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    • Keats

      Bear Grylls eat your heart out!!

    • Nom

      Liam Neeson+broken minibar bottle taped to hands+fighting wolves=awsome

    • Clabe


    • reetz

      oh yeah, sooo love liam, awesome actor always

    • Jen

      Not my scene too cold..

    • Mark

      Hard to warm to the idea of watching this movie.

    • clabe

      looks like awesome sauce

    • reetz

      Faaaa, liam u da man, always look forward to movies u are in.....

    • Mr G

      Unexpectedly brilliant. Looking foward to seeing it.

    • Anonymous

      This movie came out last week in the US yet we have to wait for May17th. And they wonder why people choose illegal downloading.

    • Craig

      Its not worth it Anonymous. This is just a brick wall of a message section. If we knew where to go to try and change things though...

    • Ed-Flicks

      @Craig, Anon- delayed release dates are increasingly annoying moviefans. Hard to get a change, but the groundswell has to start somewhere.

    • Kathy-Tamatea

      I'm with Craig & Anon, moving this from March 1st to May is unacceptable. Will be practically on DVD in US/UK by time of release in NZ.

    • Craig

      Exactly Simon-Howard. I can understand some minor delays, not everything can be distributed by the flick of a finger...

    • Craig

      ...but the delays in this country are getting out of hand and are a major cause of piracy. March would have been an acceptable release date.

    • clararar

      Is there ever a movie where Liam Neeson isn't kicking ass and trying to get back to some beautiful wife?

    • Sam

      How can they justify a May release when it's out on Feb 16th in Australia? That's just absurd

    • Craig

      Is there somewhere we can go or someone we can talk to to try and figure out what is the reasoning for this delay?

    • Craig

      Seems there is a screener online already. This delay is seriously a problem.

    • Reluctant Pirate

      Heard about this on AVForums Podcast. Have to wait until May 17th. Unbelievable, and they wonder why Piracy is rampant.

    • James

      Who is the distributor for this film?

    • Dan

      Hoyts is distributing

    • Keera

      liam neeson.......need i say more

    • Kirsti

      Brilliant movie! Want to see it again! Recommend to everyone!

    • Tessa

      Hoyts in NZ

    • Mr G

      This is a painful wait. It will probably be starting to snow this hard in New Zealand due to another Ice Age before this film arrives!

    • Jenna

      is this movie ok for kids?

    • Ed-Flicks

      @Jenna no, no it is not. Especially if you have a pet dog.

    • Hoyts

      There is no justification for piracy (stealing) regardless of the delay in releasing a film. The majority of major releases open with USA

    • ben

      Crap plot and action is unbelievable. Not worth the watch

    • sue

      have been told this is a good movie, well worth watching, friends of mine were ont he edge of their seats.

    • What the hang is

      ..it with people that just have to see something right now? so many comments this site re 'the wait' er... do something else? watch another?

    • Bek

      Looks awesome! Liam Neeson is always brilliant

    • Andrew

      When does he say "I don't know who you are, but I will find you..."

    • Liam

      Sorry but this looks like a bunch of sh** ): I would rather burn my $20 than pay to see this.

    • Craig

      Looks good. I'll be there to watch it!

    • ghjhg


    • Margaret

      Excellent ! A real gripper. Liam can act, Tom Cruise can't, end of story.

    • You'dick

      havent seen it, buh i wanna watch it.

    • Barb

      Cant wait for this one....should be good.....Liam Neeson's movies usually are. :)


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