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    • Yaz

      My name is Yaz, and this is the music from Inception.

    • Kirk

      Very underrated series in my opinion, looks good

    • MDR

      This franchise is just like a bunch of zombies - it just keeps comin at ya!

    • Landelor

      They also keep being awesome

    • Mack

      Yaz- Tron Legacy, not Inception actually :p

    • Matt

      I hated the first movie, dont see why we have to have 4 sequels. ending was pretty cool tho.

    • Alexey

      I sure hope 3D won't completely ruin the movie like it did in last one. Any movie that has zombies in it is ones that I'm gonna watch.

    • Andy

      can't wait! love the sony product placement

    • TactualRain

      Now that's a neat trailer - nice work Sony :)

    • Dave

      That was cool ad for sony products but a bad movie trailer

    • Anthony

      What a crappy ad for sony products

    • Chris

      Another terrible movie in a too-long list of terrible movies.

    • yes

      omg!!!! wats up wit tron legacy track tho?

    • Greer

      Love the action. Milla rules. Can't wait.

    • RexH

      These are silly movies! But they're great fun. Makes me wish the Marvel superhero adaptations had the same kind of energy.

    • Sola

      Agreed, silly movies. But I love them!! Can't wait!!!

    • GrahamP

      The last one was great.I will have to see this one but not in 3D.

    • emma8

      datss frekenn awesome!!!

    • reetz

      Oh yeah, cant wait. love this series....yeah, milla u the bomb girl.

    • Berta

      Luv it - mean

    • Ash

      I LOOOOOOOVE THESE MOVIES!!!! Milla Jovovich is pure perfection <3

    • cerberus

      Resident Evil fan,I am looking forward to watching it.

    • misslicious


    • Hine

      Awesome movie am a resident evil fan


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