A Dog's Way Home

A Dog's Way Home


There are some bonds no distance can break.

A dog travels 400 miles in search of her owner in this family adventure flick featuring the voice of Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World).

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Every one of us though not all, I will say mostly really care for the man's best friend, right? Yes, we have grown to be fond of dogs that we hadn't realize that in ourselves and watching this film really brings back memories when "Kayla", the name of our dog, still living with us. It's just really sad that we need to part ways because of her heartworm disease.

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The Press Reviews

  • The film pretty much packs every canine cliché imaginable into its running time, but one look into the soulful eyes of its four-legged star will melt all but the coldest of hearts. Full Review

  • For every shameless trick the filmmakers employ to pluck our heartstrings, resonant chords are struck elsewhere... Full Review

  • For a movie with so much going on, (not even counting the CGI cougar Bella befriends), A Dog’s Way Home is wildly devoid of meaning or humor. Full Review

  • As ridiculous as it gets, and that’s plenty, A Dog’s Way Home manages to serve up a one- to two-hankie finale, depending on the extent of your dog-person-ness. Full Review

  • Although it might be a stretch to categorise this as a movie, "A Dog's Way Home" is harmless enough and a nice little adventure that's fit for the whole family. But you might want to have the tissues ready. Full Review

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