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    • Chris

      Finding it hard to be excited about a movie that features a drunken Baltimorean paedophile solving crimes.

    • Rob

      This looks great..... always happy to see John Cusack.... and looks a great story

    • Mark

      Cashing in on Sherlock Holmes cachet. It is a shame that the trailer telegraphs the killer's identity.

    • Jen


    • ray

      Hell yeah ill watch this, looks alsome as !!

    • Matangaro

      whos that spunky new thing,i'll go see

    • god

      really? EAP as an action hero? jesus christ, the guy was basically an agoraphobic masochist, what a load of bollox.

    • AMjones

      Might be terrible but cant resist anything with Poe's name on it (even Ligeia...) :-p

    • RexH

      Looks like they tried to squeeze every story Poe ever wrote into this!

    • Hugo

      this looks cool

    • HNNNG

      ok they got me with the trailer ive always been a hardcore fan of poes imensly f***d up storys plz let this not be shite.


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