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    • Dave

      Bin Laden is one of my favorite american fictional villains, right after Bane and the Joker.

    • Hoddy

      I was wodering how long it would take to make this movie ? not long.

    • Ken-Burns

      Definitely in. Pointbreak my favourite movie ever. Katherine Bigelow is a genius director

    • reetz

      Come on USA, always make out like use are the good guys, what ever.

    • Hodstar01

      I paused it at the 2 sec mark when i realised that it is a propoganda screamfest!

    • jools

      The Hurt Locker-Brillant!!! This one is going to be very very GOOD

    • wavepiercer

      Hurt Locker? Handycam fast pan jerky jolt bollocks, with that one dimensional wankfest that was jeremy renner in it.......

    • Dego

      Can't wait! If it lives up to the billing it could match The Hurt Locker which i though was brilliant.

    • hux

      I know its propagander-ee but it looks like they have taken a more realistic approach to the genre which i quite enjoy.

    • The Warbler

      Jessica Chastain. Yes please.

    • iron man

      Kathryn Bigelow is fantastic loved hurt locker

    • MDR

      Bin Laden should've been taken alive and put on trial.

    • Tash

      I love playing 'Match' with all the completely different Bin Laden's we have been shown throughout the years.

    • Baz

      Controversial film because it didn't let the truth get in the way of justifying US crimes

    • Notgullible

      Won't bother watching, cause we all know he's still alive and this is just a back-up source to more strongly convince people they killed him

    • elaine

      I thought I was the greatest manhunt in history?

    • keith

      seeing it tonight.Surely this will have repercussions from Al Quaeda or whoever.Very uncool.

    • good

      I personally liked it. Especially liked the scene with the American torturer guy being sad because they "killed his monkeys."

    • Mones

      Jessica Chastain was amazing!!

    • Slychick

      Im over the whole bin laden thing


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