham deserves. Full review.

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Preamble complete, the dark knight duly rises for the bruising final stanza in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, a satisfying saga of revolution and redemption that ends the tale on a note of thunder. Full review.

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