45 Years

Review: 45 Years

By tabnz
29 Apr 16

Five stars but will only entertain certain types of movie goers

I may be in the minority but I loved 45 Years (and I'm a twenty something) as it's the type of movie that will leave you contemplating certain scenes, days later. The director doesn't spoon feed their audience, two people could leave the theater having totally different ideas about exactly what went on in Kate's mind.

It may not be the easiest movie to watch, it's by no means an action packed blockbuster and can be very slow in points (it feels like a good portion of the movie contains set up shots with no dialogue, there were too many lengthy shots of farmland and things like teapots) but if you're patient you may find that 45 Years has it's own simple, almost haunting beauty.

Perhaps as it's so quiet and unassuming, it makes the poignant scenes, that much more shocking. They certainly have a lot of emotional impact. One of the night time attic scenes being an example, another taking place in Geoff and Kate's kitchen.

Actually, it's interesting most of the movie takes place in Kate and Geoff's house and it still works, much the same way live theater can entertain despite playing out in one or two locations. 45 Years is definitely a character driven drama, not an action based drama.

If you love going to watch dramas at a theater (with live actors) and can appreciate stories which don't rely on binary oppositions like good vs evil and are interested in watching a story play out which will make you think about the untold struggles and stories of the people who walk past you every day, I'd highly recommend watching 45 years.

You may even learn something from Kate and Geoff's tale before it's too late. I didn't find the story depressing, rather cautionary.I recommend heading to an art house cinema on a quiet afternoon with a cup of coffee to see 45 Years.

So far the best movie, I've seen in a long time. :) Lastly, the music featured in 45 Years was spot on and the acting by both leads was flawless. I definitely think 45 Years was worthy of a Best Actress win.