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The Social Network 2010

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Drama about the founders of Facebook, directed by David Fincher (Zodiac, Fight Club) and starring Jesse Eisenberg (The Squid and the Whale) as Mark Zuckerberg. Based on the book The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich. More

Nowadays, Facebook has over 500 million members, is valued at $US 16 billion and has changed the way people interact worldwide. Here the story focuses on the company's origins – in Harvard college dorm rooms – and how overnight success and wealth impacted on Facebook's founders.

Justin Timberlake plays Sean Parker, the Napster co-founder who became Facebook's founding president; and Andrew Garfield plays Eduardo Saverin, the Facebook co-founder who fell out with Zuckerberg. Hide

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Aaron Yap Flicks Writer

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s gone on record to label David Fincher’s scintillating tell-all of his company’s tumultuous inception as “fiction”, but questionable journalistic integrity is a small price to pay when you’re watching something as riveting and skillfully constructed as The Social Network. More

In their adaptation of Ben Mezrich’s novel The Accidental Millionaires, Fincher and writer Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing) grip the viewer from the very first frame and proceed to translate what potentially is really dry material for cinema into a deft distillation of universal thematic hooks that form the core of many great stories: more so than the creation of a cultural phenomenon, The Social Network is the classic rags-to-riches tale, the ultimate revenge of the nerd and the heartbreaking autopsy of a broken friendship.

Played by Jesse Eisenberg, who pulls out a positively sociopathic performance that puts any reservations of his indie-geek “other Michael Cera” sensibilities at rest, Zuckerberg isn’t presented in the most flattering light, but the most human: unfalteringly brilliant but emotionally clueless. As jilted business partner Eduardo Saverin, Andrew Garfield touchingly embodies the personal collateral damage of Zuckerberg’s steamrolling.

With the exception of a canoe race montage which employs flashy “tilt-shift” photography to jarring effect, Fincher is all restrained visual rigour here, while Sorkin’s relentless, lighting-paced dialogue – matched with the nimble, non-linear editing – mirrors the speedy viral nature in which information is shared and processed in our age. An invigorating and vital film. Hide

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Best film of 2010

clararar Flicks Superstar (?)

It really was a shame this got (possibly unfairly) eclipsed by The King's Speech during awards season, but regardless of whether you love or hate or even use Facebook, or believe how close this was to true events, it's a brilliantly written and acted film that anyone can enjoy. I loved how I actually had to use my brain to keep up with all the dialogue, instead of letting it switch off as in most movies. Highly recommended.


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  • jaime


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A Star is born in Eisenberg

Morgan-Maskell B-Grader (?)

Eisenberg took the step up to A-List actor in this film. He is simply brillant and if not for Firth's performance in The King's Speech may well see himself as the frontrunner for the Oscar in any other year.

Fincher and Sorkin have their fingerprints all over this film. The script is one of a kind. It's clever, it's fast and it's just really really great.

The musical score is mesmerising also, the haunting music at the start of the film as Zuckerberg walks through Havard sets up the tone of the entire film.

The sound editing and mixing is fantastic, the nightclub scene is a clinic in filmmaking as we can clearly hear the conversation with loud music blaring - Something that may go unappreciated by some.

However there are some lazy spots - Such as the use of the female lawyer to explain some things - The audience is getting told rather than shown. It seems like she is simply there to book-end a statement made by Rooney Mara's character at the beginning of the story. The female lawyer character just seems lazy.

Also, the plotline of the asian girlfriend seemed to come and go as it pleased which creates possibly one of the worst scenes in a good movie this year as she sets the bedroom of Andrew Garfield's character alight.

Aside from those two points, The Social Network is a clinic in filmmaking. Music, editing, sounds, cinematography, writing, direction with an incredibly strong lead performance - it is everything you want in a film.

8/10 - 4 Stars


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For the geeks

Gansqa Wannabe (?)

I would have to say not many people would enjoy this. But as a happy geek I found it quite amusing and somewhat harsh. I hope Mark wasn't that much of a jerk in real life.


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Emily Nobody (?)

Loved the character that was zuckerburg. Jesse Eisenberg played it well. Alot of himself in there my guess. I found myself cheering him on throughout. The interrogation was brilliant,love this angle...the system against the underdog...good stuff. Of course coming out on top is magic. The harvard guys had to get their piece of the pie be it by devious corporate means...look at wall st. and he still outwit them in the financial stakes. There are guys like him out there right now. A must see again and must have DVD when it comes out. A Delish Script. Watch for Oscar night. Not favoured at Baftas Oscar might be more generous.


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Brilliant !! Great acting ""

Jules Nobody (?)

You get totally drawn into the mood & atmosphere of the euphoria as the story unfolds . Truly amazing & totally enjoyable ,as a simple idea , within 5 or so years ends up giving a net worth of 7 billion to a man who still is'nt 25,""


  • i totally agree

    with this guy

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Not bad

Philip-Moore Flicks Superstar (?)

Solid film, with good performances about the beginnings of facebook


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Polygurl A-Lister (?)

I know I enjoyed a movie when I'm still talking about it a week later after seeing it!

Whether the story was true or not, it was fascinating to get a small glimpse into how Facebook was made. Loved the ending!


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History in the making, as they say

Brian1 Flicks Superstar (?)

Who knows how accurate this representaion was, but clearly something of a chronicle, riveting all the way.
And yet another example of both the ingenuity of the man and the range in his personality.
Dont miss this one.


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Top notch tale of entrepreneurial desire and betrayal

Marty Nobody (?)

This movie is a must-see. It leaves you with entrepreneurial inspiration thanks to it's brilliant biographical study of the history of the creation of one of the phenomenons of the last decade. And yet it couples that with a riveting tale of corporate back-stabbing.

It does come across very much as the "Eduardo Saverin" story, but having very strong central characters allows the plot to construct the eventual split between the two leads. If there's one oversight it's that the final rift is done too suddenly, before the audience has been warmed up for it, and despite Eisenberg's amazing performance you are still left with some questions on his quixotic character's motives.

But overall it's a really good watch. The staid courtroom interrogation flashing back to the flashier past events is done well, reminiscent of the style used to such good effect in Slumdog Millionaire. Only "Seven" and "Fight Club" in Fincher's repertoire are better.


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Easy, genius watch

Ken-Burns Flicks Superstar (?)

This is a great version of history and how to do something incredibly creative/innovative well. Mark Zuckerberg's way into making facebook is fascinating and tells a story that is so worth watching again


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A great insight

Seen Them All Nobody (?)

A good movie well worth the watch. Nothing riveting or exciting, just a great insight into how Facebook began. I thought the movie was well made and it brought a smile to my face more than once. Worth seeing.


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David Fincher's Facebook movie works.

Stevee-Taylor B-Grader (?)

Jesse Eisenberg is perfect as Mark Zuckerberg, and I could barely believe that it was the same guy who was in Zombieland in this movie. Andrew Garfield, too, is perfect as Eduardo Saverin.
David Fincher's direction uses subtlety to it's most brilliant effect, and also the music supplies the final touch to this perfect film. Aaron Sorkin's script is highly intelligent, riveting and intriguing. Go see it, it's the movie of the year!


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Not Zucky but great!

Abby Nobody (?)

I couldn't help but like Zuck. He's socially inept, an ahole and greedy, but he's so driven and desperate that we can all identify in some way. I enjoyed the movie from start to finish and now find myself looking at facebook in an entirely different way.


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Genius man, genius movie

BP Nobody (?)

This is excellent. Some may not like Zuckerberg in the movie, but I thought he was awesome - a wanker for sure, emotionally inept, but a one-in-a-million guy. Young and super ambitious. I was endeared to him.

The movie speeds along, and is riveting from start to finish.


  • thank you

    to someone who's got it right. you clearly can think for yourself.

  • Gerd

    I agree, but remember you have at least to give one star to vote a movie down!

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don't bother Nobody (?)

Movie was completely long and boring gave up half way through. Movie is basically about an a-hole who wants to become rich and will do anything to do it even stabbing his best and only friend in the back. Wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone!!. I am not sure why this movie has been so talked about and been rated highly.

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Press Reviews

96% of critics recommend

Consensus: "Impeccably scripted, beautifully directed, and filled with fine performances, The Social Network is a riveting, ambitious example of modern filmmaking at its finest."

ROTTEN TOMATOES SCORE. Read more reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.
Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)

David Fincher's film has the rare quality of being not only as smart as its brilliant hero, but in the same way. It is cocksure, impatient, cold, exciting and instinctively perceptive. Full review.

Christchurch Press (Margaret Agnew)

Absolutely riveting examination of the social media phenomenon that is Facebook. Full review.

Dominion Post (Graeme Tuckett)

I just came across a lovely quote from the writer of The Social Network, and it seems it's a fair place to start this review - fair because the real star of this film is the script. Full review.

Empire (UK)

A rich, understated character drama that gleefully exposes the petty playground politics at the centre of one of the internet-era's most bitter court cases. Full review.

Guardian (UK)

David Fincher captures the spiteful personalities and hyperactive spirit of the age with the story of Facebook's creation Full review.

Guardian (UK)

David Fincher captures the spiteful personalities and hyperactive spirit of the age with the story of Facebook's creation Full review.

Hollywood Reporter

The film comes down to a mesmerizing portrait of a man who in any other age would perhaps be deemed nuts or useless, but in the Internet age has this mental agility to transform an idea into an empire. Full review.

Little White lies (UK)

One of cinema’s greatest strengths is that it can make the ordinary and mundane exciting and adventurous. It’s a rare thing though, and when you see it, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out how it happened. In the case of The Social Network there’s no trick. Full review.

Los Angeles Times

Smartly written by Aaron Sorkin, directed to within an inch of its life by David Fincher and anchored by a perfectly pitched performance by Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network is a barn-burner of a tale that unfolds at a splendid clip. Full review.

New York Times

When Mr. Eisenberg makes Mark's face go blank, the character seems scarily emptied out: it's a subtly great, at times unsettling, performance Full review.

NZ Herald (Dominic Corry)

Master director David Fincher (Fight Club, The Game) mines big drama out of the origins of Facebook in this entertaining zeitgeist-grab Full review.

San Francisco Chronicle

But make no mistake, whether the movie is fair or horribly unfair - I know nothing of the actual facts and can't make that determination - its portrait of Zuckerberg is a hatchet job of epic and perhaps lasting proportions. Full review.

Total Film (UK)

“Every creation myth needs a devil,” notes one of Mark Zuckerberg’s attorneys as the Facebook creator resigns himself to legal defeat. The Social Network is the story of one man’s God complex igniting his demonisation. It’s what happens when anarchy is assimilated – how rebellion gets contorted into money. Full review.

Total Film (UK)

“Every creation myth needs a devil,” notes one of Mark Zuckerberg’s attorneys as the Facebook creator resigns himself to legal defeat. The Social Network is the story of one man’s God complex igniting his demonisation. It’s what happens when anarchy is assimilated – how rebellion gets contorted into money. Full review.

Variety (USA)

Continues Fincher's fascinating transition from genre filmmaker extraordinaire to indelible chronicler of our times Full review.