47 Metres Down

47 Metres Down


How do you survive the world's greatest predators?

Two sisters (Mandy Moore and Claire Holt from The Vampire Diaries) vacationing in Mexico are the victims of a shark cage diving trip gone wrong.... More

A technical fault leaves Lisa and Kate's shark viewing cage stranded on the ocean floor. With oxygen running low and great whites circling nearby, they have less than an hour of air left to figure out how to get to the surface.Hide

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Had 47 Metres Down materialised around the same time as The Shallows last year, it would have been written off as a lesser clone. Compared to Jaume Collet-Serra’s surprisingly well-received shark shocker, Johannes Roberts’ film exudes a distinctly direct-to-video feel, from its generic title to the uninspired casting of Mandy Moore and Matthew Modine, neither particularly enticing draw cards. However, with some distance, this thriller can occupy a space as the kind of tidy, efficient B-movie genre fans welcome every now and then — a satisfying palate-cleanser to alleviate the fatigue of blockbuster franchises. And while it isn’t necessarily a better movie, 47 Metres Down shouldn’t be sniffed at, its plum supply of nerve-wracking scenarios capably playing to our phobias of deep sea depths and hungry sharks.... More

Naturally, the pared-down premise allows minimal room for sketching out full-bodied characterisations. The closest we come to that is Moore’s stuck-in-the-mud Lisa, whose motivations to join her wild-living sister Kate (Claire Holt) on Modine’s tourist trap are laboured at best (she’s just been dumped by her boyfriend for being too boring). But they both chart the escalating danger of their predicament convincingly enough with an appropriate display of panicky hysteria and quick-thinking resourcefulness. In many ways, 47 Metres Down is more an underwater Buried than pure shark movie. It’s an unsparing oxygen-choking contraption that swaps the giddily enjoyable cat-and-mouse excitement of The Shallows for a more claustrophobic, grim and nihilistic exercise in oceanic peril.Hide

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BY OscarSM superstar

A shark movie without sharks? That's what I was thinking for much of this all new deep sea thriller. Whilst sharks are a key part of the plot (two young woman wind up at the bottom of the ocean after their shark observation cage sinks) they really aren't featured often. They do provide somewhat frequent jump scares but other than that they're really in the background. There but not THERE. The ending of this film was somewhat fresh and felt like a nice f*** you to cliches although overall this... More movie did nothing much to seperate itself from other films in the shark genre.Hide

BY Karalou superstar

Enjoyed this movie, lots of scary sharks circling and everything that can go wrong does.

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  • A formulaic but effective thriller about two sisters trapped beneath the waves in shark-infested waters. Full Review

  • "47 Meters Down" - despite a clever final section - struggles to extract tension from clamour and agitation. Full Review

  • A shallow dip back into Jaws territory. Full Review

  • This low budget but highly-effective horror film is exactly the kind of movie that legendary Hollywood D-movie producer Roger Corman would have knocked out in the '70s: plenty of writhing female limbs, no surprises. Full Review

  • Johannes Roberts’ effective thriller doubles down on its recent predecessor by placing not one but two attractive women in aquatic jeopardy. Full Review

  • Even the conclusion, which by its very construction should be purely thrilling, is needlessly complicated and confounded by a callback to a warning given to Lisa and Kate early in the film. Full Review

  • A fiendishly effective holiday-gone-wrong thriller that's better at cranking up the agoraphobic action than fleshing out its characters. Full Review

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