99 Homes

99 Homes


Greed is the only game in town.

Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon lead this charged, Venice Film Festival-winning drama. After being evicted from their home, a family's father - desperate for cash - becomes the reluctant employee of the ruthless real estate broker who kicked them out. Co-stars Laura Dern.... More

Dennis Nash (Garfield) is caught from both sides by a property slump - a construction worker by trade, he can't find work, plus the bank has foreclosed on his family home, and they're turfed out. Suddenly on the streets with no assets or income, a chance meeting sees Nash literally shoveling crap for ruthless real estate operator Rick Carver (Shannon). Seeing something in Nash, Carver puts him to work, introducing him to the shady games played in the aftermath of a burst property bubble. There's money to be made, but there are also lives to be destroyed...Hide

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Ramin Bahrani’s gripping 99 Homes is driven by powerhouse performances by two very different actors in the form of Michael Shannon and Andrew Garfield. Both turn in efforts that rank with the best in their careers (OK, that’s more of a compliment to Shannon, really), relishing in the ambiguity and spontaneity that Bahrani’s film is bathed in. Powerful drama, edge-of-the-seat thriller, perhaps even a horror to many mortgage holders, 99 Homes serves up the scariest, most watchable film about real estate since Beetlejuice.... More

Set at ground zero of Florida’s mass foreclosures, the film shows what happens when a property bubble bursts - a faltering economy, cascading unemployment and middle class evictions as homeowners find themselves owing the bank more than their property is worth on the market. On the positive side (for some), it’s a chance to make a buck as the state slides down into a murky frontier-style morass of swindles and strongarm tactics - all backed up by the weight of the law.

Garfield is surprisingly believable as an American tradesman, his accent and affect bang on whether he’s demoralised by his lack of prospects or making the dubious move to work for shady real estate broker Rick Carver (Shannon). As electric as ever, Shannon serves up a nuanced take on what could have been a generic Gordon Gecko role. Watching the pair navigate, and sometimes orchestrate, the misery of others raises fascinating questions about individual and societal ethics; as they circle one another, expect fireworks.Hide

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This is a story I imagine that would hit home (pun intended) to a lot of people in America.

I found the pacing of the movie great and great performances all around, Michael Shannon and Andy Garfield especially. The backdrop of sunny and nice Florida was a nice juxtaposition to all the terrible things happening to seemingly good people. Only had a few minor flaws but a great movie to watch. :)

BY Gaspardation superstar

A 1% vs. 99% story. Sadly the 1% doesn't live the life like in the film.

Emotional and raw. Thought provoking, helps you appreciate what you have!

An excellent movie, not one to go see if you want something uplifting. But if you like a good drama which challenges you, then this is well worth a look. Superbly written and acted.

BY Emma123 nobody

Very well acted and thought provoking. Slow paced but riveting all the same. Makes you question who the "villain" of the story really is.

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  • A compelling drama with an impressive turn from Garfield as well as Shannon and Dern as Garfield’s concerned mother. Full Review

  • The credit crunch fuels another fascinating drama, this time starring Andrew Garfield as a victim who becomes a real-estate predator. Full Review

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