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    • Tony

      Vow, so good that you will never look at Matt Damon and Michael Douglas the same way again in the movie.

    • Emma8

      BAHAHAHAHAHAA LOL!! 3 words-what the fcuk?

    • Sneeze

      Want to see this because of the actors in it.

    • Emilie

      Different, this looks interesting.

    • GAT67

      This looks great - looking forward to seeing it.

    • Eva

      And we have to wait unti August????

    • Suze

      These brilliant actors will make it so real. Can`t wait!

    • Reggie

      Too young to know Liberace so I goggled him and found out what a great entertainer he was. At the top of his game. I will go see it.

    • Brendan

      Michael Douglas is always worth watching. I may go see it out of curiosity

    • GAYBO


    • flossimo

      cant wait to see this flick, these actors will take it to the limit im sure.

    • gil

      rave reviews for this H.B.O tv made movie Liberace highest paidentertainer of his time the movie is high camp with top stars and a re entert


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