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    • Andrew Emin


    • Andrew Emin


    • Andrew Emin

      I Love You Dad

    • Anthony

      What the hell Rex Ryan really?

    • Esta*

      looks funny!! WAY BETTER than that jack and Jill CRAP!!

    • Mexidoug

      Why does Adam Sandler keep using that STUPID voice/accent?!

    • Daniel

      This makes Andy Samberg look like he is slummng it.

    • clararar

      I see another Razzie nomination in the air...

    • anti-sandler

      More cinema monstrosities from Mr Sandler. *joy*

    • clabe

      why does adam sandler put on a stupid accent

    • oh dear

      I love Adam Sandler, love Andy Samberg...but this looks awful

    • Harlow

      its a Sandler movie...looks good to me.

    • Adder

      Why does he always do that stupid, retarded voice?

    • I like comedy

      but not more of this sort of rubbish. +1 Adder.

    • adam sandler

      I cant help but act like a retard, sound like a goose with lung cancer, and bring Happy Madison down.

    • BornInCaptivity

      I just wanna slap him

    • daniel

      Please make him stop!

    • Andrew Emin

      Donny says That's My Boy!

    • Andrew Emin

      Good one!

    • Andrew Emin

      Meet Donny and Todd

    • Andrew Emin

      Green Band Trailer

    • Andrew Emin

      Punching your nose

    • Andrew Emin

      Since 1994 Donny

    • Andrew Emin

      New Kids on the Block!

    • Andrew Emin

      New Clip!

    • Andrew Emin

      Like This!

    • Andrew Emin

      I was 13 & 14 years old.

    • Andrew Emin

      From the Producers of Jack and Jill and Grown Ups.

    • Andrew Emin

      Ya I don't god $43 000 000.

    • Andrew Emin

      Good Luck in Prison Donny!

    • Community

      typical adam stupidness and the way he yells instead of speaks. but the tattoo was preddy funny aaii ;)



    • jet

      so he can sound like you mexidoug

    • J. Aron

      Nothing funny about child sexual abuse between a boy and his teacher. Shame on Sandler for making light of this.

    • jared

      looks terrible. bring back old sandler.

    • scott

      save us from this movie!

    • Name!

      What's with his hair?

    • Lilly

      who wouldn't want to watch this?? has anybody else seen the trailer? it looks hilarious! AND its got andy samberg! im so stoked!

    • Dean

      What is up with voice that adam sandler is doing?


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