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    • clabe

      i'll wait for the DVD, the first one ruined it for me!

    • Sam

      Looks way better than the last one! Bit more serious, rugged and not for teenagers!

    • sms

      looks great much better than the first one,cant wait to see it

    • Kirk

      Bruce Willis and The Rock can't save this franchise.

    • Gary-Cottle

      Man the President is a cold hearted Beeeaaarch! I think we saw the whole movie in this clip!

    • Kip

      Man this looks mean! The Rock lol cool!!

    • danny_ill

      Gold. Need to watch the first one now

    • Greg

      Lets hope the basic laws of physics don't change for this movie like they did for the last.

    • james

      Bruce willis and the rock two big action stars in on e movie awesome

    • Eve-Melville

      A real shame some of the original characters are missing, Bruce is getting a little too old for this though

    • adamatdramatrain

      The first one stank. This's directed by the guy who gave us "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" - so what could possibly go wrong!?!!

    • Timos

      Whats with the techo wolfmother track???

    • Roo

      Pretty sure I have seen this movie, The Losers revisited is it??

    • bruce

      willis doing his last dash it seems

    • ak47

      there is one man

    • ROXY1013


    • motetava

      katoa kau eti faiva koeni ....mate katoa....

    • Community

      where the f*" did this come from? !! worth seeing on the big screen

    • love


    • rock

      can't wait

    • ice

      looks great

    • D F Stuckey

      A sequel that actually follows on and ties up loose ends - unusual. Worth seeing just for that :)

    • Berta

      am so gonna see this movie

    • ice

      great movie

    • Chris

      We've got to wait two months longer than the rest of the world to see this? ...I'm down loading a screener in June instead.

    • Craig

      Can't do that now Chris...GI Joe delayed till March 2013 for 3D conversion. F8ck Paramount. The worst move in studio history.

    • Craig

      After a crapload of marketing and a very solid looking recent trailer, I think people were starting to get hyped for this...not anymore.

    • Nick

      Bruce Willis HELLS YES

    • John

      O yeah! kick ass movie...

    • movie master


    • duncan


    • slychick

      Looks a lot better than the last G.I Joe movie

    • CAP

      def better than last, but they have a lot to learn about doing it properly

    • Glen3

      this is so bad i cant beleve they did this to this film the first on is wow this ones a flop


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