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The Vow, Movie

The Vow 2012

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Romantic drama based on the true story of a man (Channing Tatum, Dear John) who works on re-winning the heart of his wife (Rachel McAdams, The Notebook) after she suffers severe memory loss. More

Hospitalised after a car accident, Paige awakens from a coma with her memory wiped. Identifying her newlywed husband as no more than a stranger, Leo seeks a way to reignite their love.

This is Michael Sucsy’s big-screen directorial step-up from his TV feature debut Grey Gardens, adapted from the book of the same name about the experiences of Kim and Krickett Carpenter. Hide

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    • Kay

      2 of my fav actors!!

    • Sam

      Like 50 First Dates...only not funny.

    • Sophie Ferris

      cAnT WaIt!?1!! cHaNNiNg tAtUm iS SoOoOoOoo fYN x0x0x0

    • MCW

      Looks good, another film to add to the list of must sees

    • Kirk

      Are you people serious??? Looks aweful.

    • Emma

      i can't wait to go and see this :) Yay!!!

    • larissa


    • Nicki

      How could anyone forget Channing? Even after a head injury

    • asd

      ooh looks adorable :)

    • Ms Torres

      Pass ... This is just way to uh love story for me!

    • ltm

      So forced, formulaic and super cheesy. Blah!!

    • reetz

      :) cool

    • g-man

      just what the world needs another chick flic :(

    • Meeka

      im a sucker for these types of mivies

    • Daniel

      Oh god. My wifes gonna love this!

    • Suse

      Those are some bad wigs!

    • Ema

      A non comedic version of 50 First Dates

    • Matangaro

      thump! thump ! thump! spunky men saying nice things

    • $0PHIA K.

      OMG! ive been dying to see this!!! D-: ahh channings hot ehehehe.

    • reetz

      oh yeah... so gona see this...

    • Johanna

      the book that goes with this movie is now available at Manna Christian Stores nationwide!

    • unknown

      cant wait to see this

    • Andrew

      Seen the trailer and this looks bad, soooooo bad.(completely objectively speaking, I have nothing against 'chick flicks').

    • Andrew Cont...

      It could be mildly interesting if the girl realizes that their love and marriage was based on their shared history, and leaves him.

    • Andrew Cont... 2

      As she is now a different person, but then that would not be a christian film (comments read in reverse order).

    • amb

      can't wait 2 c this!!!! C:

    • Tatti

      Won a pair of tickets to this movie. How convenient! :D

    • Jax

      Didn't want to at first - McAdams seems to come out with one of these every year: BUT keen to see it on valentines day

    • Kepa

      Will go & see this. Should relate to the story.

    • Libby

      Even with no sound watching Channing would rate 5 stars!!

    • kepa

      Saw it today, great movie with plenty of heart, warmth and depth.

    • Caroline

      Was too slow and predictable, i love a good chick flick, this wasnt one of them! Very disappointing!!!!!

    • Georgia

      lovehow its based on a true story from what ive seen its done very well and icant wait to see it plus hello the stars are awesomely talented

    • Felicity-Horan

      the movie was good but the end was disappointing. the movie was building up to see the big end everyone was expecting but it just finished.


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  • JayC4Shaw

    his 'SBW' like expressionless presence. CLASSIC!

  • cloudy5

    I preferred 'unfairly chiseled bare bottom' personally

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Liam Maguren Flicks Writer

Had I not liked this romance flick, I would not hesitate to call The Vow “forgettable.” But I’m willing to sacrifice a terrible pun in order to admit when a film has charmed me somewhat. The memory love loss storyline drives some pretty interesting conflictions: not remembering your own husband, realising you ditched your own family, discovering you’re a vegetarian. It’s intriguing to watch the leads’ new awkward relationship unfold (or refold, as it were), though the film still shovels a typical amount of contrived schmaltz in your lap. More

For the most part, the performances deliver. McAdams draws out an appropriate amount of frustration while keeping us sympathetic in her attempts to recollect. Sam Neill whips out his standard-but-effective condescending old man routine. Then there’s Channing Tatum. I want to like the guy, I really do. With each role, he wins me over a little more, this film included. However, despite his darnedest efforts, he still can’t fully escape his Sonny Bill-like expressionless presence. At least the ladies get a generous shot of his unfairly chiseled bare bottom. So there’s that.

The movie’s been given the Hollywood spit-shine, sometimes piercing the eyes with its gleam. Various plot turns do little to surprise either, making it easy to pick out some confrontations half an hour before they happen. But looking past all that, The Vow is an undeniably sweet movie that had me pleasantly surprised in where it ended up. Hide

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Extract from Theaterofthecommonman.com

TheaterofCommon Flicks Superstar (?)

Extract from Theaterofthecommonman.com

I purchased my ticket to The Vow with only one certainly, I was about to watch a film that was in no way shape or form created for my demographic. It seems wrong for me to rip into The Vow. Shredding the films production values or cliche formula, I would likely be perceived as an ungrateful houseguest. Instead I thought I would try something new and attempt to put myself into the mind-set of its target audience and judge the picture on its merits.

To that extent i enjoyed the film.

I may have been a little harsh on Rachel McAdams in the past. Although not entirely convinced by her acting prowess, I will concede the chemistry she shared with Channing Tatum was strong. Channing in particular seemed to pull on both the heart and G-strings of our audience. The presentation of his naked rear end offered the gaggle of teenage girls an awkward giggle whilst raising the temperature of the cinema momentarily. It was also pleasing to see our own Sam Neill as Paige's surly unlikeable father, probably even more pleasing to the audience that his posterior remains fully clothed in his brief but memorable appearance.

The Vow

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Press Reviews

30% of critics recommend

Consensus: "Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams do their best with what they're given, but The Vow is too shallow and familiar to satisfy the discriminating date-night filmgoer."

ROTTEN TOMATOES SCORE. Read more reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.
A.V. Club (USA)

It's unashamedly escapist, but a turn for the serious as The Vow nears the finish line only underscores its essential silliness. Full review.

Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)

It's pleasant enough as a date movie, but that's all. Full review.

E! Online.com

Not everything in it works, but the lack of reliance on easy answers earns it enough credibility points for a passing grade. Full review.

Empire (UK)

Makes for a wonderful - if a bit teary - romance that is brilliantly acted. Full review.

Hollywood Reporter

Earnest hokum of this nature has become increasingly rare. And for a reason. Full review.

Leonard Maltin's Movie Crazy

All too ready to fall back on tired movie clichés. Full review.

Los Angeles Times

This is a movie that leaves you wanting more. To care more, to cry more, to love more. Full review.

New York Daily News

McAdams is a beautiful blank. There's not a single moment when her character feels real, or as if she genuinely has anything at stake. Full review.

New York Post

Works within the trappings of a typical cheesy romance but finds realism in the details and the banter. Full review.

New York Times

The movie's commitment to the blandest possible presentation of its central problem starts to seem perverse after a while. Full review.

The Guardian (UK)

Channing Tatum is terribly miscast as an arty husband. Full review.

The Observer (UK)

A painfully humourless affair. Full review.

Total Film (UK)

For all its clunky scripting there’s an essential sweetness at work here, thanks partly to McAdams and partly to an unusually chaste love story that ultimately keeps melodrama at bay. Full review.

USA Today

Promises tried-and-true rom-com formula and delivers, treading in sappy, cliché-ridden turf. Full review.

Variety (USA)

Unabashedly sentimental but resists the cloying impulse to manufacture tragedy for easy tears. Full review.

Village Voice (USA)

A full-bodied lunge for the heartstrings. Full review.

Village Voice (USA)

A full-bodied lunge for the heartstrings. Full review.