A Royal Night Out

A Royal Night Out


On the day allied forces return from WWII as victors, Princess Elizabeth (the future Queen of England) and her sister Margaret are granted permission to anonymously leave Buckingham Palace for the evening. The two enter a nightlife filled with excitement and romance in this true, feel-good drama from the director of Brideshead Revisited.... More

Newcomer Bel Powley is Princess Margaret and Antiviral's Sarah Gadon is the young Elizabeth. Co-stars Jack Reynor (What Richard Did), Rupert Everett (St. Trinian’s) and Emily Watson (War Horse).Hide

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We always talk about the films that you can take your kids to and still enjoy yourself. A Royal Night Out is the film you can take your parents to and still have a whale of a time.... More

Sarah Gadon and Bel Powley play Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, the former of whom you now know better as Queen Elizabeth II. We meet them on VE Day as England responds to victory in World War II, and the cessation of the fighting and fear that went with it, by preparing for one night-long party. The princesses, prepared perfectly for a life of royal service are desperate, on this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, to join their subjects.

The first fifteen minutes have an unfortunate The King’s Speech sequel feel and suffer for the comparison, particularly Rupert Everett playing an oddly pantomime King George, not helped by the decision to cover him in far too much dubious ageing make up. Fortunately, once the film shakes off the trappings of Buckingham Palace and the golden fish out of water night kicks off, this transforms into a royal romp and a half.

The two leads are amazing, rather outshining the more established actors playing their parents, and Gadon in particular is captivating as the future monarch, delivering a nuanced performance that walks the impossible line between warm compelling heroine and convincing aloof heir to the throne. She also demonstrates impeccable comic timing.

As a rule, sound design should be experienced but not noticed, but here the atmosphere of the crowds and the buzz of London at this unique moment in history is palpable and at times almost overwhelming.

A Royal Night Out is a sweet eccentric escapade told brilliantly well. Funny, fascinating and entirely heart-warming. Spoil your Mum. Spoil yourself.Hide

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One of the worse movies I have ever seen! How it made it to production is just a miracle. How the royals haven't sued for misrepresentation is also a miracle. It's one thing to stretch the truth, it's another to make it fantasy. Rubbish!

BY thorinoak superstar

Much like the Royals, there was nothing spectacular about this film, but it was solid throughout.

BY Coraliee superstar

Sad to think the Queen only had one amazing night out in her life - if this is indeed true! But it was a good watch, I enjoyed it!


BY ems superstar

A good fun story, i do wonder how true it was?

BY metones nobody

Nice film but bit to americanised for me. Lacked the brittish humour and more like slapstick .

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  • When it's playing for laughs, 'A Royal Night Out' is harmless good fun. But the film stalls when straying into serious-drama territory. Full Review

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