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    • White-ed out

      Is it just me or is it the year to do snow white?

    • Iris

      Trailer made me smile and laugh. I'm looking forward to it.

    • Skipperlee

      That does look like fun. Julia back to her best! I may just have to let the 8 year old take me!

    • David

      Snow White's hot and that about sums it up for me.

    • bob

      looks a little weak

    • larissa

      looks really bad

    • Kirk

      One of the most awful trailers I've seen. Julia Roberts showing how bad an actress she really is.

    • Community

      Tacky and lame. Weak dialogue, weak jokes

    • Daniel

      It looks horrible. Awful dialogue and a hammy performance from Julia Roberts.

    • AConroy

      lol two snow whites out at the same time???

    • clararar

      Never thought I'd say this but looks even worse than the Kristen Stewart one...

    • Esta*


    • reetz

      crack ups...gona c.

    • mergz

      funny as! can't wait for it to come out!!

    • matress

      snow white could have at least plucked her eyebrows... man they are thick

    • 321

      What a crok

    • 101

      looks awesme!!! yay fr julia roberts

    • Trevor

      Looks like fun :)

    • REDRUM

      prefer phil colins daughter over k stew as snow whit anyday

    • Leonard

      I too prefer Phil Collins daughter over k stew as Snow White anyday!!!!

    • Matangaro

      every one going to compair didn't they get the don't do it this year memo

    • Kaye

      Wow she is pretty!

    • Dorka

      Seems funny and different. Can't wait to see

    • Mark

      No, Julia, you can't do evil.

    • IceDemon

      Julia Roberts as evil queen? ... Weird ... Still want to see it though

    • bob

      snow white and the huntsman looks better

    • glydaytrietry

      They are dreaming if they think it's the motion picture event of the year

    • shiftbutton

      Looks cool. Nice and easy movie, no thinking :P

    • Barb

      Snow White with a witty twist.....should be a good a laugh, so thats a tick from me :)

    • Ana

      Ummmmmm this looks allright. CHICK FLICK

    • Trish

      Looks like a really interesting movie. would love to see it.

    • emma

      looks good

    • paige

      im sexy and i know it

    • katie

      holy pie this looks funny im gonna check it out wiv luce 2moz

    • anonymous

      im checking this out today with a couple friends, i think its gonna be awesome!!

    • megan

      i want 2 see the movie

    • mia

      its great

    • bex

      uhm it was really really cool

    • Lucy

      I really wanna see this movie because I love fairy tales but this will have a kind off twist on it.

    • Cheyenne

      Takes forever to load -.-


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