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Two Little Boys, Movie

Two Little Boys 2012

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Friends for life!

Black comedy about Nige, his best mate Deano, and their inept efforts to cover up an accidental death after a hit and run. Stars Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie and Hamish & Andy's Hamish Blake. Directed by Robert Sarkies (ScarfiesOut of the Blue), based on a novel written by his brother Duncan. More

Nige (McKenzie) runs over and accidently kills a Scandinavian soccer star in an unfortunate incident involving a hot meat pie, a ginger cat and a policeman. He chucks the body in a nearby road-works hole and runs to his best mate of 15 years, Deano (Blake). But Deano's not the guy you should turn to in a crisis... Hide

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301 votes / 49 comments The Talk

  • 72 %

    Want to See it

    What say you?

    • Josh

      OMG my two fav comedians Hamish Blake and Brett McKenzie in a movie together! Can't wait for this one.

    • Natalie

      Plot sounds interesting...

    • Lisa

      Saw the preview for this last night, CRACK UP!So excited!

    • Jason

      Awesome :)

    • Jasmine

      watched the trailer so many times amping to see this movie!!!!!

    • Maddie


    • Vonny

      The trailer looks so funny, I can't wait for September now!!

    • Nina Lee

      can not wait! :)

    • Gabriela

      Someone know when can i see this film? pls answer!!

    • Ed-Flicks

      @Gabriela. Yup, it's due to be released in Sept - no specific date set. Stay tuned.

    • Jasmine

      Looks awesome!

    • Tom

      The release date has been set at 20th September. Looks great!

    • Film Lover

      BRILLIANT!! Looks crack up can't wait to see it!!

    • emma8

      BLOODY AWESOtru horii right there

    • Ken

      Looks like a great family watch to liven' my boys up. Definitely in

    • Anonymous

      Slammed by Variety: http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117947189/

    • Charles

      Slammed by Variety? So was Boy before its NZ release so at least it's in good company.

    • Mel

      Am so looking forward to seeing this movie ; )

    • Don E Burger

      Looks as if they've stayed true to the spirit of the book. Frekin awesome can't wait 2 c it.

    • TooRangers

      Looks fantastic!

    • Ceej

      Wouldn't say that Variety "slammed it". Just not a good review, fair enough opinion.

    • Kelly

      Just seen it - what. a. crack. up! Choice

    • Gazza

      Yeah Nige, cya there!

    • Scared

      It looks awesome...but I am scared it is not going to live up to my expectations! I hope it is as awesome as the trailer

    • jason Dux

      Not only slammed by Variety Hollywood Reporter too. Killing Scandavians aint funny! look at the massacre!

    • Rhys Derby

      Want to come to my dinosaur party? It was very entertaining bravo bravo, ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    • Biggs

      One of the worst kiwi films i have ever walked out of

    • Safia

      Loved it!!

    • Sorry to say...

      Wanted to love it - but sad to say it really was very very poor. Shame really :(


      I friggin LOVED this film. Its totally original-SO kiwi and I laughed heaps.


      Reminded me of myself in the 90's latte sipping haters that review this above are wrong, its great

    • Proud Kiwi

      Just cos I'm a Kiwi an' proud doesn't mean I can't be honest - an' honestly? This movie sucked. Sorry.

    • Tonk

      Had its moments but it was pretty lame. Fun in parts though & reminded me of the 90s. So, it's ok I guess

    • STEPH

      Spectacular scenery but it looks dumbed down for mass appeal. I guess that's what they have to do to guarantee an audience.

    • Ximenita

      The director HAS NOT dissapointed me again!! THIS IS A MUST SEE MOVIE, a CRACK UP.. NZ CLASSIC!! WELL DONE ROB!

    • Sad but true

      It may be homegrown but it just isn't funny. What it is is obvious, dull and a let down.


      Ha ha-looks like this film isn't for everyone but I thought it was brilliant. Haven't laughed this hard in a NZ film ever. Too funny.

    • rutlidge

      no laughs. very stale, old hat dated humour. two little bores. the wife walked out after 30mins

    • Sad sad sad

      Purile, pointless & pretty much exactly like the time in which it's set - dated & past its prime :(

    • jeremy

      I thought this was cool and funny. Brett Mckenzie and Hamish Blake rock as bogans and kept me laughing from start to finish.

    • Waste of talent

      We saw it last night. Don't be fooled - it's a huge waste of time and talent.

    • Own up NZ

      It's ok to support Kiwi talent yet still admit - this film simply was not funny. It happens. Get over it ;)

    • Sefa

      Two Little Boys RULZ!!!! Too funny man.

    • anyone

      haha, amazing movie

    • funny

      This is a great NZ film. Very funny and dark and iconic and weird. Bret and Hamish are awesome!

    • roxy

      saw it on the w/e. aud really wanted to love it, but their enthusiam got curdled pretty fast. s shame


      Awesome movie!!

    • r.coxhead

      Where's Jermaine when we need him?


    Want to see it?


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  • thewilberforces

    This seems a bit whiny. I went to a preview and laughed my tits off.

  • Gab

    To the commentator who "laughed their tits off" - I think I found them... starring in this woefully & uninvolving movie...

  • WGTN

    I went to the Wellington premiere and the whole of the Embassy was in hysterics. Not sure what these guys are on about? Def worth seeing.

  • wellywont

    so WGTN went to the prem with all the filmakers' mates & all lol'd. go c it with a real aud like i did. no laffs

  • James

    I'm going to see it anyway Liam, you watch too many movies bro

  • Brent

    Sadly I gotta agree with this review. I really wanted to like it, but couldn't really :[

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Liam Maguren Flicks Writer

With Scarfies, Out of the Blue and his episodes of grievously-overlooked sci-fi series This is not My Life, Robert Sarkies (along with his writing sibling Duncan) is a Kiwi filmmaking treasure. Sadly, the brothers’ return to black comedy does not add anything to their reputation. More

While their relationship is central to the film, we hardly ever get to see blissful idiot Nige (Bret McKenzie) and Deano (Hamish Blake) as actual mates, making it difficult to care about their bloke-mantic relationship and, consequently, Two Little Boys’ murder cover-up scenario. For a good 95% of the film, they’re at each other’s necks, fuelled by the bruv triangle completed by Nige’s new BFF Gav. This conflict wouldn’t be a bad thing had the pair’s back-and-forth banter been funny. But while their repartee never feels obnoxious or overtly offensive, there’s simply not enough humour to complement the script’s f-bombardment.

Making his feature debut, Maaka Pohatu is a loveable standout as the big-hearted Gav. His happily naïve presence is a welcome relief from the leads’ constant bickering. Bret and Hamish also show some natural on-screen chemistry but it’s unfortunate that the material they have to work with doesn’t reach the level of their performances.

The Sarkies use the Catlins to give the early 90s New Zealand a relatable, homely charm. It’s a pity they couldn’t do the same for Deano and Nige. With the exception of the climax, Two Little Boys beats down any sense of fun and wit it could potentially have with its hard-to-like characters and adolescent dialogue. Hide

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6 ratings and 7 reviews


comment / reply

Classic Kiwi Humour

BrionyJae Flicks Superstar (?)

So. It's a black comedy, and it's a Kiwi film. It may seem like I'm stating the obvious, but these points really are the essence of the film, and what makes it so great! Actually, I think that black comedy *suits* Kiwi humour, but maybe that's just me. Both Bret and Hamish were hilarious - I liked the way they interacted together onscreen, bringing elements from both of their comedy duos and creating something new. And their interaction is important, because if comedy and Kiwi-ness is the essence of the film, Nige and Deano's bromance is the heart of the film. On top of all the humour, there's a suprisingly honest story about two blokes who have been mates forever, but are now facing stuggles that threaten their friendship. Bret and Hamish make us care about their characters, even if they're a bit thick, a bit awkward, a bit crazy. That's exactly what we love about them! And everything about this film is so distinctly Kiwi, which really adds to the charm. A great showcasing of NZ landscapes and culture - definitely one of the best Kiwi films around :)


comment / reply


Cooney Nobody (?)

i personally think it was better than boy. The characters were amazing (especially Gav), the era was spot on, the acting was great, it had the classic small scale dark humor new zealand charm, and so many laughs. If you didn't want Gav to die then you enjoyed this film


  • Sonia

    I loved it too! ;-) Haven't laughed that hard in ages.

comment / reply


Nina2 Nobody (?)

Loved every bit of it. It exceeded my expectations. Sort of different and weird, but that's the beauty of it. Loved the acting, the humor, the crazy story, the music, the beautiful landscape in some little town at the end of nowhere. I have to admit, Kiwis have some seriously good movies.


comment / reply

best nz movie ever

JayC4Shaw Flicks Superstar (?)

LOVED the kiwi culture, LOVE hamish, LOVE brett - if you like these guys humor, they work well together. Clever script - just classic and awesome film! I got to see it again!


  • Mr G

    Totally agree. It's a great movie, if you don't go expecting a comedy, and instead go looking for a great story that's also pretty funny!

comment / reply

Dont take it too seriously ...

duck Nobody (?)

These reviewers expected a masterpiece. It's got the laughs. It's got the shock. And some good acting. Go into it for a laugh and you'll get one


  • Eh?

    What screening did you go to Pau? The one I went to at the Embassy in Welly on Monday brought the house down. I loved it.

  • Tom D

    I must've been at the same screening as Paula - it was like when someone you love makes a bad joke - you wanna lauff - but... :(

comment / reply

Two Little Let Downs

paulaparsons Wannabe (?)

I was so looking forward to this :( But if the only way to judge a comedy is on whether it gets laughs, well, at the screening I was at there was barely a sound over the popcorn crunching.

It really was a mess. Neither one thing nor the other. The acting was ok, but with unlikeable characters and a shallow script it just made for a dull night out.

Such as shame as I'm a big fan of all involved. Great cast, great director - but this just failed to engage, amuse or entertain :(

As my teacher used to write on my work: "Could do better"


  • Dom

    Sorry to say, I agree with you mate. Very disappointing. We were gutted as we had high hopes :(

  • Sue 21

    Ouch! Harsh but fair - saw it last night. Really disappointed. Such a shame. Never mind. 'Muppets' scored an Oscar, eh :)

comment / reply

Heinous Bogans

adamatdramatrain Flicks Superstar (?)

Robert Sarkies is a superb kiwi director, as both 'Scarfies' and 'Out Of The Blue' make clear. But, reviews being subjective, personal opinions, it pains me to say, Sarkies' latest offering left me cold. Starring 'Flight Of The Conchords' Brett McKenzie and Hamish Blake of 'Hamish & Andy,' you'd think two little boys would offer laughs a-plenty, but wild shifts in tone, from dimwitted 'bromance' to gory murder, fall flat.

When the hapless Nige (McKenzie), inadvertently runs down a norwegian backpacker, he turns to lifelong pal, Deano (Blake) for help. But Deano's a couple of Mars-bars short of a full snack and holds Nige so close in his boy's-own affections that at times the movie heads the way of a Brokeback Mountain parody. Sadly, it's way too homophobic and way too obvious for that. Whilst it may appeal to the type of beer-chugging, brain-cell-challenged, "heinous bogans" that Brett and Hamish portray, the comedy's far too broad and obvious, and the murder too messy for the two genres to mesh.

The acting's fine, especially from the two leads, who invest their paper-thin caricatures with as much sympathy as they can wring from them. Amongst the supporting cast, Maaka Pohatu shines as Gav - Nige and Deano's Maori mate - but in the end this is a movie about the two mullet-haired male leads, so there's precious little room for anyone else - let alone women, who serve as little more than set-dressing to help establish the late 80s Kiwiana of the setting. New Zealand's south and The Catlins coastline look fine, but Director of Photography Jac Fitzgerald's camera is too often tied to the claustrophobic and dingy atmosphere of a narrative that veers wildly from messy manslaughter to broad laughs at man-love. Rather than being made in the style of an over-the-top Shaun Of The Dead exercise in comic bad taste, Robert Sarkies movie (based on brother Duncan Sarkies' novel), rests too heavily in dreary reality for this to be an exercise in cartoonishly-absurd comedy. When the film does hit a surreal pitch in the final act it's a tone shift too late to save a one-note joke. The guys are dumb and dumber. They take a road-trip and try to cover up a horrible accidental crime along the way. But they forgot to pack a decent script, rounded characters or a definite tone.

Maybe if played straight it could've been great. But if you're gonna go "serious" comedy, you need to commit, (see De Niro and Grodin in 'Midnight Run.') Maybe if played for kicks it could've been slick. But, if you're gonna go fun-but-dumb, then you need to commit to that too, (see Downey Jr. And Galifianakis in 'Due Date.') If you're gonna go both madcap and morose, exploring that tiny domain between comedy and tragedy, well then, you're gonna need a finely-honed script akin to Bruce Robinson's 'Withnail & I', or Woody Allen's 'Annie Hall.' And if you're wanting to say something serious in a silly way? Study Monty Python's 'Life Of Brian,' or Billy Wilder's classic 'Some Like It Hot.' But 'Two Little Boys' wants to have its cake, run it down, chop it up, toss it off a waterfall and eat it - and it just doesn't earn the laughs or audience empathy along the way.

It's a shame to see the undoubted comic talent of the two leads go unexploited, and a director of Sarkies' proven skill miss the mark by such a wide margin, but at the end of the day, 'Two Little Boys' is seriously not funny...

Funnily enough, neither is it serious enough to engage. :(

Two Little Boys

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Bad clothes, even worse hair and Suzie Clarkson's The New Zealand Fit Kit populate an early 1990s' Invercargill. The cringe-worthy comedy is amplified by Nige (Bret McKenzie) and Deano (Hamish Blake) - two bogans whose friendship is hanging by a thread... Full review.

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The title of the 1993-set kiwi bromance 'Two Little Boys' is a good indication of its level of humor, which is so juvenile and obvious the only period-appropriate thing missing is a laugh track. Full review.

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A wee gem of Kiwi film-making on the big screen - and judging by the chuckles around the cinema, I wasn't alone in that sentiment. Full review.