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    • Stacey

      Yes. Sounds good. Love me some kiwi gore.

    • Jeff

      Bring it!

    • kells


    • Neal

      Too much NZ Quirk, not enough wow. Needs a color-grade badly.

    • Kate

      Wow!! Looks amazing. But isn't that guy Jake from Girl vs Boy?

    • Steve

      This is a spin off of Shortland Street right?

    • Karl

      Oi thts Jake from Girl v Boy hes a gud aktor ae

    • LeeLee

      Could this be the new Blask Sheep? A fun departure from the stock standard themes NZ keeps using

    • Shazzam

      Hey isn't that guy Jake from Once Were Warriors. He usually plays mexican dudes doesn't he.

    • Sam Swan

      Hey its that Columbian guy that played Jake the Muss! Woohoo looks like fun!

    • Durantula

      Actually looks like it might be really good! A New Zealand film I actually wanna see who would have thought LOL

    • Jeff

      looks hot! especially pink hotpants girl!

    • M T


    • samwise

      Jake's back.... AND HE'S HUNGRY :P

    • cook me some

      looks like he's cookin up more than eggs! looks choice as.

    • TV Queen

      Oo! I am loving this. What a future this guy wants! Heeeee

    • jem

      yay love that Jake from Girl vs Boy - a good future ahead of him eh Peter Sausage!!?

    • Hodstar01

      hehehehe I get it hohoho Maori's cannibals and then a movie about maori being cannibals hahahaha

    • emma8

      eaa broo not all maoris aree cannibals, LOL not my cousin:L

    • Chip

      Ha Ha - like Brain Dead!

    • D F Stuckey

      Tem has finally realised - he may as well have some fun while bombing

    • JAMES

      Looks like it could be a good comedy with good old gore and gags! Looking forward to seeing this. Rep NZ hard!

    • Cutterman

      NZ horrors are few and far between but when they arrive they're good ones.

    • TooRangers

      That is one weird trailer...

    • Jake

      haha epic - typical kiwiana film - meke

    • Tony

      Are yes another lets see if we can debase ourselves any further while comforming the true nature of our native New Zealanders

    • to meke

      to meke bro, this film is a must in my dvd collection, especially with jake

    • Adam

      Seems harmless enough...

    • Roger

      LMAO - bring it on

    • Jes

      Could be good for a giggle!

    • Jan

      Tu meke!

    • Jordan

      Who's the daughter? F**k she's hot

    • Beth

      But this is already the name of a popular UK TV series on Channel 4

    • Vilko

      Maori jokes mean nothing outside NZ so inbetween the rampant racists and the PC what's left? more amateur local television.

    • MaoriTvChick

      wow- Temuera is looking old! but looks like he still enjoys his fresh meat

    • Me again

      Go ans see Cabin in the woods instead with that NZ actress in it.

    • lol

      lmao this looks funny.

    • Mega

      Hell yeah!

    • Santana

      Man F**k UK TV!! This New Zealand fool!

    • Billeigh(:

      am definitly coming to see this one cos dad helped make it :D

    • Luciluu


    • Hariata


    • Bella

      no reviews? Problemo?

    • J T

      Wanted to see it.. insipid monologue from kid put me off

    • Cowboy Joe

      worst kiwi movie ever. pathetic, like amateur tv. No wonder no one has reviewed it.

    • Hannah

      Whether or not it's a good movie that trailer cracked me up haha

    • Jimmy

      Balls Inspector!!

    • Courtz

      So sick of all the crap like this -_- Definitely will not be wasting my time to watch a movie like this.

    • Simon

      I can't understand how anyone would think this is a good film. It's not even a passable splatter film, appalling directing.

    • Wirihana

      there we go again maori able to laugh at our selfs, loved it


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