45 Years

Review: 45 Years

22 Apr 16

Thought provoking, NOT crowd pleasing !

If you think for a movie to be great it needs to be easy watching and happy, or be fast and action packed then this is definitely not a film for you.
Far removed from movies that want to seduce at all costs, 45 YEARS speaks to the heart of the audience by playing the card of the disruptive element that shakes a gently established life, revealing the depth of the characters.

Adapted from the short story, " In Another Country" by David Constatine , "45 Years " is the second feature film by British director Andrew Haigh . With this role, Charlotte Rampling won the Silver Bear and the European Film Award for Best Actress last year, was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress . Her partner, Tom Courtenay, was awarded the Silver Bear for Best Actor .
The film owes a lot to his two lead actors, both give touchingly accurate performances. Charlotte Rampling age seventy, still manages to charm us and lead us into a kind of turmoil that does not leave us throughout the film.
It is a beautiful film , sensitive but which cruelly raises two questions : can we genuinely love many times ? Can we still love even after doubting the reciprocity of love ?