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Butter - Trailer

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    • Jon

      Lol this is one to watch! :)

    • shiftbutton

      lol. love it! Looks like a ridiculously Im ashamed to like it movie.

    • Darryn

      "What, really? The Butter Police? Wow!"

    • bryce

      looks like fun

    • lukin

      does look like fun

    • Wendy

      Looks like a nice light fun movie to watch - something easy ti slip into and is tasteful... lol

    • Kate

      This is a hilarious movie. I'm not gay but Olivia and Ashley's make out was pretty hot.

    • DFStuckey

      Jenny "Dolphins" Garner can usually make a weak movie work - I might give it a try

    • Kate

      Saw it on a holiday in Miami Such a funny film, if you do watch it, there are bloopers at the end, they are just as hilarious.


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