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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, Movie

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 2011

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The penultimate chapter in the Twilight saga which sees Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) finally tie the knot. While Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn book was the last in the series, it's been split into two parts for the movies - this is the first.

After their secluded honeymoon off the coast of Brazil, the newlyweds find turmoil in the form of an unexpected pregnancy. The half-human half-vampire grows at an alarming rate, with the birth threatening to end Bella’s life. Fearing the worse for their people, The Quileute and The Volturi seek to destroy the unborn being. Meanwhile, the pregnancy brings an unexpected development for Jacob (Taylor Lautner)...

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    • sam

      i wanna so see this but i hope this aint gunna be r18

    • courtney

      i hope its not an r18 movie but i wanna c it :)

    • Casey

      I cant wait to see this dragging the bf along too

    • rachael k

      Um yes yes yes and YES 100x (and im no teen ppls) hale yeah !!! bring on BD

    • rachael k

      lol coutrney and sam .. it wont be r18 but it better not be pg or G 13 either .. if ya read the books it needs to be pg 15 + ..

    • Ash

      OMG i cant wait i wish it was Nov already

    • Anna

      Ahahaha the thought of someone thinking that this would be R18 is ridiculous.

    • hodstar

      Tihs whole series needs to be binned! Boring silver shimmering crap!

    • Matt

      another one -_-

    • dead

      the trailer is short

    • younglife

      what a bad trailer!

    • loahfslakhf

      that sucks

    • Ebony

      What the "H" I'm really excited for the movie, but what kind of trailer was that!!!!

    • Ashley

      cant wait to c tht movie but wat was up wif the tarlior its to short and shows u hardly anything thts ganna happen in the movie

    • Daniel-Robinson

      The first trailer just hit go too hollywoodreporter.com or just wait for ed to bring it too you.

    • Clabe

      Woops! *Press the thumbs down button

    • Gaza

      God will this dross never end

    • Foxboy

      So...vampires are dead right? So I imagine their sperm is too...

    • Tilly

      Looks so wicked I cant wait

    • Keisha

      yeiyah breaking dawn part 1 soooo can't wait till it comes out in cinemas. Both thumbs up for all the Twilight movies.

    • Ree

      @Foxboy, that's true. But then again Vampires don't exist, nor werewolves, nor anything that happens in movies. So...

    • Jane

      Awesome but not 1 of the best trailers i have seen. out of a scale of 10 i would give it a 4 and a half.

    • G4MB!T

      honestly.......what's the big fuSS?????

    • Hokeypanky

      OMFG I sooo cant wait for this....

    • Spuddy

      OMG = hope it follows the books!

    • hollar833

      Hardout!! cant WAIT! 2 SEE gtah be woth the wait:p

    • Leonie

      Such a huge huge fan I can't wait.....

    • Glenys


    • carrycot

      Am so looking forward to this movie...will be the movie of the year!

    • katek

      Gay gay gay

    • laquanxaysha

      where can i pre-order tickets?

    • shopqueen

      read the books ,and the movies are wonderful, can't wait ,goosebumbs

    • Char

      Man I can't wait to see this

    • Eric

      I like chimps

    • katek

      i feel sick

    • Hodstar

      Lucky I threw up and caught my own bile in my mouth as I was in the library when I saw this trailer, would have been messy!

    • Leigh-Ann

      EXCITING...cant wait to see the rest as the saga continues!

    • Molly

      OMG cant wait!!!!!!

    • nrw

      the first three should never have been made

    • Amsterdam


    • Kingi

      Her Dad looks like Randy from South Park

    • Horah

      Mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to watch it from the inside.... No!! I cant wait at all, i just have to see it now!

    • Polly

      When do tickets go on sale!!!???

    • Kylie

      OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! that Video Gave My GooseBumps!

    • Sam&Steph

      Can't wait to see it! OMG can't believe the date was set back! GRRRRRR!!!! I am not sleeping

    • I don't have....

      ur all sad freaks for watching this trailer! You have now no life! xoxo

    • meeeee0.

      i hate my eyes

    • jizz in my pants

      i jizzed in my pants when edward broke that bed!! oh yeah!!

    • peed my pants

      now has to go pee after watching this....

    • gay

      worst movie ever!!!!

    • gay

      sooooooooooooo gay

    • someone

      this is the most horrible tralier ever and i bet its gonna be the most horrible movie to. i just wasted 3 to 4 min of my life watching this.

    • Espaaranza

      love it can't wait till it comes out...

    • chin

      can't wait to see it...don't care if others don't like it...

    • cmsexy

      oh yes! just hope that it's worth waiting for...

    • Connor

      I hate ow people compare this to harry potter, Its nothing on harry

    • SweetieBtch

      going to the cinemas to watch this shizz, yeaaaaah sweetiebtch dont mess with it.

    • Maggie Aggie

      Two words: vampire caesarian!

    • Gary-Cottle

      The only thing missing is Ripley to blast that alien half breed from her GUTS!!

    • No!

      Its, its ... its a werewolf! Well this is awkward. Married a day and you've already slept with a wolf?

    • Raul

      This series is a comedy right? So agree @no!, that would be hilarious!

    • Hugo Burns

      I thought this movie would be s#^! but looks quite good. team jacob

    • stella

      ooooh my dream wedding....except i would want to be marrying taylor....TEAM JACOB 4 LYF

    • Hugo

      I think everybody is a bit over the twitlight saga they should have already ended

    • nothugo

      shut up hugo this will be amazing

    • Leonie

      Oh man so can't wait man hardout!!!

    • ashlee

      holy caholly this looks so cool and freakin awesome!!!

    • Just Me

      Bah hah! I'd rather put needles in my eyes.

    • Wininz

      So now I'm excited. But just about the ending.

    • Bubbie

      OMG OMG I can't bloody wait!!!!!

    • slychick

      I agree wit bubble! OMG! CAN'T WAIT!

    • hokeypanky

      OMFG, I cant wait for this, Im getting shivers all thru my body!

    • alex

      i will not pay money to see this

    • Charlotte

      Just me or is Edward looking less and less attractive with each movie while Jacob gets hotter? XD

    • sim


    • Clabe

      hahaha! tripe

    • Jase

      The movies are a good reflection of the mindless drivel in the books, I know I'm not supposed to like them and yet... I like, can't wait!

    • awesum girl

      wow.... edwards gets ugly and bella gets pregnent... GOT TO SEE IT!

    • isaac lester

      it looks like poo

    • tumblr <3

      moistplinth.tumblr.com/ check it out tumblr lovrs

    • bub


    • sexy baaybe,xx

      ooohh my gawsh lawwl ths looks soooo guuuud lawl

    • hrd2fnd1

      This sequel never has to end the possibilities could go on forever it is so good. Someone please start writing another book quick lol.

    • Vittoria

      Love the movie, whoever say it looks like crap theyre way wrong.. its not girly gogogopoo its actually quite epic..must watch

    • vickie

      love dis book cnt wait for da movies :) TEAM JACOB

    • itGirl

      woah yes can't wait.. hope there is a midnight screening so i can go dressed at a vamp and scare people!!!

    • hotness

      Omg must see!!!

    • !!!!

      YAY! Can't wait for this movie! Watching it for my birthday party!

    • Twifan10

      looks epic to see can't wait to see it

    • nami

      OMG LOOKS MEAN... Cant wait...Raaaaa

    • Marama xx

      i love dis movie i cant wait untill i comes out lmao must see :)

    • loveme<3

      OMG...i love this movie when is coming out??

    • Masiv

      cnt w8!hpe thez a midnyt sesh?bella..pain..epic

    • Neen

      I absolutely love TWILIGHT ! like literally .

    • heey

      OMG im so excitecd to watch this aaaaaah!

    • girlfriend

      SO EXCITED!!!!♥

    • girlfriend

      definitely cant wait for their wedding and honeymoon :DD

    • lols

      Must c now!!!!!!!!!

    • Harlow

      YUSS!! Got to see itt!!!!

    • kill me now

      yawn fest

    • kill me now

      screw u learn to appreciate a story

    • WOW

      Cant wait to see this movie. My boyfriend closet likes it too!

    • Tash



      biggest waste of time and money EVER!!!!!

    • glydaytrietry

      so much awkwardness in on movie. too painful to waste money on

    • Amy

      omg i just cant flippin wait to see this movie its gona be so intense just watching this trailer made me tense up omg im so keen!!!

    • Gosshh!

      Hurry 17th♥

    • ashlee

      what is the rating!!!! <:(

    • Jamie

      I would like to see it but its not the best trailer I have seen better

    • mickey

      cant wait

    • Bella

      cant wait to see it !!

    • Awsum

      read the book, looking forward to seeing it on screen...Yay ++

    • Matangaro

      waiting to long bastards a whole year, i want more please

    • Yvonne

      I cant wait, the movies are the bost ever!! Hurry 17th

    • rena

      sooo excitng ive ben w8n to c it u kan neva gt sik awf it

    • Cammy

      Its Aite Buht I Can Wait ; lolz :P



    • Jwelz

      I so cant wait to watch it just watching the trailer makes me tense the one thy get married and the one wen bella is havn baby....COME 17TH

    • yvet

      cant wait t see it! `luv bella & edward... :)

    • mamasita

      cant wait to c dz.. :)

    • Ruthie

      OMG the book was awesome so I'm thinking that the movie will be too...fingers x'd - hurry up already and bring on Nov the 17th whoop whoop!

    • S8rGurl

      The book is awesome, the movies gonna be awesomer!!! HARDCORE

    • Chad

      Are they for REAL another one....A donkey of series of movies...Chad

    • siobhan

      yus another twilight movie!!!

    • fia

      yay me and my friend cant wait to go c it!!!

    • Mele

      Team Edward Cullen all the way! Love his red eye nd him being a vampire, sexy, hot looking, love how he treats bella. cant wait watch movie

    • Yay!

      Can't wait to see the movies!! I am so excited. Still don't know the film rating though!

    • helena

      yay!!! cant wait

    • monicarose

      so looking foward to it TEAM JACOB

    • amy

      is it restricted? x if so what is the age?

    • amy

      is it restricted? x if so what is the age?

    • Sophie Ferris

      lol coooooooooool can't freaking wait. team edward 4 lyfe

    • Awesome!

      Cannot wait to see this the book was the best out of all of them so lets hope the movies is just as good! TEAM JACOB! he is so hot!!

    • Not restricted

      @amy - it's rated M for mature audiences, but not restricted.

    • samas

      midnight sun should be written

    • sally

      hahaha cant wait YAY pale faces TEAM EDWARD ALLDAI!!

    • Sophie

      midnight sun should be published

    • Liz

      Team JACOB!

    • danielle

      team JACOB

    • Elna

      Would rather be waterboarded by Crusher Collins than subject myself to this

    • twilight addict

      Love it all my friends are watching the first 3 and then going to watch breaking dawn...i have been waiting for ages to watch it...

    • Lizzzz

      I can't wait til midnight tonight to watch this movie :)

    • brittz

      i caint wait to watch it tommorow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • karizza

      I already watched it... it made me speechless... i wish the part 2 will be showing now!

    • lucas

      this is gay

    • Team Jacob

      OMG i cant wait to see it!! I already know it will be the best one out of the serries. GO TEAM JACOB

    • Tabitha

      Loved the movie, want to see part 2 asap

    • ???

      Can't wait to see it!!! :D

    • Emily-Gooch

      the best yet. Finally a bit of normality. The wedding light fun enyoyed first half. Rob brings it all back. Taylor great job.

    • Jess Mason

      it looks crap

    • Peggysue

      The best movie i've seen in a while. But not as good as the book.

    • danny_ill

      The best one of the series so far, stuck pretty close to the book.

    • susan

      Awesome movie. I really liked it and thought the movie was very well done. I am definitely going to see it again!

    • nga

      i havnt even watched it but i heard its a chick flick as movie!!!!

    • tori g


    • Fanchastic

      Great movie to watch! Best watched in GOLD CLASS away from the bald head nutters on minimum wage LOL.

    • shiftbutton

      Wow, what a snob. Movie sucks

    • Laura

      Going to see it today cant wait!!!

    • caitlin

      i cant wait to go c it today. me and my mum are going,. she loves these types of movies. and it looks sooo awesome.

    • vCliqq-Dozo

      I watched this movie yesterday... It was unexpectedly better than i thought the ending makes me want to watch part two of the movie......

    • Dorka

      Love it! It's exactly like the book!!! :)

    • lilly

      i am not sure if i want to see it but i might for fun. im still waitig on hunger games!!!

    • Amber

      ily jacob all da way !!! :D

    • chardaaye

      i wish my boyfriend waas liek edward cullen ! :L personalit wise haha

    • ...

      What. The Fu-

    • teigan

      have seen it got the bracelets and everything its awesome!!!!!

    • Emily

      Love it. It has a good plot, leaves you on a cliffhanger and it worth watching again and again.

    • sophie

      awesome.....can't wait till breaking dawn part 2 comes out-makes you die because you want to see the next!!!!!

    • sophie

      awesome.....i am going to die if i don't see the next-hope the next doesn't leave u hanging and ends but still awesome!!!!!!!!


    Want to see it?


Flicks.co.nz Review



  • Dara

    I agree with the reviewer, too much anticipation. I hope there is a different director for the last one... even his credit font was wrong!

  • DanS

    They've split a book where literally nothing happens into 2 films. That's a whole lot of nothing happening...

  • I disagree

    There are two clear stories that happen in the last book and I cant wait for the next!

  • jaytewake

    BILL CONDON did the BEST job by a long shot... He has involved alot of aspect in which a fan like myself LOVES

comment / reply
Rebecca Barry Hill Flicks Writer

Aside from the fact that the fourth instalment in the Twilight film series sounds like a description of flatulence, Breaking Dawn is the worst Twilight film to date. The story is weak, the script embarrassing and the action, when there is any, completely silly. Twilight has never been the most high-brow phenomenon but what the first three films had in spades – erotic tension – falls as limp as a cold vampire appendage. More

It’s not entirely the fault of the filmmakers, who want to remain faithful to Stephenie Meyer’s source material. Of course fans want to see Bella and Edward get married and then get down to the business of what people are expected to do on their wedding night (Bella, should you really be shaving your legs now?). But spending a third of the movie on honeymoon with the newly consummated couple is about as exciting as watching a game of chess. Guess what else they do on honeymoon? They play chess.

The fallout from this dreamy act, which has the same effect as Mulder and Scully getting it on, is the prospect of a vampire baby who may or may not slowly kill Bella from the inside. Note the word ‘slowly’. There’s little else in the drawn-out finale to explore here, other than Jacob’s obvious disgust and his loyalty to Bella which puts him at odds with his wolverine family.

It’s not entirely without merit. There are funny wedding speeches, a couple of sexy bits, blood smoothies and a climax reminiscent of Alien. But where the original films made up for their shortfalls with edgy cinematography, Bill Condon’s direction is as flat as the plot. Hurry up and get to the final film would you? This one’s a bit whiffy. Hide

The People's Reviews


16 ratings and 16 reviews


comment / reply


BigDave Nobody (?)

I have to say out of the other episodes this film has brought forth this was by far the most slowly paced.. I wouldn't say I am a fan of the series but the were watchable.. this movie was so ponderous, that I wondered if they would ever get to the end or depict something happening at all..


comment / reply

Okay, but bring on Part 2

IMHO Nobody (?)

A movie very rarely matches up to the book it is based on, and this holds for Breaking Dawn Part 1. The wedding was quite lovely, the birth was very messy and the wolf/vampire fight near the end was, I think, one of the highlights. The wolves "talking" didn't really work and some of the lines were pretty naff. I'm not sure if portrayal of the "change" process really worked unless you had some idea of how the book described it, but then again I have yet to come up with a better way of showing it.

I was a little surprised that they split the book where they did - I thought it would have gone on a bit further as there is a natural break a couple of chapters further on in the book, however leaving it where they did does provide a good start for the next movie.

Overall, it was okay. It is not my favourite of the Twilight movies to date. I will watch it again, but quite possibly not until it comes out on DVD. I am very keen to see what they do with Part 2 though. Roll on Nov 2012!


comment / reply


foxygirl Nobody (?)

I enjoyed this edition of the Twilight saga, it was close to the book version, considering how much detail there was in the book. When it came to the end though, I thought that it didnt seem long enough. There seemed to be a big lead up, then - the end. But I guess they have to leave something for next time. I look forward to the next movie, but will be sorry to see the series end.


comment / reply


CSBright Flicks Superstar (?)

best twilight yet awsome i loved it


comment / reply

great movie

muzazmum Nobody (?)

i thought this movie was great - i wasn't expecting much given the reviews but then i thought when have they given any of the twilight saga a good review? Yeah initially i thought not much of a story you know they get married, have a honeymoon and then have a baby - not so exciting on paper but i think they did well with the material (i'm sure the author ever intended her story to be split into two parts). I thought the filmind was good, yeah the talking wolves were a bit weird and so was morphing that child's face onto the baby. But i thought rob pattinson and kristen stewart were very good and convincing. I really really really liked the part at the beginning when edward had red eyes - thought they could have developed that backstory more, but on the whole a great movie. Yahoo can't wait till the next!


  • Marama

    I am curious to know as to how you could improve on that. In the book, they DO communicate telepathically...

  • Marama

    Maybe they should've stayed silent and ourselves gained telepathy. Or maybe you're suggesting they moved their mouths, Ed Horse Style??

  • luisaisabella

    the special effects were terrible. it was completely unrealistic. and yes i am aware i have read the series

  • luisaisabella

    ..which is why i was so disappointed, i expected better! lots of films have talking animals and done a lot better

  • jay

    there not talking animals you idiot they can just hear each others thoughts, how else are they suppost to show that.

comment / reply

could anyone take those talking wolves seriously?

luisaisabella Wannabe (?)

although it did have parts that were better and more bearable than the others, the film had serious flaws! I mean come on, those talking wolves? that was pretty terrible. it could of (unlikely but whatever) been a 'great film moment' but it failed miserably.


  • Paul

    u don't always have to say negative things about movie say something positive for once you jerk

comment / reply

stupid blue movie

Gerd Flicks Superstar (?)

A stupid (blue) movie, predominately produced for the sexual repressed American.


  • jaytewake

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH.. i went to the premiere in LA and being around Twi-Hards made it more enjoyable

  • Gerd

    the story's demented

comment / reply

Loved it!

KatieF Flicks Superstar (?)

Best one in the series so far despite what most of the reviews are saying. It stuck very close to the book, which I wasn't expecting. Still a few missing pieces and some cheesy one liners and music, but in a lot of ways the book is cheesier. Overall I loved it, as a true Twilight fan should.


  • Emily-Gooch

    The less Kristen says the better. Get over yourself Kristen. Give us Bella not you

comment / reply

beautiful, touching - less teen more romance.

JayC4Shaw Flicks Superstar (?)

This movie is the first I did NOT at ANY given time cringe at the poor Stewardisms Kirsten seems to put into every one of her characters: 5 minute pauses to dialouge, lip biting and hair combing. For the first time I trully believed in Bella and Edwards relationship.

Also another side note: TWILIGHT got the last book RIGHT. Harry Potter's final part 2 of the second book had too much flash back and not enough dramatic ending.

This movie beautifully ties in moments of past movies and gives the audience time to cherish the years they have been following the movie: it is CLEAR here the director has done so NOW, in order to clear the air for a dramatic (SPOILER-ish) Volturi CLASH in the end movie.

It was very romantic. and very loving. I believed the true emotions in their honey moon scene, and it allows you to think back to your first time. I saw myself in their awkwardness, in her getting ready. It is almost in a sense, a 'the notebook' for a younger audience.

BEAUTIFULLY DONE, the best movie so far.

ONLY BAD PART - this scene was so beautiful that the fight at the end was pathetic. Also (SPOILER) the way Jacob imprinted was BEYOND cheesy. But other than that I LOVED Bella throughout the movie.



  • JayC4Shaw

    Oh no actually everyone who reads the books agrees that in real life, there relationship is not healthy.

  • jaytewake

    Yes there relationship isnt healthy but i still like the effects and things in this film

comment / reply

More rant than review. Apologies..

Mark-Roulston Flicks Superstar (?)

One of the most impressive things I have seen in the cinema this year was the final chapter in the Harry Potter series, not necessarily because of the quality of the film, but rather how Warner Bros. managed to maintain the quality of the franchise over ten years and eight films. Seeing the end to a cinematic phenomenon, one which we are unlikely to see the likes of again for quite some time, is bittersweet, but The Deathly Hallows, part two managed to tie everything together in a satisfying, if not ultimately surprising manner. While maybe the film didn't need to be split into two, it's hard to imagine that many fans of the series would be disappointed in how the conclusion turned out. Now that Harry Potter has ended, the next huge franchise soon to end is the Twilight saga, and, like Potter, in the interest of selling twice the number of tickets the finale Breaking Dawn has been split into two films. I can understand why Harry Potter is such a beloved franchise. We are given a compelling, easily relatable hero who bravely stands his ground against everything awful that is thrown at him, while also dealing with the realities of growing up and facing responsibility. Surrounded by the fantastical world of wizards, potions and dragons, there is something so real about Harry that grounds the story for us. Twilight on the other hand is a complete mystery. I honestly cannot understand the popularity of these books and films, and if I had children of my own I probably wouldn't allow them to watch this series. It's upsetting that this has become the standard of young adult fiction, and how anyone, regardless of age, could find this nonsense even slightly romantic is baffling. That said, Breaking Dawn, part one is an absolutely fascinating film, filled with more bizarre moments than the previous three films combined, and it's almost worth seeing just to bask in the sheer lunacy of it all. Almost.

Following an opening scene which allows Jacob (Taylor Lautner) to take his shirt off, Breaking Dawn begins with the lead-up to the moment everyone has been waiting for: the marriage of Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson). Predictably the scene is pure wedding porn, dragged out to a ridiculous length, but interestingly highlights the biggest problem with the Twilight saga right from the outset: Bella and Edward are a terrible couple. Bella seems so disconnected from Edward, even scared of him. They're supposed to be this perfect couple, but their relationship is so weird and distant that it just never seems right. Only when Jacob appears at the wedding does Bella seem to come to life, suggesting that she probably should have been with him all along. But no, she and Edward are married and set off for their honeymoon on the Cullen family's private island (after an inexplicable stopover in Rio de Janeiro). So far, so humdrum, but luckily it's at this point that Breaking Dawn really goes off the deep end. Given free rein following the success of the earlier books, it seems that author Stephenie Meyer had no-one around to question the decisions she makes regarding this story, all of which are completely insane.

First, the love scene. It has been established that vampire/human sex is potentially dangerous, and that Bella's life is in danger if she and Edward wish to consummate their marriage. So, what Meyer expects to be a touching, romantic moment between young lovers becomes a sick, voyeuristic ordeal that leaves Bella bruised, and the bedroom in ruins. Thankfully, in the interests of salvaging the film's PG-13 rating, the scene is brief. Much has been made of Twilight's theme of abstinence, but is Meyer really that terrified of intercourse that, even after the wedding, sex is still so closely aligned with physical abuse? Next, Bella instantly becomes pregnant with a half human, half vampire demon child which grows at such a rate that it begins to consume its mother from the inside. There's some mention of abortion made which is more or less forgotten right away, bringing up another problem with this series: Meyer isn't able to effectively convey what her themes are at all. There are so many random moments where some message seems to be coming through, but before it can be explored it's forgotten, or more likely replaced by another obscure metaphor which doesn't make ay sense. Maybe it's because I'm not in the targeted teenage girl demographic, but it seemed that for at least half of this film I was left scratching my head.

Review continued at tinribs27.wordpress.com


  • JayC4Shaw

    the key thing that sticks out from the books is the rawness of love-like this movie. I recon this movie is the closest to the books

comment / reply

Embarassing even for the bigest twilight fan!!!!!

gal Nobody (?)

Damn I am a massive twi-hard,love love twilight (4 movie marathion fan)and yet I am disappointed.
45 mins in and I am like mmm yep cool it is all happeing, a bit of humor , lots of edward and bella ...them whamooo, it was like being hit in the face by a wet fish
Wolves start talking mixed growling while in wolf form, really lame one liners start flowing ... um what am I watching a saturday morning cartoon????. ...... Not sure what to say 45 mins of good edward bella stuff, the other 75mins or so were a bit like watching the ever so cringe worthy "the running through the woods" scene from New moon over and over again, totally amiss and very cringe worthy even for a twilight film, I am totally dissapointed and not sure if I will be going to see Breakig Dawn 1 more than twice in the movies.


  • DanS

    What? More like Look Who's Talking meets The Addams Family.

comment / reply


carlisle Nobody (?)

Stick to the book then it will be just like Ben hur, Titanic and Lord of the rings: return of the king 11 oscars and one of the greatest movies of all time cant wait!!! GIVE ME TICKETS NOW


  • JayC4Shaw

    I'm glad it got the reminiscing done during this movie, in time for the up-comance required in the next.

comment / reply

Anticipation of the end of a phenomenon

Charlie Black Nobody (?)

To be honest the last movie in every series (like Harry Potter etc.), is the most highly anticipated, climatic and acclaimed of the series. My only reason for putting 4 is because it's the last movie of a sensation series and it's predescors other than New Moon were actually pretty good. It's the last film. This like what happend with The Dark Knight, in the beginning no one cared, because it had been 3 years since Batman Begins, the only difference is that no one had died.

But still I am excited to hear more and mainly I have to agree with most of the other reviewers!!


comment / reply


CHA Nobody (?)

OMG!:) i can't wait til it comes out i am a huge fan and have been watching the series ever since it came out


comment / reply


Roisin Nobody (?)

i sounds awesome


comment / reply

Breaking Dawn

Maree Nobody (?)

OMG Gimee the trailer!! Can't wait until the movie comes out!!!!!!!!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

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A.V. Club (USA)

It may be impossible for anyone but existing fans to take this seriously, but for the unconverted, it's still a legitimately engaging, gape-worthy nutso spectacle. Full review.

Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)

Absorbing, if somewhat slow-paced, and has without doubt the most blood-curdling scene of live childbirth in a PG-13 movie. Full review.

Empire (UK)

The acting's better than it's ever been, but with the best will in the world, this can't get past the fact that the story's demented. Full review.

Hollywood Reporter

The film is like a crab cake with three or four bits of crab surrounded by loads of bland stuffing... Full review.

New York Times

The latest and best of the movies about a girl, her vampire and their impossible, ridiculously appealing - yes, I surrendered - love story. Full review.


An emotionally fraught, dramatically leaden tale... Full review.

Total Film (UK)

Flat performances, dodgy plotting and rubbish talking wolves aside, this is a weirdly grim addition to the supposedly tween-friendly franchise, less fairy tale than misjudged horror show. Full review.

Variety (USA)

Disappointing that a story so pregnant with dramatic possibilities should wind up feeling like such an unconsummated opportunity. Full review.