Based on the Stephen King short story, this follows novelist Mike Enslin’s (Cusack) investigation of the famously haunted room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel. He goes with the intent of disproving it’s claimed paranormal activity.

Enslin has made a career of it – with a string of bestsellers discrediting haunted houses & graveyards. This is his latest project. Despite overly stern warnings from the Dolphin’s manager (Jackson) and the room’s penchant for death, Enslin checks in. Soon enough, the myth of room 1408 begins to manifest itself with apparitions and violent paranormal commotion. Enslin’s skepticism is replaced with fear as he tries to break free from the haunting.

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Delightful and totally true movie trivia: the working title for this movie was I Like Shinings, But I Couldn’t Eat a Whole One.

The big question in 1408 is: How did John Cusack get to be stuck in this horrible situation, and what sins is he being punished for? As the picture progresses, it becomes increasingly apparent that 1408 is the place you get sent when you’ve lost touch with your higher self: it’s where you get stuck when you’ve been peddling your charmingly-burnt-out-cynic schtick for too long and the Universe figures you need a wakeup call. So how do you get out?

To which the answer would seem to be: maybe the guy just needs to drop it with the powerfully-average genre pics and do a good movie once in a while, passing mediocre dross like 1408 on to a Robert Patrick or a Jason Bateman or anyone more suited to its solidly okay brand of mildly perturbing silliness.

And silliness abounds in 1408: before the picture has run its course, Cusack will have screamed hysterically at a coke can, been attacked by a painting, and run around pursued by an illusory hobo with a claw-hammer, whose presence is never elaborated on.

It’s not hard to imagine Cusack between takes, having a touch-up on the makeup that bizarrely makes him look incredibly like an elderly lesbian, pondering how he got to this point.

And maybe Samuel L Jackson might have sidled up to him, and said something like, “Don’t sweat it, man. These kinda gigs don’t mean we’re compromising our integrity. Just look at Black Snake Moan, am I right?”

And Cusack, with a resigned sigh, would have explained that his next movie after this one was like K-Pax, only with a preschooler.

To which Jackson, quite rightly, would simply reply, “Motherfucker.”

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It's quite scary and quite entertaining for the most part - just seems to miss something, and by the end is a bit unfulfilling. I don't why everyone (dude below & Flicks) are ragging on Cusack... I thought he was great in it.

a drawn-out affair in which john cussack is terrible to watch...rather boring

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  • Directed in a style that suggests Sam Raimi (Evil Dead) meets Alfred Hitchcock, Hafstrom has delivered the scariest movie of the year and the second film of 2007 to make you appreciate the music of The Carpenters in a new light... Full Review

  • The movie is most effective in its early scenes of prickly menace, and while the Dolphin is no Overlook (the haunted hotel in "The Shining"), its old-world creepiness is exactly right... Full Review

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