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The Last Ocean, Movie

The Last Ocean 2012

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The toothfish and the battle for Antarctica's soul.

Peter Young, one of New Zealand's leading nature cameramen, heads a conservationist case against the relentless fishing in the Antarctic Ross Sea. More

A gift to marine biologists, the Ross Sea provides researchers an extremely rare chance to study healthy marine ecosystems. However, an international fishing fleet looks to upset the natural balance by targeting Antarctic toothfish. This documentary seeks to give insight to the issue and makes a case for why action needs to be taken against commercial fishing in the area. Hide

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    • Filmster

      Saw the premiere - beautiful film with a worrying message on NZ Govt's role in managing the world's last pristine ocean

    • lonealbatross

      Also attended the premiere in Auckland. A world-class doco with an important and timely message. Don't miss it!!

    • Jack Maverick

      This film just had to be made! Now its up to the people to make a stand against this madness.


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TUBBS A-Lister (?)

Well done Peter Young. The fight against greedy arseholes goes on.

The Last Ocean

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Press Reviews

NZ International Film Festival (Bill Gosden)

Young’s ravishing Antarctic footage lends emotive force to a detailed account of the conservationist case and the long political and diplomatic campaign to counteract the hungry fishing lobby. Full review.