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Abbi Jacobson (TV's Broad City) drives across LA with her heroin addict brother (Dave Franco) in search of a detox centre in this addiction drama that unfolds over a single night.

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Flicks, Amanda Jane Robinson

Flicks, Amanda Jane Robinson

Based on details true to life for producer Samantha Housman, 6 Balloons follows Katie (Abbi Jacobson) as she drives through the night in search of a detox centre that will admit her brother, Seth (Dave Franco), who has relapsed on heroin. Seth’s four-year-old daughter, Ella, is also along for the ride, witnessing her father confront the horror of withdrawal from her carseat in the back. At every turn, Ella’s presence heightens tension but never manipulates, a careful display of director Marja-Lewis Ryan’s dexterous command.

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